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    Waquiez Gladiator

    Wow, great that you got the boat! Looks like it will clean up nicely! If you think the sails might be worth the fee, I have used this company to clean and re saturate sails with their resin process, they come back looking sweet.: https://sailcare.com/site/ Or if you have a big clean surface to spread sails out and do it yourself. Also , would recommend tightening all the keel bolts with weight on the keel before splashing. Might be a shadow in the pics but possibly notice the bottom of the keel stub starting to show. Easy fix... Best of luck with the Wauqiez , hope it’s a great boat for you and your family!!! I have #284.
  2. Looncreek

    Waquiez Gladiator

    Pretty sure the hull is not cored, solid glass lay up. The deck I think is balsa cored but in a grid pattern with balsa squares surrounded with solid glass so that any potential core saturation can not migrate to adjacent cores, if that makes sense. Here’s a good French language site with a lot of info on the construction if you parley vous, c’est bon... good photos and sketches. http://wauquiez.gladiateur.free.fr/index.htm Also the pretorien is very similar and 2 feet bigger. There is more info and reviews on the bigger sister: https://wavetrain.net/2012/02/15/wauquiez-pretorien-35-a-well-built-euro-cruiser/ cheers
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    Waquiez Gladiator

  4. Looncreek

    Waquiez Gladiator

    New England PHRF base rating: GLADIATEUR 33 138 GLADIATEUR 33 TM 132 By way of comparison a J boat J 32 with a modern frac rig: J 32. 114
  5. Looncreek

    Waquiez Gladiator

    Hi Murph, I’ve had a waquiez gladiateur for 5+ years and can easily recommend the design and build quality. The glass work is excellent, the bulkheads and hull to deck are fully glassed , a very sturdy and quiet boat.The deck is balsa cored but in small squares and all hardware mounting areas are solid glass. The interior joinery and finish quality is very nice , all above waterline interior hull is lined with teak , molded fiberglass headliner with access panels. Check the connection of chain plates to hull under the settees which is bomber but could be affected by leaky deck fittings. The hull on my boat is epoxy coated and no blisters but this is another thing to check. My boat has drive shaft so no saildrive experience. They have a masthead rig with a high aspect main, old school but balances well. Will sail to hull speed (7+kn) in 15kn wind, but in light air you are looking at a big genoa or asym to get moving. This design was done by Holman & Pye , London , built by Waquiez so good bones. They have a nice motion, carry momentum well and feel solid in heavy weather . The cockpit in this boat is nice and comfy to stretch out or sleep.Headroom is about 6’2”. If you could get this level of quality in a boat built today it would likely be expensive.. Good Luck!
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    Wooden boats thread

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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    If some weather forecasts are correct, early next week will unfortunately become challenging for Rimas. Best luck for a good outcome always!