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  1. spiggie

    FP - Red Bull

    If red bull were to enter in the Volvo do you reckon jimmy may get the skippering gig .
  2. spiggie

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    hope she makes a dollar out of it.
  3. spiggie

    Older fast Aus multies

    Any of the aust multis heading north Hammo ,magnetic races need an experianced crew member for delivery home i am available. PM me
  4. Hey Hoppy Still haven't answered my Questions Racing a yacht offshore with the yachts you are checking out for future purchase is vastly different than sailing a 2 hr stint out of ST kilda. or sailing solo in Greece. Dont get me wrong we need more owners yachting and racing offshore. will you purchasing another yacht engage you in entering all the RYCV offshore events, are your crew committed and more importantly you committed financially and time to fullfull the racing. I have been sailing for 40 yrs , work offshore , race once a month ,live out in the country ,sail about 10,000 miles a year delivering as a hobby, would like to buy a yacht but time constraints i cannot commit to what is needed to racing as a a yacht owner. Not sure why you haven't furled your genoa ,the balance on the helm would seem wrong if you only furled the main , that is another topic.
  5. Hey Hoppy Been following your post since you started this post ,couple of questions. With your yacht now how hard are do you race it now ? lets say you bought your yacht are you and your crew up for sailing with Assos, one design ,do you have the experiance driving,budjet,time, crew for sailing offshore ? have you entered in the long races around the bay on your bay now ? or just the pursuit races from RMYC Would you enter all the races including offshore in the RYCV ? I know you have mentioned the Melb-Devonport how about the other 4 RYCV events if you bought the yacht off your dreams. Seems since you have started the post you are more keeboard vocal in all yachting matters.
  6. spiggie

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    If i was too die let it be at sea its my been life, job,pastime,sport unfortunatly the people i race with would have to deal with the crap and the key board wankers putting their cents worth in Met a guy once aged mid 70s discharged himself out of a nursing home in UK ,he bought a yacht based himself out of the Azzores. I asked why does he sail by himself his reply "didn't want to burden anyone" if my number is up If one day and the doctor tells me my number is up soon I'M GOING FOR A LONG SAIL would enjoy it rather than stuck in a nursing home sport is sport we love what we do and i for am sure my family would understand if an accident happened
  7. spiggie

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    ORCV club from Melb is open to the idea of Multis competing in Melb-Hobart they just need the numbers
  8. spiggie

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I think RAGAMUFFIN 100 will get over the line 1st if whitty is still sailing ,he has learned/improving a lot since the start of the Volvo learning from the big boys now !!!!!! compared to the start also the mistakes they made sailing Rags's when launched and at Hammo. Where do think Richo would be if he was skippering a Volvo yacht ???
  9. spiggie

    The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    Are any the big boys coming out to play or is black jack the only 100ftr on its own
  10. spiggie


    What are you doing on the 70 ??Whats commanche doing pil007 ??
  11. spiggie


    Thats not a yacht its a 40 ft day boat with lots of curves
  12. spiggie

    Australian Yachting Championship 2019

    Yep I will agree about the racing why did we start at midday for a race up the Flipping channel on sat then finish at 1530 to hang around till 1730 for another race and finish at 2100 by the time you pack up and get the bar it was after 2000 hrs , then sunday starts at 11.00 finish towards 1500 hrs then have a slog home to Melbourne arriving after 2100 hrs. Why do they set a course up the channel thats not fair racing . Sandringham was great racing a couple of short races each day ,fair courses. I will not be at Geelong next year.
  13. spiggie


    Wonder if the new Hollywood is sailing north after Geelong or on the back of a truck
  14. spiggie

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Wharro back !!!!! watch out sunfish
  15. spiggie

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    its only money for us guys on a wage its a lot ,the rest is just numbers they know how too kook the books