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  1. foamy1946

    Colon Prep

    Had my first one number of years ago...had the ""two step" for a while. Second one I wised up and fasted for over 24 hours...same result with a clean pipe. BTW on the second one...had an endoscopy at the same time...tried to stay awake to make sure they used a new scope and tube for each process...never could tell if they did.
  2. foamy1946

    Random PicThread

    Went to Lion's drag strip a few times in the very early 60s. AAs were still under 200mph if I remember correctly. Saw Art Arfons (sp?) "Green Monster" turning high 200s.
  3. foamy1946

    US Postal Service USPS

    I've been contacting my rich republican friends here in SoCal that own horses to help to get those fraudulent GOP ballots delivered.
  4. foamy1946

    Singlehanding a J46?

    I have crewed on races, full crew and double handed on a friends J46. He also singlehands quite often, pushing 70 years old. He has in boom furling, electric primaries, and furling headsails. Easy boat to sail with this setup.
  5. foamy1946

    Tesla Model 3 - Good, Bad ugly... Anything else?

    I'm all for progress regarding the e-cars...but one issue I have not seen addressed is what happens to all the batteries at the end of their life?
  6. foamy1946

    What's With EBikes?

    Around SoCal, it's not the geriatrics at's the teeners (ten and eleven year-olds too) and such that do not have a clue about the rules of the road and general safety while "driving". BTW, I am a "geriatric" at 74..fifty years of surfing, 150k+ miles on my knees from road cycling (ten years racing), fifty years of skiing and much more have put my knees at bone on bone now. My electric bike allows me to ride at no electric assist, which I do most of the time, or pump in 20-40% assist when I am out for a while, head winds, oh, then there is the 10% climb back to my house. I still ride my Pinarello, but my knees have other ideas.
  7. foamy1946

    Irwin 68 Big or Big Pig?

    Hell...I've always put my hatch boards in and pumped water from my 40 gallon water tank into the cockpit. When done (no peeing)...pump back into the water tank. Hence, you conserve water. I only do this when the sea water temperature is below 50 degrees.
  8. foamy1946

    Random PicThread

    Looks like a photo of the London "killer fog" of early December, 1952. I had just moved there as a young boy from Cali six months before. We were sent home from school for several days. Mid day looked like night time. Years later in SoCal, the smog seemed so tame in comparison.
  9. foamy1946

    Random PicThread

    End of an era...Jack said his is retiring and selling the place. An old Capo Beach icon.
  10. foamy1946

    V-berth anarchy

    Our Tartan's v-berth is fairly wide and about 3' of the deck. We have a small seat next to the berth that I step on to get in the berth, my wife (5'-2") uses a small step that is the top of a storage locker on her side...we are both over 70, but we sleep head to foot, my head forward. Very east to slide out at night without having to turn around to exit the berth. I'm up quite a bit with pee breaks due to age and prostate cancer survivor. Works for us.
  11. foamy1946

    Random PicThread

    Goff Island, South Laguna in the background.
  12. foamy1946

    Summer reading ideas

    Sapiens...A Brief History of Humankind.
  13. foamy1946

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    I think the captain of the Titanic went down with the ship. trump would be the first one in a life boat.
  14. foamy1946

    Expressions and Sayings

    Saw George Carlin in San Diego in about 1970. Laughed so hard my sides ached for a few days. Second hand pot smoke was "to die for".....huh?
  15. foamy1946

    Used Car Anarchy

    I have owned three VW busses. Have taken them throughout Baja many times, mainland Mexico and the deserts of western US. Easy to dig out of sand traps and mudholes, good ground clearance and easy to work on in the boonies. BTW, was a M60 tank crewman in the Army...try digging one of those out of the mud.