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  1. Awhinging4ever HTFU… Think, look and listen before committing your monkey paws to keyboard… Sir Ben… giving an excellent summary of where LandieBAR are going… and come what may they’ll be there for the next AC series.
  2. As Ms. Bunting from YW was at the presser... pre LandieBAR crashing out a day or so back....Ainslie has confirmed they're very much on for AC36 with major sponsors still onboard... http://www.yachtingworld.com/americas-cup/108224-108224 Key quotes: Ainslie said: “I think ultimately we weren’t able to catch up the existing teams in time. We are one of the newest teams and catching up with those years and years of experience, expertise and engineering design is incredibly difficult..." And... “Today Land Rover have re-signed with the team as our title and exclusive innovation partner” as has 11th Hour Racing.
  3. "It's the not the winning but taking part that counts...." (said nobody ever in the America's Cup) Hats off to the Kiwi's and what a shore team.... big question is has Deano lost his mojo to make it to the final with the Kiwis. Well tomorrow we find out... some great racing today between the Japs & Swedes.... Tally ho! PS: Well done GBR... you gave it yer best shot.... that's all anyone can ask of any crew.... what do you need to win? (Simples) a faster in all conditions boat....lol
  4. Well Sir Ben'ster this next race is make or break... get one more in the bag... and we stay one more day at least!! Go LandieBAR...
  5. Well that's a brutal turn of events.....?!? LandieBAR get a point, and Sir Ben requests their support boat to get in and help.... class, folks pure class.
  6. Franck c'était une joie de vous regarder les gars ... Les difficultés ne sont que des choses à surmonter, après tout ... reviens la prochaine série.
  7. Spitbull demonstrated that you can rattle the Kiwis at/on the start line… and if there is one thing so far we can rely on… it’s that Sir Ben is one of the best starters in the series… Perhaps we should all gasp with relief, as the LandieBAR boat comes surfing out today with cyclors fitted? (Probably not) They proved against the Japs yesterday that they have improved muchly on their tack/gybe around the mark stability… Is it enough to put the Kiwis down..? Mr. Ainslie swallowing hard post Peter’s announcement at the skippers debrief that The Brits had been selected… tells you all you need to know. (One thing is for sure, they will go down fighting) Another underdog question equally is, can Deano sock it to the Swedes…?
  8. A 50min summary vid of yesterday… The Parker Hannifin commercial kicks in at just after 12mins - is a swift overview of what’s included to control the USA flying boats – then a blonde does foils with Groupama after that segment, then skip to the comedy at the post racing skipper debrief, supplied by Deano and Pete… All eyes on Oracle v ETNZ later today… for a good idea of which team needs to develop more, course conditions being more wind equal/stable. If you can link to that play-off RudderNZ your leaching acolytes will be best pleased.
  9. Interrabang Could be the next selfie/videoblog boat name/title...for yet another jump-on-the-bandwagon... cheesecake on display boatie tales show... that gawd knows who actually subscribes too... Oh I forgot.... that was used already in the 60s..... ?
  10. LandRoverBARs budget for this 35th cup cycle was quoted at £100m... I thought this was viewed as the learning curve stage....? With Sir Ben and the team having enough budget for another 'bring the cup home' shot in a couple of years..... Its clear the ETNZ tech is better integrated and working, under most prevailing conditions...Even when they've had the occasional race plan glitch, they quickly recover and get moving faster on their foils again... the near 100% flying times per race tell you all you need to know. I suspect Larry is moving to the cheque book dipping phase pdq as I type, not sure Boeing can help him out this time.... Will Oracle go all out cycling for hydro/oil pressure control... - legs will beat fore/upper arm and shoulders everytime...and allows for the tactician to be looking over the course and not energy depleted/brain overload sweating... No one looks as smooth moving around the course as ETNZ... Ainslie, should drive his boat tech developments best he can for this season... lick his wounds and get better at the design/testing tech phase pre the next get go. For me the bonus has been seeing Deano and the Japs punch way above their weight.... Trixie out
  11. Well it’s time to raise a glass of pastis to Mons’ Cammas and his boyz on Groupama, with a better budget who knows what would have been possible? Sacrebleu… Well what better way to see a Saturday in…!?!Cory and his Apostles hitting the groove. PS: Thanx for the Kings X link Mr Chesapeake
  12. This week pre the off.... a bit of Guthrie Govan-Sevens hits the spot.... And this is a re-hash of a classic I can belive in thx to Eric....lol And for chillaxin what's not to like about pouring rain.... as you were....
  13. For those of us on the move... Ta muchlu Mr Rudder-NZ - sterling work... and muchas gracias, merci beaucoup... danke vielmals.... erg bedankt for the uploads....
  14. Go GBR.... at last a bit of British magic.....
  15. Beachy Head? Go Flyby's////