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  1. Thanks that's what I was looking for! I'll give Pro-set a try. Yep the piece is still attached further up the mast so it shouldn't be too complicated.
  2. To be honest these DS sails have really got me thinking about getting back into the F18. Change is good and I like that the class keeps current. Otherwise we'd all still be sailing Hobie 14's...
  3. When hoisting the main on a NACRA I20 a repair at the batten got stuck on the sail feeder and pulled a section of the mast track off. Mast track is a small diameter rope glued into the mast groove. Sorry the pictures arn't great. Does anyone know how these carbon I20 masts were made? Whats the best resin to repair with, Polyester? Has anyone done this before? Any tricks to clamping the piece of track back into place so the resin can set? Thanks!
  4. He's right the best boat is the one you already have!
  5. Ok you caught me, by "theres been some talk" I meant that members of Team Hot Mess, Fly, and Salish Express got drunk in Ketchikan and thought this was the best idea ever. To be fair though we have talked about it a few times since. It would need to be an economy of scale to actually work though, otherwise it could become a big money pit.
  6. There's been some talk of a "OD" Cal 20 fleet for R2AK. Since the boats are so cheap and plentiful it would be a great base to mod out for the challenge. Ideas that have been thrown around for the "OD rules" are are upgrading to an asym on a sprit and Hobie Mirage Drive's for pedal power. Would be cool if it actually happened!
  7. Looks like they could have used some more meat on the rail
  8. Come on Doug give it a rest
  9. So what are they going to do after worlds, ask NACRA to re-engineer the mast and kite to handle the loads? That seems unlikely.... Banning trapeze while using the kite upwind is probably the easiest way to enforce this rule, but I still don't understand why it matters. If everyone's doing it doesn't it just become part of the game?
  10. at 00:48 seconds one of the crew bends down to adjust something on a control panel, anyone know what he's doing? Controlling the rake of the foils?
  11. Original article from Cat Sailing News: http://www.catsailingnews.com/2017/08/mw680f-new-monohull-foiler-concept.html Sounds like if built the first boat will be down in Argentina
  12. I'm not disagreeing that the Olson 30 with a symmetrical kite is a submarine. The asym makes it a whole different animal. I've had the sym up before in 25-30 knts burying the bow quasi out of control then switched to the asym and been able to crack beers. It lifts the bow up and makes it alot easier to balance the boat under the rig. You've got to experience it, its like night and day.
  13. Edouard Kessi is working on an inflatable wing sail
  14. I have to disagree with point #2. An asym on a sprit fixes that problem pretty easily. A4 in 25-30 to A3 in 20-25 with 1-2m swells up the inside passage of Vancouver Island A2 in 20 knts and 2-3m swells on the outside of Vancouver island
  15. How does one aquaire a main/ jib trimmer? (Asking for a friend)