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  1. IIRC, you were in a deep hole a couple of years back. Congratulations. That kind of turnaround is only possible with dedication and hard work (or, a major lottery win...)
  2. mcmurdo

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    That place is not a marina in the commonly understood sense. The berths are strata-title, and were sold for something over a million bucks. Back when it was built, a friend tried to convince me we should buy one as an investment. Glad I declined. Sounds like one investor is trying to meet their mortgage payments. Does anybody know: Is this a common way to finance and build a marina in other parts of the world? There are some pretty expensive boats sitting there, and I mean sitting. One of them is Hotei, which gets passed around among Vancouver billionaires like a joint at a frosh party.
  3. mcmurdo

    "Culus Nauticus" (nautical a**hole)

    Anybody who has been on nordic skis more than a few times has found themselves at the top of a steep, icy slope, where they had to make a decision. Do I descend on this flimsy equipment and face certain dismemberment and death, or do I stay here and hope Spring arrives before I starve? Which is why nordic skiers always have a whack of energy bars in their kit. Telemark these days is a totally different beast. Rigid plastic boots, cable bindings, metal-edged shaped skis... even the guy skiing with the pole has the modern boots and cable bindings (see that red thing on his right heel?). Not to mention the cowboy hat, which makes it dead easy. And both of the photos show people telemarking on groomed resort slopes. Put them in unpacked deep snow with a breakable crust, and you would see a completely different picture. (Among other things, they would have cuts all over their face from doing faceplants into those icy shards.) One way to single out the telemark snobs: they have two bumper stickers. One says "Telemark: If it was easy, they would have called it snowboarding." (Okay, that one's actually funny.) And they have another that simply says Mad River Glen, even though they've never been within 500 kilometres of the place. Snow is a fact of life in (most of) Canada, so one had better learn to enjoy it, in whatever fashion they can. No point in being snobbish about it.
  4. mcmurdo

    "Culus Nauticus" (nautical a**hole)

    Sorry. I seemed to have pushed this thread a little off course. Let's see if we can't nudge it back towards the middle. CL's point was some telemark skiers seem to think they are morally more pure, which they feel gives them the right to behave like assholes. Many of you will have limited exposure to telemarkers, so substitute "bicycle rider"and you will understand the type. I have no idea where that feeling of moral certainty originates; certainly, they all drive fossil fuel vehicles to the trailhead. (Except one guy around here a few years ago who ran his diesel car on used frying grease. He might have truly been more pure, but he was still an asshole because he left everyone driving behind him with a craving for french fries.) The point has also been made in this thread that sometimes, it is not assholedness at work, but rather ignorance. A quiet word will set the world right. I've dealt with assholes in the past. I may even have been one on occasion. But no more. If an asshole is present, I leave. And I try not to be one. One last word on telemarking: the best tip I ever got (I probably read it in Paul Parker's book) is: don't think about pushing one foot forward. Think about dropping the other foot back. Looks the same, but it makes keeping your balance way easier.
  5. mcmurdo

    "Culus Nauticus" (nautical a**hole)

    Not sure which Kootenay lodge CL was at, but I live in the middle of heli-ski country. Used to be at our house, if you were asleep at 8:30 on a Saturday morning, you weren't asleep at 8:31. One pleasant phone conversation with the lodge manager, and the flight path got changed, even though the most direct route was right over our house. Don't even hear the choppers any more. Backcountry ski lodges employ a lot of people around here, and they tend to be pretty conscious of their impact. The biggest concern is probably the mountain caribou around Revelstoke, and they do a lot of mitigation around that. Yes, I've been hiking alone on some gorgeous mountain ridge and had a heli-hiking group dropped off nearby, but a conversation with the guide and you know which ridges to avoid on what days. And yes, they burn a lot of dinosaur juice. Probably not as much as some of the other industries in the Kootenays. All in all, not more than a minor irritant. Oh... and I tele. (Sorry about that.)
  6. mcmurdo

    Hit by Lighting While Aboard
  7. mcmurdo

    SAN JUAN 34

    Another one for sale:
  8. mcmurdo

    The Zombie Fleet

    Here we go again...
  9. mcmurdo

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I think you'll find that Columbia 26 is actually in Oregon.
  10. mcmurdo

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    We've all had unfortunate typos, and this one can probably be blamed on Spellcheck. But it is still a great one... Nice and clean cursing sailboat. Cursing on a sailboat. Who wudda thunk?
  11. mcmurdo


    I don't remember any houses on stilts along the north coast, although I haven't been everywhere there. Those might be restaurants and such at the resort areas. Under the original tourism plan in Cuba, the tourists were to be kept out at remote resorts in the cays, far away from the locals. The plan fell apart years ago, but that's where the resorts are. They'll be getting absolutely hammered right now, from Santa Lucia right through to Varadero. Guardalavaca should be okay. The towns on the north side tend to be back from the coast a bit, but Moron through to Matanzas will be near the eyewall. Not sure if the strongest winds got inland enough to affect places like Santa Clara. La Habana might get clobbered, too. One thing. They built a couple of causeways from the main island out to the resort cays, near Remedios and Moron. They turned out to be ecological disasters, as they cut off the water flow along the bays. They are slowing putting in some bridges along the causeways to alleviate the problem. That work might get sped up a bit by Irma. Emailed friends in Remedios a few days ago to wish them well. Haven't heard back, which isn't surprising. They'll be in a hurricane bunker somewhere.
  12. mcmurdo

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Thanks for the info. I kinda remember the story now. Any idea what happened to the rest of the Tbird?
  13. mcmurdo

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Backstory, anyone?
  14. mcmurdo

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Point taken.