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  1. foamy1946

    Why We Sail -“Spring Finally!

    As a kid, I read about the merchant marine sailors crossing the North Atlantic during the war. Did not even think about PFDs...water so cold they would be dead in minutes, long before they could be brought back onboard.
  2. foamy1946

    Things the crew brought on board

    Sort of on topic...started sailing in the late 50s to Catalina Island on family doc and friend Dr. Thad Jones' (of TransPac navigator fame) boat "sanguine" Island Clipper 44. Dr. Thad used a "Lucky Bag" on board. Any of us kids crap that was lying around and not secured was put in the "Lucky Bag". For every item that was pulled out of the bag at every morning role call, you had to swim a lap around the boat. These were fall and early spring trips to Cat, water was cold and in those days shark infested (or so we thought). A lesson learned that followed me into later life crewing and running my own boats. Tried it on a TransPac once, but too much time lost swimming the laps in the trades.
  3. foamy1946

    Canned Meat Anarchy

    Find some US Army C-rats from WW2...we ate Lima Beans and Ham in basic training in 1966, stuff was over 20 years old...didn't kill us. But when I was discharged I never ate lima beans and ham again. Oh, and we also survived basic by drinking a lot of "Soul Milk" as the brothers called it.
  4. foamy1946

    How sailors drive

    I have owned and driven 2ksb's for decades going back to the 60s...VW buses that is. You learn to drive very defensively. And braking is like sailing a boat...there are no brakes so you plan ahead, like when coming into a slip under sail. Never could back wind the VW bus very well. Still drive my 66, but not on the SoCal freeways...a death wish. .
  5. foamy1946

    2019 Islands Race-Looking Sporty

    If you did the PacCup in 2016, these forecasted conditions would be ideal.
  6. foamy1946

    150,000 Gallons of Mount Gay Rum Burns Yesterday

    Well I guess I will have to break out my stash of Red Mountain Vin Rose from the 60s. A $1.49 a gallon back then, I wonder what a gallon is worth today?
  7. foamy1946

    onboard coffee??

    When my wife is not aboard, a quick Moka for me: Mexican instant coffee, real Koko powder, a little milk, put in the microwave...done...then on to more serious chores. But then again, I had to drink Army coffee for two years...we also used it to clean the tracks on our tanks. Old German trick.
  8. I have been in and out of racing since the early 70s. Did my last race in the 2016 PacCup, double handed. I seems to me through all the years, that races other than beer cans and the Dana Point "Farkle" had to be a YC member to race your boat in one of their races???
  9. foamy1946

    This should end well

    Is this one of the monohulls I have heard about that have foils?
  10. foamy1946

    Funny Comments while Racing

    I was crewing on a TransPac race a number of years ago. We were setting up for a spin jibe, me as the pit, owner on helm, bowman taking his time setting up the stuff: Owner yells, "hurry the F up "John", you are too damn slow"... Bowman yells back, " relax 'Joe', the weather mark is 900 miles ahead". (Names changed to protect the guilty)
  11. foamy1946

    Countdown to Hawaii 2020 - prep?

    I have been a surfer and skier all my life, backpacked, class 5 river rafting, bike road racer, blah, blah, blah. I am now 72 and still do many hard core adventures and sports. I am in damn good my point...did the 2016 PacCup double handed. Put myself in damn good shape for a very nasty ocean that year. )Have done full crew TransPacs, what a breeze). Auto pilot went out first night so we hand steered for two weeks...two hours on two hour off, round the clock. No problems with my level of physical and mental conditioning at age 70. My point in very good physical condition for any long haul short handed voyage.
  12. foamy1946

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    The solution my friends is what I did many years ago: joined "The Mystic Knights of the Sea" yacht club.
  13. foamy1946

    Catalina acknowledges the inevitable

    The only Catalina I would ever own is a Cat 38...oh I raced on them and owned one for 13 years. I used it for a performance cruiser and just great fun to day sail in 12-15 knots single handed. The interior was nice wood, put in a teak and holly floor. I go on new sailboats these daze and they all look like sterile hospital waiting rooms...and no magazines either.
  14. foamy1946

    Carbon cutter No. 2

    I have lazy jacks on my Tartan 3800. I deploy them when I drop the main (many times single handing), then prior to flaking the main I pull the jacks to a cleat at the bow end of the boom and secure till the next drop. The layzies are never deployed when sailing...just my ten cents worth. Happy winter sailing everyone.
  15. foamy1946

    Is sailing cool?

    I'd like to know how these rubes define "offshore" while bragging about their racing. Sort of like the skiers I know who tell me about their exploits on the "double green diamond" runs.