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  1. swangtang

    R2AK 2019

    Everyone knows deadheads go to sleep below the water at night, have you ever seen one?
  2. For context this particular SC50 came to its current owner without any tracks (it was a dock queens its whole life) and the current track car combo is off some old IOR warhorse. Safe to say the cars were probably beat before being installed.
  3. swangtang

    Pukers United – For those that have

    +1 for ginger cookies - they work for me too (especially if they're home made) During the Van Isle 360 in 2017 a crew on one of the boats tried to beat sea sickness by eating a bunch of weed edibles. She ended up puking for 8+ hours and being "rescued" by the coast guard.
  4. swangtang

    R2AK 2019

    Since the race takes around two weeks there always seems to be a big southern blow at some point. In 2015 and 2017 it hit during the first leg, in 2016 in Queen Charlotte Sound, and last year there was no wind until after the race. Other than that you can expect no wind between Victoria and Nanimo, variable wind to Campbell River, a good upwind slog through Johnston Strait, more sporadic wind to Cape Caution, potential for a nice spinnaker run to Bella Bella down Fitz Huge Sound, more variable wind across Hecate Strait or up one of the other routes, and then no wind around Ketchikan. Bring all your sails and plan to go upwind through a million transition zones.
  5. swangtang

    what was it?

    Bella looks awesome! Whats it rate?
  6. swangtang

    R2AK 2019

    WOW this changes things! Think it'll be a hiatus? I know the race occupies alot of Dan and Jakes time.
  7. A little inspiration. There's also a book of the same name by Jeff MacInnis that's a must read.
  8. I couldn't agree more just throwing the 17 out there as an easy option. I'm curious to see what his pedal drive looks like. We've got a decent fleet of 18's up here between Seattle - Vancouver - Kelowna. If your sold on the 18 come the spring get in touch I bet we could find you one worth racing.
  9. I've never seen a Windrider Rave sailed to its potential (not to slag on them I'm sure in perfect conditions its awesome). In light air they're too heavy and have too much drag to be fast. In windy/ choppy conditions they have a bad habit of tripping over themselves and then god who knows how you would right it from a turtle. I surprised this hasn't been brought up yet, H17 in Victoria with a pedal drive. Buy it now then fly out early to give it a tune up before sailing it to the start in PT. https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/boa/d/hobie-17-with-custom-pedal/6682432147.html
  10. swangtang


  11. swangtang

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Double D getting some air in Johnstone Strait during R2AK 2016 - taken by Tavish Campbell from onboard Team Fly
  12. swangtang

    Epic Boat Loss

    I am also curious about this, would a drogue have helped? or would a storm sail have been better to keep boat speed consistent with the wave train?
  13. swangtang

    R2AK 2018

    I've also heard stories of the ultra marathons the Lagopus guys do. They should be able to make some good gains while the winds low. I don't envy them though, an O30 makes a poor rowboat (but an even worse SUP). Looks like the tides about to flip in everyone's favor and help suck the leaders up course. Go the Lagopus!
  14. swangtang

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    I like this idea! Who's going to want to take their $30K Nacra F20 on such a punishing course? Inter 20s/ Prindle 19s/ Hobie 20's on the other hand...
  15. That seems like a more realistic goal. Lots of places to stop and hide out if needed. For planning purposes think of it this way: Heading north from Vancouver to Seymour Narrows - 2 days To get through Johnstone Strait to Sayward - 1 day Sayward to Telegraph Cove - 1 day Telegraph Cove to Port Hardy - 1 day There goes most of your first week and you're still a days sail away from Cape Scott and the norther tip of the island. Bella Bella is a two day sail north past cape caution and down Fitz Hugh Sound. Sure coming back south is faster because it will hopefully be mostly downwind but you should plan for it to take about the same amount of time.