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  1. Marinatrix447

    The coolest performance cruiser on the planet

    Defo at the top end of piggy bank savings rankings…. However C A N O V A must get a mention in the performance cruiser thread, especially with its innovative DSS wing option. As an side the nauti museum at Amsterdam is a must do for any serious sea-salt. Toodle-pip...
  2. Marinatrix447

    Country Music

  3. Marinatrix447

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

    Welcome heebie-geebies “everybody was gybe talking…” chap, so wailed Barry Gibb. What eye watering baps…jeez. Cheescake? What’s good for the gander… is good for the goose too.... Kool deviation Ed, that bygone era of majestic transat liners, international rivalry was a given with CUNARD rated by some to be top-o-the-tree. I'm sure the Boeing 707s did for them all... I can add a liner tale too, I had a b/f for a year or five... who as a very young boy was a passenger on the Queen Mary going Stateside in awe of a dazzling VIP guest, didn’t know who said blonde bombshell was in fact… Paul’s parents (did) and suggested he might politely trot over to her and introduce himself, and despite being bashful he did, (don’t ask, don’t get) and she graced him with a seat next to her at dinner for a wee while. Marilyn figured who he was, and before disembarking a signed photo was delivered by steward in an envelope to his cabin, which became a cherished object when as an older teen, he realised how lucky he’d been. That kinda glamour is long gone (sadly) But back to blonde Boris, the new RAF air force one, TG isn’t a ghastly Red Peril… in fact ‘Vespina’ looks quite classy in mainly white. And can still be a fuelling mother ship too... sexy and practical... what's not to like....
  4. Marinatrix447

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

    The stories old ships tell… having been triggered by HotBot’s recent random pic collection C-121 photo post, cbleow. Gotta love those hardy, ballsy chaps down in Arizona - it’s a labour of love bringing these historic beasts back to life. This is a long vid, but beats being bored shitl#ss by CNN. “Lite…em up!” As it happens my Pa flew a Connie TransAt, said it was mucho... mucho uber-noisy but beat sitting on an ocean liner for a week or so… if going to Stateside for bidness, back in the 60s. I think there was an ancient Starliner too, sitting static outside of Flughafen Frankfurt-am-Main complex for many, many years? That could be false memory syndrome of course. I seem to have some vague memories too of being a super-tiny-chicklet and boarding one of these for Le Touquet out of Lydd with my parents and our trusty black Rover car… Was terrifying at the time… I thought I might die, tears on being dragged toward it across the tarmac….much soft toy clutching was required; in fact think it quite likely was my very first commercial flight. How times have changed. I fly Naples on Monday… our aviation industry needs all the support it can muster. A V I A T I O R S L I V E S M A T T E R
  5. Marinatrix447

    LONQR 2

    Ant... in fact tells a backstory to said pic above.... it almost did for him.... even though they started super-early to miss the pack. Too many rich inexperienced f#ckers needing trusty sherpa's to haul em up for the selfies updates.... a true definition of madness in the making.
  6. Marinatrix447

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

  7. Marinatrix447

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

    Three.... two.... one... and we're back in the AVIATION fread..... Seems while pensioners fizzle out in old peeps homes in dear ole Blighty, thanks to the ghastly ongoing covidicals.... Boris is blowing biggly Brit tax dollars on a jet job repaint! As currently is: workmanlike grey. The alleged new look, all RED ARROWS like Though as the Royals and our Queenie is meant to be using said plane too... methinks they should have opted more regal blue... and go more Austin Powers.
  8. Marinatrix447

    Random PicThread

  9. Marinatrix447

    Random PicThread

    Ed Hopper jokes.... are kool!
  10. Marinatrix447

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Can a car be a rolling piece of art? Henry seems to thinks so…
  11. Marinatrix447

    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    Tunes 1980s…..? Muchly got remixed by clever Trevor back then…
  12. Marinatrix447

    LONQR 2

  13. Marinatrix447

    Random PicThread

  14. Marinatrix447

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Penso che questa sia una delle Ferrari più belle di sempre The sell: The short walkaround: However, being in the EU I would not be ping'ing in silly money maself to somet ICE. Rent one for a long weekend, for sure....
  15. Marinatrix447

    What's Wrong with the CONfedrate FlAG?

    What's Wrong with the CONfedrate FAGS? Well they seem to have a flag.... all in the best possible taste.