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  1. Feisty!

    Tack in place with G/5?

    Is this a backing plate for an exterior load ?
  2. Feisty!

    C&C 29mk2 Second Jib Halyard

    Binoculars ??
  3. Feisty!

    Polishing Screws

    Assuming that they're stainless, it's more important that they have been passivated or they'll rust. That needs to happen after the polishing.
  4. Feisty!

    Acme thread lifting mechanism for the daggerboard

    What materials are your screw and nut ?
  5. Feisty!

    Access to rivet head in clam cleat

    I have assembled hardware onto spars by taking a box-end wrench, taping it onto a stick long enough to get to the hole(s) from the nearest end, adding another piece of tape over the back side of the wrench box, putting a standard nylok nut in the front side, inserting this assembly into the spar to the marked depth of the farthest hole until visible, installing machine screw through hardware into nut from outside and torquing. This is permanent and secure. Using this method on Clamcleats that wear out might be marginal ...
  6. Feisty!

    Access to rivet head in clam cleat

    Longer grip rivets have longer mandrels - just put the mandrel from a longer rivet into your shorter body ...
  7. Feisty!

    Dynema standing rigging howling in the wind

    A hollow ball will probably be more difficult to keep in place than a "solid" ball - like a stiff foam filled one .
  8. Feisty!

    Dynema standing rigging howling in the wind

    The weight is what does the job. "Ball" is just a good shape for it...
  9. Feisty!

    Dynema standing rigging howling in the wind

    I'd be inclined to try a rubber ball, slit halfway, hung around the stay and fastened with tie-wraps. Then move it along the stay to "detune" the resonance - the lengths on either side of the ball NOT being simple multiples. Like a finger touching a guitar string ...
  10. Feisty!

    How Good A Bond Is Epoxy?

    Boatbuilders usually upgrade the core in locations expected to mount hardware. What have you found in the holes you have ?
  11. Feisty!

    Stopper knots sliding on Amsteel Blue

    Hey, Evans, your domain name seems to have expired ...
  12. Feisty!

    Device for epoxy wetting of "overhead" holes

    Being particularly anal, I use a tap to thread the hole and expose fresh surface and the clean up with rifle cleaning brushes. The rifle brushes might do to "prime" the holes with un-thickened resin but would probably have to be disposed of after.
  13. Feisty!

    Outboard making me lose my mind

    Had a similar issue with a Honda. Actually bought a new carb. Since i'm at altitude, I checked to see what main jet I had been using, found it to be marked the same as the new one but had some sort of non-dissolvable deposit neatly within the bore. Put the new jet in the original carb. Motor works like new. Buy a new main jet !
  14. Feisty!

    low friction shroud cover

    Speaking of geometry, are your shrouds considerably forward of the mizzen mast ? Where is the mainsheet traveller ?
  15. Feisty!

    low friction shroud cover

    The six parts move at six different speeds but the same tension, so a single rolling element is still going to have sliding in at least five places If there's sufficient pressure to cause drag, I would expect a "clip-on" wear strip to get spun around the shroud. Perhaps a stack of cylindrical "beads", no wider than the line, and constrained on each end of the stack to keep the beads from separating ?