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  1. Rimas is alive

  2. Middle Sea race

    And they're off! Light air strategies key for the first day.... BLACWATER XS35 in the lead currently...
  3. Rimas is alive

    Life is brutal… Life isn’t fair… What’s new? (Three strikes and you’re out) Smart thing to do would be for the USCG (unofficially/off page) next time Rimas makes the ‘distress’ call, i.e. can’t be too many >30ft beat-up boat’s drifting around broken in the Pacific…? Launch the Helo to go check it’s actually him, if in range - circle a few times - then fly back to HQ and let nature take its course. (Job done) Maybe much wailing and wringing of hands on his FaceCrook page for a few days by the loyal fans… but at last his 15mins of fame is over. Rimas isn’t the first lackadaisical false hero mariner and sure as shit isn’t going to be the last. As an aside I know a crack Oz sailor that took his self-built >40ft’er back to Brisbane from Panama this summer… I can assure you the usual pattern of trades was not there to rely on… It was defo a tricky challenge for him to get across this year with a limited fuel holding and this is a guy that has pro sailed for Hugo Boss. The NHS healthcare system in the UK will no longer prioritise surgery for heavy smokers or the chronically obese, they should add in too the alcoholics. Think of it as the new normal for continued positive natural selection.
  4. Middle Sea race

    Tracker.... though 'currently' showing last's years contenders.... http://www.rolexmiddlesearace.com/tracker/#pt I did the Messina Strait mucho times back in Aug/Sept.... should be interesting seeing the fleet negotiate the ferry's whizzing out of the uber busy harbour there.... and tis very shallow if you cut the corner at the top...heading West. They will also see these weird looking fishing boats.... The complete gantry front is missing on this pic in fact!!
  5. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    *60/40 mix* This Shipman's been on the market (cough) for sometime.... the carbon build should bring points-n-prizes performance wise... http://uk.boats.com/sailing-boats/2007-shipman-50-5954508/ Still time to get it over this fall/winter via the trade wind route to St. Lucia... then bring it home to the USA... Just remember its on 220v so you'd need to buy EU rated electricals appliances... like a hair-dryer if your other half has long hair....or a Laptop if you're using that for admin/nav back-up. Tis why few folk this side of the pond will buy a USA 110v fitted boat...too much hassle to change out.
  6. Sailing art

    Tony Williams.... Jamel Akib.... And once more from the past.....Edgar Payne
  7. Puerto Rico

    'Reality here is post-apocalyptic' http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/17/news/economy/puerto-rico-hurricane-recovery-doctors/index.html Once Leptospirosis takes hold of what's left of any viable water systems there.... the death toll which is already way off the actual reality will continue to climb rapidly.... The Adriatic surf' temp hit 30c this summer.... at the time in Sicily we experienced 'Lucifero' http://www.severe-weather.eu/news/adriatic-sea-temperature-peaking-28-30-c/ We had several early than usual strong wind storms as a result... http://www.loe.org/shows/segments.html?programID=16-P13-00036&segmentID=1 Sooner or later insurance Co's will throw in the towel... if you're out there you'll be on your own... time to get a bigger, stronger more resilient boat
  8. Puerto Rico

    Things continuing to go bigly bad for those trapped on Puerto Rico.... http://www.ianwelsh.net/the-growing-puerto-rico-disaster/ The new normal the weak, elderly poor and infirm... left out to dry....