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  1. JSL

    Coolboats to admire

    Just catching up with this thread. Yes it happened. I was there. Not on Whitefin, but at that race week. There was an Antiguan character nicknamed "Kong" who served as grinder . I kid you not. The joke on the dock afterwards was the rest of the crew yelling "Kong , stop grinding man ! " I think the return from Dickenson bay to English Harbor.
  2. JSL

    East Coast yards for winter haul out?

    Try the old New England Boatworks, now Safe Harbor New England Boatworks. Two hours up the bay from Newport. Lots of big sailboats, don't know what the new owner situation means. We've also been pondering the question of when the Caribbean islands will re-open. We are planning a year and a half, two winters and the summer in between. Hoping to go this fall but I fear you may be right. We have until probably August to decide so for now it's wait and see.
  3. JSL


    Cwinsor - Thats a tough call. My daughter is already in frying pan. If you're outside looking in after someone turned up the heat, its hard to want to jump in ! If I could get her out , would I? Don't know. Assuming she comes through it could be a pinnacle moment that will carry her a long way. Thats hard, for you and her! Eerie- My daughter said " Dad, I'm lucky. I'm not married, no kids and I'm not pregnant" She has been my hero for a while, but that really sealed the deal! Your daughter in law is also a hero !
  4. JSL


    Thank you all, I saw the videos of the folks in Europe applauding on their balconies and thought that was pretty cool. Read a good article on viral loading couple of weeks ago. Virus doubles in your body every few hours .If you start with a small load it gives your body time to get defenses organized . if you start with a bigger loading then it has a head start. There are theories that's why young healthy Doctors and Nurses are getting really sick. Procedures that they are close to cause coughing, spluttering etc which gives off massive viral loading. I'm sure there are others here more knowledgeable on this ! I could tell she listened pretty intently as I relayed the information to her. She gets a full face mask over the N 95. But only a gown and not a full suit as you see in pictures from China. She drops the gown in the trash as she leaves room, takes face shield off outside room and disinfects at cleaning station then last is face mask. She's been told to try and cluster care and try not to visit a patient more than four times in a shift. I'm sure in an attempt to conserve PPE. Thanks for the info on PPE!
  5. JSL


    Thank You both, yes Zonk I'm expecting she'll get it, but also hoping she'll be OK and Sass , best wishes to your sister, sounds like similar humor!
  6. JSL


    My middle child and 23 year old elder daughter is a second year nurse at one of the larger Boston hospitals. She works on a med surg cardiac rehab floor . Two other floors in the building are switched to corona patients. At the end of shift Monday she learned her floor was also changed to corona and her patients shipped elsewhere in the hospital. She was given one lesson in how to properly put on and take off PPE and was told she would get one N 95 mask per shift. It would be the last piece of PPE to take off and she would get a bag to store the mask and she would re-use the mask throughout her shift. She remarked its been unnerving to hear the almost constant rapid response requests over the intercom from the floors already dealing with the crisis. She has been off yesterday and today , her first corona shift is tomorrow 7 to 7. She is nervous . I am scared. This is a shout out to my daughter, but also to all nurses, doctors and frontline medical staff who are out there right now putting their lives on the line. We live far away , but tomorrow morning at 6;30 am, I will be outside applauding as my daughter goes to work.