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  1. foamy1946

    Are you gonna watch the Daytona 500 tomorrow ?

    As a former tanker in the Army, I think trump's real deferment was that he was too fat to fit through the hatch into the turret and "squeeze" into the drivers seat, or even through the driver's hatch. BTW, I will miss the D-500, I am racing my 66 VW bus at Lion's Speedway quarter mile.
  2. foamy1946

    Well, Ain't This Just Too Bad

    I think it is tyme for the rich fulks in this cuntry to get there chilldren ready for a language immersion know...Russian. I know the lyne will be long to get into theese schools, but donate mega bucks and falsify a resooome and all will be OK. As a second generation German who has studied the atrocities of my ancestors, the parallels of the trump "administration" are frightening. Oh, wait, wasn't his "father" born in Germany?
  3. foamy1946

    Large boats down south

    Did the 2016 PacCup double handed (at age 70)...lost main halyard few days out of Oahu, so just going with the 130, Otto went out the first night out so no chute up for days, but that's another story. Tropical storm approaching the island the last day and night. Winds 35 to problem running with the 130, top speed 12.5 kts and very stable.
  4. foamy1946

    Crew memberships required for racing at yacht club?

    Next thing you know...when I invite family or friends for a daysail, with this kind of moronic thinking, I will have to say to my guests..."oh by the way, you have to join the club as a "crew member" to go out on my boat for the day. Never mind that I pay for the drinks and food for my guests after our nice day sail.
  5. I tell my granddaughter that the best paying job in the next few years will be teaching Russian to our school kids.
  6. foamy1946


    I have the MiniRad, smaller tire diameter, wide with knobby tires, same everything else for the most part. Put 40 miles on it the first few days, using only 20% power and manual peddling for the most part. Used only about a fifth of the battery. The more you peddle the farther you can go, duh. BTW, the bike weights 63 or so lbs., a lot less than my Pinnarelo road bike, but get more workout in a shorter period of time, and good on sand beaches and dirt roads.
  7. foamy1946

    Greta Rides Again?

    Being serious now...maybe been addressed somewhere, but what are we going to do with all the batteries? All the A, AA, AAA and the like are an issue too.
  8. foamy1946


    My wife and I bought Rad Power bikes a couple of months ago. I am 73 and have over 150k miles of road riding in the last 50 years, millions of vertical skiing, years of beach volleyball, and surfing 10-20' foot faces, no knee cartilage now, so the E assist allows me to ride to a degree
  9. foamy1946

    Where’s the Cone?

    I have no idea, but this "boat" looks just like all the other 15kt shit boxes these days...sort of like our cars. In the 50s and 60s you could tell one year model from the next... you know a 55 Chevy from a 57 and so on.
  10. foamy1946

    Damn He's Ripped & Fit

    With his ego, his dad would have paid someone off to get him into OCS...he would have been "fragged" in no time.
  11. My varnish jobs always looked great from about 30 feet or so. Now I let mother nature do my wood work...grey varnish, infinite coats.
  12. foamy1946

    What's in your arsenal??

    In the Army, I had a 45 pistol, then rode around with 30 cal and 50 cal machine guns, and a 90mm long gun. Now I only have a H&K 40 cal pistol, Winchester model 52 with 16X Unertl scope (from my SB silhouette days), and my dad's 22 Mossberg from the 30s. Can't hit squat with any of them now days.
  13. foamy1946

    ski season 2020

    The boat is winterized...jacket on board, socks for deck shoes, looking forward to the islands w/o the powerboaters. Will see if my 73 year old knees that have no cartilage will survive another season...skiing the double green diamonds now...powder and trees just a sweet memory. Going to try Whitefish this year.
  14. foamy1946

    Sailing in Cabo

    Sadly, Cabo has gone the way of many quaint "hidden spots". I was fortunate to see it in 1964, just locals and one small "tourist" hotel. The fish cannery was still in operation, the hammerhead sharks and big schools of barracudas cruised the area. Ours was the only boat there, anchored off the beach.
  15. foamy1946

    World Series

    I don't think trump could walk up the pitcher's mound for starters. Maybe he will underhand (pun) the ball from ten feet from the plate. Go Brooklyn...