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  1. Connex Boxes

    Reported in gCaptain today. The MV Ever Smart arrived at the port of Los Angeles on Wednesday showing clear evidence of the dozens of containers which were lost from the vessel during its voyage across the Pacific. As gCaptain reported previously, the British-flagged Ever Smart lost 42 containers overboard approximately 700nm east of Japan on October 30, 2017
  2. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    We used to call that a fire hose reach on a fireball. That was fantastic!
  3. scotw

    She has her own pickup line!
  4. Shipping Containers

    Irene floated and moved an empty shipping container next to my building (in Charleston, SC) and the water was only two feet deep. I though it would take deeper water to float one.
  5. No Big Thing

    5 nurses suspended after opening body bag to view deceased patient's genitals It turns out after looking that it was a big thing!
  6. Gun Recommendation

    First check the gun laws for the States that you plan to travel through. What is legal in one might not be in the next one. A revolver is more likely to be legal and long term storage loaded is not a problem. Double action is best and no worry about a jam. Be safe and prepared.
  7. Sailboat Conversion from Gas to Electric

    It sounds like current marine outboards are like lawn mowers from 20 years ago. Modern lawn mowers crank on the first pull and will run all day. Why not adapt the technology to outboards? I do recall some fond memories of sailing back into the slip thanks to a (not) cranky Atomic 4.
  8. Another How Could it Happen

    How much does the loss of two of these ship impact our anti missile capability in the area?

    Bought some made in China eclipse glasses and they packed a white cane with them!
  10. Origami Boat Thread

    I hope that BS doesn't show up since he was invited. Not sure that in light of everything that having him show up would be a good idea. Too much not quite right with him.
  11. 2015 ALIR

    I miss Edith Bicknell when threads drift like this one.
  12. RS Neo

    If the dealer is taking the time to comment and show pictures of the boat and show a link I would expect that their website would be upgraded with information on the new boat. Nothing on the Neo on the link.
  13. NTSB Report Charleston Crash

    NTSB Report According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the probable cause of the mid-air collision was "the approach controller's failure to provide an appropriate resolution to the conflict between the F-16 and the Cessna, contributing to the accident or the inherent limitations of the see and avoid concept, resulting in both pilots' inability to take evasive action to avoid the collision in time." The controller, investigators say, expected the Cessna's would remain within the local traffic pattern at Moncks Corner. But as the Cessna climbed above the altitude of 1,100 feet and the airplane closed within 3.5 miles, she recognized the potential for a possible collision between the planes and transmitted the traffic advisory. The planes were closing on each other at a rate of about 300 knots at that point, authorities said. Avoiding a crash between the two planes would have required the F-16 pilot to first see and then take action to avoid the Cessna, according to the NTSB. "While the controller tried to ensure separation, her attempt at establishing a visual separation at so close a range and with the airplanes converging at such a high rate of speed left few options and a visual separation could not be obtained," said Dennis Diaz, the NTSB Investigator-in-Charge at the time. Diaz said the controller's instruction to the F-16 pilot to "turn left" was not contrary to FAA guidance for air-traffic controllers, but that it was the "least conservative decision" and most dependent on the F-16 pilot's "most timely action" for its success. In hindsight, the controller should have instructed the F-16 to turn before the planes came in close proximity to each other and and to turn right, which would have kept the F-16 from crossing in front of the Cessna's path, he said. Investigators say the controller's conditional response may have resulted in "a slight delay" in the F-16 pilot beginning the turn. "The controller repeated the instruction and appended the word immediately, expecting that the F-16 pilot would perform a high-performance turn," Diaz said. "While the F-16 pilot began the turn before the controller completed her radio transmission, the rate of the turn was slower than what she had expected." Investigators say post-accident interviews revealed the word immediately held "different meanings" to the controller and the pilot. "Although the controller's use of the term immediately was in keeping with the guidance established, further clarification of her expectation, such as directing the pilot to expedite the turn would have removed any ambiguity," Diaz said. Inherent limitations in 'see and avoid' concept, investigators say NTSB investigators say the "see and avoid" concept, which relies on the pilot to look through cockpit windows, identify other aircraft, decide if the aircraft could be a collision threat and then take appropriate action has "inherent limitations." Those include, investigators say, limitations of the pilot to visually process the information, other required tasks that compete with the requirement to scan for traffic, a limited field of view from the cockpit and weather conditions. The Cessna was not equipped with any technology in the cockpit that would have displayed or alerted the pilot of traffic conflicts, Diaz said. The F-16 pilot's ability to detect other traffic, meanwhile, was limited to the "see and avoid" concept supplemented with air tower control advisories. "While the F-16 pilot could use his airplane's tactical radar system to enhance his awareness of the radar system, it is designed to acquire fast-moving enemy aircraft and not slow-moving aircraft," Diaz said. "The F-16 was not equipped to display or alert traffic conflicts." Diaz said their investigation showed both pilots would have had difficulty detecting the other plane.
  14. Olympic Sailing

    College sailing teams switched boats to even the playing field a bit!
  15. 3450 Meters

    The ammo is selected for each gun through a process of finding the amount of powder that produces the best group. Each barrel has different harmonics that require slight speed and pressure changes to produce the tightest group with the smallest standard deviation. Round groups are the best and elevation spread is not good. The loading process is much more detailed than just stuffing powder in the case. Each round is built from select brass, primers, bullet, and powder. Powder measure, seating depth and run out is checked. The trigger puller must have faith in the accuracy of his load.