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  1. Sort of off topic, but drove my '66 bus to work one day. To park on the construction site, had to have vehicle checked out. Young, 20-ish security guard is going over the exterior and the inside of the bus, and then asks..."where is the engine?"
  2. foamy1946

    My season just ended, and...

    Just returned last Sunday from Catalina...the crowds are thinning out (large power boats). Air most days in the high 70s to low 80s..water 72-74, vis about 40 feet. The season over there is just beginning Good sailing to and from, no crowds, moderate temps. Had a great moment one morning as the wife and I were having coffee in the cockpit...a large bald eagle flew over us in the cove at about 30 feet. The next day too up island. The eagles were re-introduced in 1980. Have only seen two in the last 30 years. What a sight. Have to put a jacket and socks on the boat now...rig for cold weather...
  3. On my third VW bus, a '66, that I have had for 46 years. Parked in the garage, not many kids know how to drive a stick, let alone know where reverse is, sort of a "anti theft" device. When I have to leave the bus overnight, I remove the distributer rotor. Not many know where that is located, plus a Bosch centrifugal advance, not stock.
  4. Wife and I spent a few days getting away from the BS in went up to the central coast area...many Biden/Harris signs and flags..the best one: BYEDON...
  5. foamy1946

    Random PicThread

    Still working on the remodel...Capo Beach...the old beach club in the background.
  6. foamy1946

    Random PicThread

    DoHo way back when...
  7. foamy1946

    Marriage Lesson # 5067

    I learned at about age 10 to never buy a black car...washed my mom's black 1955 Chrysler New Yorker in the hot sun with laundry detergent in water...was never the same.
  8. foamy1946

    What Have You Done Today?

    Put away the final junk in the boat for some interior/exterior work on the portlights that leak. Finished topside work on boom to be removed for new in-boom furler to be installed next week. Got underway on the LA 405 freeway at 0700...most of SoCal must have been hungover or watching the tele, no traffic, just the usual 75-85 mph cruise during the off hours...anyway home in a hour, then yard work, then lunch, then wussed out on a nap, and now writing this drivel.
  9. foamy1946

    Kellyanne is going bonkers

    I hear Macy's is hiring to shut off the tape machine though.
  10. foamy1946

    Bowline for lefties

    What ever knot you learn how to tie...practice in various physical positions and even in the dark. Tying a knot in an armchair or in the garage is not the same as real life.
  11. I have two Solbian panels on my dodger top. Tied off the the stainless grab rails on either side of the dodger in all four corners of the panels. No holes. Been to Hawaii and back this way, still in place after four years.
  12. foamy1946

    Bruce Brown doco.

    I was able to see a preview of Endless Summer in 1965, in a small room with about 20 guys in SLO. He personally narrated the movie. Don't remember if there was any music. Us SoCal boys got pumped and went surfing the next day at Morro Rock, air and water in the 50s, no wet suits...but that's another story.
  13. foamy1946

    Engineers Ring

    Graduated with a BSCE in ' ring but a diploma, hangs behind a door in the garage...earned a PE license in '78, hangs behind the same door in the garage. Only one that knows these pieces of paper exists is me. Spent most of my career working on heavy construction projects, power plants, high rise, highways, bridges, etc. Still wearing a family ring since '63 in the Army and everywhere, wedding ring (second one) since '91. Haven't worn a watch in almost 40 years...I just ask some status symbol guy with a Rolex what time it is.
  14. foamy1946

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    I think this puts things in perspective...
  15. foamy1946

    Colon Prep

    Had my first one number of years ago...had the ""two step" for a while. Second one I wised up and fasted for over 24 hours...same result with a clean pipe. BTW on the second one...had an endoscopy at the same time...tried to stay awake to make sure they used a new scope and tube for each process...never could tell if they did.