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  1. Marinatrix447


    This be the summary vid page today from Chris Martenson’s channel… For me the update main take-away, if this virus does get a grip of you, lower lungs it accumulates in - where it will show on scans. Assuming you can afford private, quality healthcare and get swiftly tested? In Japan now with pandemic numbers… testing for most is a non-event. I would say Peak Prosperity was my 1st source of useful heads-up ‘bug’ warnings a few weeks back. Obviously, got the masks, disposable gloves and basics for safer travel etc. etc. pre the price gouging’s. I would imagine the 1%ers will be on their superyachts early this Med season, and/or hunkered down in the bunkers of NZ. Private charter flights soaring to avoid the masses general public 99%ers on infected airline flights. (Oh the horror… the horror) Antidote du jour?
  2. Marinatrix447

    In Production: Spirit 111

    I did a snippet on this boat back in the Cruising section in December... I also came into contact last spring with some lovely peeps based in the Hamble that fiercly compete a smaller Spirit in the Panerai Cowes classics... its a jewel of a boat. The only other builders that come to mind of this type of vessel are I think Hoek and the lovely folk at Dykstra.... Beken of Cowes are the go-to peeps for quality wall art for your beach club lounge...
  3. Marinatrix447

    Harvey Weinstein

    Scumstein's spokesperson stated that the 'prison consultant' is helping the movie mogul prepare for the logistics of a life based at Rikers... Really? This looks like a fairly comfortable place to be holed up… nice neighbourhood zone Manhattan. Harvey’s less likely to have ‘panic attacks' of course in a plush private room hospital, naturally. The minute they transfer him… guaranteed the palpitations temper tantrum kicks in. What a wanker. What’s the saying? “Don’t do the crime… if you can’t do the time…” E X A C T L Y
  4. Marinatrix447


    Vaccine's are a double-edged swords.... There is a possibility that the Chinese national vacination programme started Dec 1 2019... could have been a triggering factor for this Wuhan outbreak. Read it here: In all likelyhood a safe vaccine would be a year or so away... and its still with risk. ? And just a small point, peeps don't die of flu.... they pass away due to the pneumonia it leads to. Like my father in his late 60s (Fuck with lungs at your peril) Sea sickness, vomit... just a tinly amount into your lung tissue..... G A M E O V E R
  5. Marinatrix447


    The official numbers on Covid-19 are virtually meaningless. What you will see soon… (especially in dense urban settings) is the REAL panic in your local neighbourhood kicking-in when it dawns on the masses that ‘normal’ life is on hold… due to mandatory quarantining. How likely is that to work in the more freedom focused libertine 1st world west? Exactly… Bottom line… 40-70% of the global population catching this virulent bug is highly likely… the contagion/pandemic math makes it so. To quote Churchill: “We must just KBO…” And to those who think this is a winter virus that evaporates in the summer. Nope... ain’t gonna happen. Antidote du jour? Iran’s deputy health minister actively spreading/shedding the virus, during national announcement. Almost as sad ironically as British coach drivers delivering es Wuhan/plague ship quarantine victims sans any hazmat protection to their holding pens. My advice? Be prep’d best you can be for family…friends and loved ones… Keep smiling! Three weeks ago this thread was getting few hits... now? B I N G O
  6. Marinatrix447

    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    Music for cold winter nights and log fires in Devon (come 2021 this habit is going to be outlawed)!?! So a thread drift, as in twas on last night...
  7. Marinatrix447

    Harvey Weinstein

    Re: Harvey Pigstein. Like many bullies, once he was enroute to Riker… it finally dawned on his over-inflated omnipotent ego, that he was no longer in control. (Shit had turned in an instant to way too real for him) His inner hog/lizard being had been transmitting mantra like in his thick skulled cranium…during the hearings: “I’m innocent… innocent I tell yah… tis all a dreadful mistake… those dumb bitches were begging for it… yahdah… yadda… yahdah …” On the pronouncement of his official guilt, when he was handcuffed and no longer with the comfort of his paid for lackey lawyer team on side, no longer escorting him out the front door of the court… back to the comfort of his own home.... In the wagon to the gaol house his profuse sweats kicked in…he starts hyperventilating and whining of chest pain. This translates to “I’m still very special…. It’s all a terrible mistake…” I need a benevolent sentencing program come March 11th Sad to say, he will of course end up in some comfy white-collar holding do his 5 years or so in.... What's new?
  8. Marinatrix447


    (Antidote's du jour) In response to Monday's stock market bloodbath... and gold's surge... And on thoughts HAZMAT Italia... Prego....
  9. Marinatrix447

    Corona Virus and Travel Insurance

    I travel to Switzerland Friday... not the Italia part.... so have just looked into this. The deal is if the policy is UK issued, and you leave before the UK FO/Foreign Office declares it unsafe... you should be covered. If however you depart say for Italia after a warning notice is posted, and then you make a claim for Covid-19 costly care... it’s likely to void the insurer liability... So check first... As an aside small print force majeure may exclude global pandemics. The WHO hasn't declared it so far.... so on that score the small print cannot taketh away.
  10. Marinatrix447


  11. Marinatrix447

    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    Breton shirts at the ready…
  12. Marinatrix447


    Fool me once... shame on you Fool me twice, shame on me... This ADE twist explains for me some of the uglier vids via twitter coming out of China this past month, also kinda explains why over 50 new mobile incinerators where delivered to Wuhan
  13. Marinatrix447

    Darwin strikes again

    Evenin' chaps... On P4 of this here thread… one Jeremy Clarkson (a Brit) suggests Jag owners are what we may term scallywags…. Hence the quip… though this twerp is a what we term over here in Blighty a WHITE VAN MAN
  14. Marinatrix447

    The 2020 AVIATION thread

    Yeah...frenchman becomes firework and flies....! Bon voyage...
  15. Marinatrix447

    Darwin strikes again

    Non-Jag owning racist... with minimal brain function, thankfully no longer on the loose down here in Devon.