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  1. Foils

    Chines in yacht design

    Virtually no maintenance at all - service universal joint every 3 years. The retracting drive unit is so simple and under power pushes Longboard over 8 knots into any seaway - we have to throttle back as prop will launch boat over waves - unlike a saildrive. When retracted - no turbulence or vibrations when planing downwind. It's a beautiful piece of Bieker engineering.
  2. Foils

    A great documentary

    What a remarkable story about a group of remarkably strong men. Thank-you for sharing this inspirational adventure. I will be disappointed in myself if I ever feel any self-pity because I am tired, sore, or in pain ever again, whether or not I am sailing offshore or not. These guys are my heros - it would be an honor to take them sailing one day.
  3. Foils

    Round Saltspring

    And with a beer in hand as well....great photo and well done Jim Lee. Fast looking crew you got there!