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  1. Marinatrix447

    Moovie Review Threade

    I went to see BR 2049 in SONY 4k on the big screen.... yep visually me likey.... though think too the sound FX were a tad over-the-top oppressive perhaps my ears are too sensitive? Certainly has the weidest sex scene ever... then again pleasure bots are defo the future'ish.... how they fare in an EMP strike? I still think this is Denis Villeneuve's best film in the last few years... Ms. Blunt shining throughout....
  2. Marinatrix447

    Middle Sea race

    Congrat's to Igor and boat team Bogatyr....
  3. Marinatrix447


    The sticking block to the Paris climate accord 2015/16 was India... who have a lot of coal and want to burn it.... Their argument was 1st world countries have been doing it for 150 years (burning fossil fuels for energy).... and with hundereds of millions of their peeps still lacking electric power... they simply can't afford a clean alternative... Its touched on by Leo's doc... Luckily for them the the Golden Golem of Greatness and his appointed advisors has turned his back on all the options that would help limit the increasing planetary damage... Burn.... baby.... burn.
  4. Marinatrix447

    Middle Sea race

    A very happy Mr. T....
  5. Marinatrix447

    Middle Sea race

    Well the bigly winds kicked in last night as expected.... and Rambler and Mike's boyz on Leopard have taken full advantage... Before the wind fizzles should lead to some spectacular down wave SOG numbers... R88 docking this evening?
  6. Marinatrix447

    Middle Sea race

    Mille Grazie Forss...
  7. Marinatrix447

    Middle Sea race

    *What’s the strategy for Rambler to overstand that far ?* NEMS 4km suggest stronger winds at 02:00 about level where they are now on the tracker....
  8. Marinatrix447

    VOR 2017-18

    THX Jack.... it wasn't mentioned in the leg 1 route txt on the VOR website.... I'll buzz off now....
  9. Marinatrix447

    VOR 2017-18

    For a nano-second or two I couldn't figure how the f...k it was 1450nm Alicante to Lisbon....? So is the turn point pre Madeira i.e. Ilha de Porto Santa?
  10. Marinatrix447

    Middle Sea race

    Rambo is well clear.... the bigger question is has the rest of the fleet figured out the BASTARDO....?
  11. Marinatrix447

    Sometime Life Bites You in the Ass

    You are what you eat The ideal body weight for a 6’6” man = 193 - 235 lbs If you suffer with knee issues, then the lighter the better would make perfect sense… so think a target weight > 200lbs. If you are more than that you know what to do. A contact of mine who has suffered from heart disease his Dr. recommended Q10 as a daily supplement. I would also suggest Glucosamine as it’s an aid to cartilage maintenance… and taking a large capsule of Omega3 daily will do you no harm. The data on fresh blueberries is interesting… the Nogs have an expensive supplement based on it. (Inflammation is the big ageing body problem for everyone) I take Tumeric capsules daily. Getting old is inevitable - being diseased with it isn’t Oh, and dump the booze - that and any added sugars… I come into contact with too many baby-boomers clients who are dependent on it and finished physically in their early 60s.