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  1. foamy1946

    World Series

    I don't think trump could walk up the pitcher's mound for starters. Maybe he will underhand (pun) the ball from ten feet from the plate. Go Brooklyn...
  2. foamy1946

    Getting Away From The Rat Race

    My wife and I looked at a IP 35 seven years ago, up from a Cat 38. Too small and very little storage space even for weeks at a time at the SoCal islands. Bought a Tartan 3800, much more room, storage and sails with some performance. Did a PacCup three years ago in some nasty weather...tough boat.
  3. foamy1946

    Larry Junstrom - DTS

    Great video...just think most of those young people watching history are now in their late 50s or early 60s. What memories. RIP Larry....from an old Stones fan.
  4. foamy1946

    rant: driving fuckery

    Well in SoCal...the makers of big SUVs, BMWs, and Mercedes do not provide turn signals as original equipment, they are an extra. So much so that the status symbol leasees cannot afford the extra cost of having them installed.
  5. foamy1946

    The blight of generators

    Mr. observation is that of many, many who frequent Catalina Island. We go there to get away from the "real world" and enjoy the beauty of the island and the ocean, not to hear gen sets, loud music, and see political banners of any kind. We have enough forms of pollution like this in SoCal, as it is on the mainland. Relax and enjoy your health, happiness, family and friends...I do...beat the Viet Nam war, cancer, serious accidents....trump flags are just a small more year and they will be collector's items.
  6. foamy1946

    The blight of generators

    On top of the generator crap at Catalina Island, SoCal, we now have visual pollution with Trump 2020 flags, predominately on large powerboats.
  7. foamy1946

    Here is the future, like it or not boat is a 7kt cruiser, very comfortable and seaworthy (double hand to Hawaii in PacCup 2016). If I want to go fast, I climb into my 1966 VW bus and haul ass down the 405 Freeway at speeds that exceed these foilers...55 to 60 mph (not knots). Last Am Cup I watched was in Fremantle. Roger, wilco, over and out (Sky King to Penny).
  8. FWIW...I am 73, have a 38 foot sloop, lazy jacks that I secure at the mast end of the boom when hoisting and sailing. Deploy and use the jacks when dropping the main. I have a cam cleat on the mast for all halyards, so I use the cleat for the main halyard to secure it before I go forward to drop the main, flaking the luff as the sail comes down. Lazy jacks catch the main, then I temporarily tie off the main in two locations with gaskets till I return to my slip. At the slip, I then I move jacks to mast end of boom (cleats), drop main to one side of boom, then flake and tie off with five gaskets. On goes the cover and then a Margie on the rocks, no salt. BTW, I do this singlehanding as well.
  9. foamy1946

    How much bigger?

    I haven't taken my boat to Avalon, Catalina Island, for about fifteen years. That time, my wife and I went ashore to walk and have lunch. Midweek in the fall, very few people in town except locals. All of a sudden, this big cruise ship anchors offshore and disembarks a few thousand tourists. Avalon instantly became a miniature LA. Wonder what Avalon is like at these days.
  10. foamy1946

    From the Mythical Front Page...No you can't.

    Is this girl "driving" the boat by looking at the mizzen sail trim?
  11. foamy1946

    The blight of generators

    I have been going to Catalina Island since the late 50s as a kid. Fast forward to a few years back and on to today. Big powerboats in the mooring field, generators running all the time, noise and exhaust pollution...for stated before...the big refer, big screen TV, A/C and god knows what else. I guess this is the big money set's idea of roughing it. Bet these folks never backpacked, camped out in a VW bus, were in the Army or the Marines, played in the woods and camped, and many other endeavors I could name. Back in the day at the island...the silence was deafening.
  12. foamy1946

    Tint fixed port glass, or replace w/ acrylic?

    Hello Diarmuid...I used a carbon film at 20%. Note a lower % will be darker, a higher % will be lighter. Installed by professional tint company. Same stuff used in cars, houses, etc. I hope this helps. Been in place for over three years, no problems to date, even in the extreme heat and sun of SoCal (ha ha).
  13. I have an AB inflatable I bought recently from a "friend". Rowing ashore at Catalina a week ago, one of the oarlocks pulled off the boat. I need to clean off the old adhesive (unknown) from the bottom of the oarlock and the boat tube. I do not want to damage the Hypalon tube with a caustic material. Any guidance is appreciated.
  14. foamy1946

    Tint fixed port glass, or replace w/ acrylic?

    Tinted my 10 opening portlights on my Tartan 3800...reduced heat transmission thru the glass, limits fade on interior components, and cuts glare. Take care on cleaning the tint. Very satisfied with the results.
  15. foamy1946

    What have you lost overboard?

    Me...sailing a beach cat off the Laguna Beach coves in the mid 60s with a crewmate who didn't know how to sail very well. We were surfing some good size swells in 10-12 knots of wind, and broached, with me flying off the trampoline. I had a shorty wet suit on and an old ski parka with tools and parts in the pockets...none of us had PFDs. Had to ditch the tools and parts and they were acting as a weight belt. With the white horses off the swell tops, I was hard to spot. Took my crewmate about an hour to finally sail up wind to me and I climbed back aboard. A few lessons learned that day.