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  1. kc200

    i touch myself

    THIS is what I have been looking for guys! Its really not that easy especially when you are competing at a high level, trust me you get a spot on a good boat you don't say anything because they can trade you for a guy in a heartbeat, and you are now known as the girl who "wasn't chill enough to hang" All of your guys solution of just say something to the skipper or kick the guy as great as that sounds it doesn't work that way
  2. kc200

    i touch myself

    We know you aren't trying to play "grabass", when a wave hits or you are keeping us from going off the boat. Its when you are rigging and flaking sails and so many other things sitting on the boat in calm conditions not even racing thats when my self and other girl friends have had this happen. Trust me I have been saved from going off the boat, Ive been boosted up to grab a halyard, and a thousand other things, I am always coved in bruises and it looks like I am abused lol. Thats not the point and I don't want people thinking we don't want you to grab us any way possible to save us, just don't grab us when we are standing on shore far from any dock to fall off, or leaning over flaking a sail.
  3. kc200

    i touch myself

    I am with you #2 is a big issue that is not being approached, there is a lot happening right now to get more female sailors on the water and many all female events which are so much fun. I feel the issue doesn't always come down to the moments you are racing. Its sitting at the dock having some beers or at the bar, at a regatta party where the booze are flowing. Thats where the issues arise the most. When strangers think its okay to put there arm around you, because they know your friend or when people you just meet invite you to stay on there boat, and other creepy comments. Ive gotten to the point in life where I brush it off and laugh but I imagine some new women in the sport who would be scared or creeped out. These are where so many of the issues are, I think not being a male I am not sure but male sailors think they can act a different way around female sailors then maybe they would if they weren't with sailors. And I know this isn't every sailor out there but its happening left and right, and maybe not on your boat, but I promise it happens way to often.
  4. kc200

    i touch myself

    Here are some thoughts from a female sailor who really thought this hit home a little to hard, I love this sport and I love all the guys but trust me there are times we wish there were more women involved, it's hard to go to a regatta and be surrounded by 100 men and maybe 8 women. *(expecting some plug about isn't that ratio the best for you though) no its not. So this is just a couple thoughts on the long list of being a female sailor. 1) We don't care if you pee off the side of the boat but give us a warning, and don't make fun of us when its time for us to go. 2) Please for the love of god do not touch us our butts, our boobs, our legs we know it wasn't a accedent, don't try to say it was. (we know the difference between a accidental tap and one that was not) 3) Don't ask us to sail with you and then give us the bitch jobs like making sandwiches or scrubbing the boat we are here to sail. (actually happened multiple times to me and friends) 4) Don't make fun of us when we want to get cleaned up and look nice after sailing its what we do. 5) Treat us the same way you treat males on the boat... but think about your "jokes" before you say them for 2 seconds more I promise it will help . 5) and lastly its not just sailmakers, but they could probably sell more if they had a few more females on staff just saying I hope a couple of you read this and maybe think a little more next time.