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  1. Yes - I raced on that boat a bunch (and a few other Olsons). It'll be really interesting to see her with a sprit!
  2. I've never seen an O40 oil can, but that one did bend fore and aft a bit. The work looks great, but I miss the big nav station! The boat always had plenty of storage. When do we get to see the massive bowsprit - are you cutting through the hull or is it a deck mount?
  3. Olson 40 stories

    I used to sail on that 40 and it's a great boat, so I know you'll have fun with her. But, I think a 16ft sprit is going to be way too long and hard to deal with!
  4. I've cruised both the cc27 and cc28, but only to Catalina and never more than 4 days at a time. If you keep it in the water, it is easily set up and put away in less than 30mins. The 28 sails better, has more storage, and is more open inside. The enclosed head made the experience much better on the 28 for all onboard. The only thing better about the 27cc than the 28cc is the entry to the rear cabin. The 28 has a hatch which means you can't easily get into the rear cabin while sailing (it's right under the tiller). The 27 has boards that you can leave out as long as it's not too windy.
  5. Club Swan 50

    So what are all the latest issues with the 42? The polars make it seem on par with a Farr40, which is pretty good.