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  1. Feisty!

    Sad, waterlogged Holder 12 monohull

    Most trailers for very small boats aren't heavy enough to get into their suspension much and will just hammer the boats to death ...
  2. Feisty!

    Slack leeward shrouds

    The upper shrouds, from the spreaders up, form a triangle, which is geometrically rigid; from the spreaders down, they form a rectangle, which is not.
  3. Feisty!

    Slack leeward shrouds

    I keep hearing that, but it assumes that the spreaders are centered to start with or that the mast is straight when no tension on shrouds. If subsequent tweaking of lowers moves spreaders laterally, the masthead will go with it. I center the hounds with the lowers then straighten the mast with the uppers ...
  4. Feisty!

    Sad, waterlogged Holder 12 monohull

    What makes you think that it is waterlogged ? Can you hear sloshing ? Small dinghies can be weighed by balancing them on a bathroom scale. My guess is that there are no bulkheads or keel structure in there. The deck molding is probably bonded to the hull molding all around the gunwale, at the bottom of the cockpit and at the bottom of the mast socket. I'd install inspection ports, large enough to get an arm through, in areas where I could reach most of the between-molding volumes. Where to go from there depends on what is inside for flotation and what condition it is in. Lasers use collapsible water containers filled with air and capped off to provide class-legal internal flotation.
  5. Feisty!

    Slack leeward shrouds

    Why uppers first ?
  6. Feisty!

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    Does anyone actually have either of these ? What do you think of it ?
  7. Feisty!

    Rusty stainless

    "Stainless steel" is an alloy (mixture) of iron, nickel and a small assortment of other stuff. Iron rusts, nickel does not. It ACTS stainless when it has been treated (passivated) to etch the iron molecules off the surface leaving the nickel. When you work the surface you expose more iron or install iron from the tool. True passivation can be done by "cooking" the polished and degreased parts for a couple of hours in a 140 degree (Fahrenheit) 4% (by weight) citric acid bath. Citric acid can be had from the canning section of your local grocery store. This, of course, assumes that you can get whatever you're passivating into the vat. If not, you've got to resort to the various approximations mentioned previously and repeat as necessary ...
  8. Feisty!

    Installing attachment point on masthead crane

    Drill a hole in the center web thru one of the large lightening holes as far outboard as you can to clear the lines on the sheave . Install shackle or long shackle straddling the web and dead end the 1:2 to it.
  9. Feisty!

    New White Brightside yellowing

    Did you oil the wooden hatch slide and does it continue underneath the hood. Oil has a nasty habit of creeping around ...
  10. Feisty!

    Deck marking

    Black Sharpie Extreme is barely readable after 4-5 weeks ...
  11. Feisty!

    Deck marking

    Can anyone suggest some sort of marker for tune/trim marks on deck/lines that will: 1) last longer than several weeks in sun and weather; and 2) be cleanly removable ? A large part of the problem here is the UV levels at mile high altitudes.
  12. Feisty!

    Bronze Nuts?

    I dip both machine screw threads and nyloc nuts in Sailcoat. Have never had this combination gall or come loose. Doesn't attract dust either ...
  13. Feisty!

    Adj backstay and twist

    Eyeballing the photo, the 6:1 tackle has ~18" of throw, the first cascade doubles the mechanical advantage to 12:1 and halves the throw to 9", the second cascade does it again to 24:1 and 4.5" and the last cascade (the bridle) is 48:1 and 2.25" of throw. Friction reduces the effective mechanical advantage but does nothing for the throw ...
  14. Feisty!

    Adj backstay and twist

    Yeah, the 6:1, reaved like Harken suggests, will accumulate some. A swivel on the becket should help, but I just untwist it about once or twice a year ...
  15. Feisty!

    Adj backstay and twist

    If the two chainplates are equidistant from the center, the backstay will be centered