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  1. Proneshooter

    Autonomous ships--good, bad, or we don't know yet?

    Just look at the major shipping related incidents that occurred world wide during January and imagine how they would have played out with unmanned ships.
  2. Proneshooter

    Darwin strikes again

    An Arizona man was fatally shot Monday after he donned a bulletproof vest and asked a friend to shoot him, authorities said. Parker Ray Lynch and two friends were firing rounds from a .223 single-shot rifle at a ballistic vest in a tree-lined area in the town of Central, about 160 miles east of Phoenix, the Graham County Sheriff’s Office said. At one point, Lynch, 25, put on the vest and asked his friend Steven Watson to shoot at him, authorities said. Watson fired one round at Lynch’s abdomen. It was unclear if the bullet pierced the vest or missed it. Lynch was taken to a hospital and died during surgery.
  3. Proneshooter

    Charleston, SC - advice needed

    Snakes and spiders are not a problem compared to fire ants. I'll be glad to give you my agents name if you are interested. He is a friend, long time agent, and very good at his job. I told him I was looking for a home for the rest of my life. It took a bit but he found it. An older home with a garage, well built in the 1950's, large yard, and high enough to not need flood insurance. Most of the new planned subdivisions are being built in areas prone to flooding if the retention ponds and pumps fill/or lose power.
  4. Proneshooter

    Charleston, SC - advice needed

    The West Ashley area is the best as far as price of homes and travel times with traffic. Room for growth in value as well. Plenty of older neighborhoods and nearby shopping areas. As far as number 3 Charleston is no worse than any other place in the USA. The good news is that it is still a place where good manners and acts of kindness are expected of everyone.
  5. Proneshooter

    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    Your Songbook II Great covers of pop/rock by some young kids that are great!
  6. Proneshooter

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

    Great idea. I just made a donation.
  7. Proneshooter

    Protest at Langkawi Race Week

    The protest committee had to go and make a big thing of it even though the female crew said it was not a big deal.
  8. Proneshooter

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    A substitute teacher in Ohio was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of masturbating in a classroom where students were present, according to reports. Now looking for work as a handy man.
  9. Proneshooter

    Connex Boxes

    The Dutch Coastguard has issued a navigational warning after an ultra-large containership lost scores of containers while underway in the North Sea. The ship, MSC ZOE, was in German waters when it lost the containers in heavy seas between Vlieland, Netherlands and the German Bight in the southeastern North Sea on New Year’s Day.
  10. Since most (all) of the boats capable of line honors were crewed by Pro sailors I wonder if there is a bonus offered to the first to finish crew on top of their pay?
  11. You can turn on the right click function under mouse controls. I hope that you got a magic mouse with the computer. They make everything easier.
  12. Proneshooter


    I thought the trailer hitch receiver was a nut cracker for the guy that has everything. Either way it could end up as a nut cracker.
  13. Proneshooter

    FP Exorcist - SCOTW

    I followed her journey reading her updates on her blog. Good read and shows how tough she is. I hope her book is a Christmas present!
  14. The biggest problem I have with PC persons using my MAC is they want to close programs by clicking the top right box and on a MAC that closes the window not the program. That is done by using the File heading in the top left of the screen. I sometimes find a bunch of programs running because of this. Hang in there and you will find it is easy. Office on a MAC is better than on a PC. Sometimes what you see is really what you get! Adobe user on MAC/Apple products since 1988.
  15. Proneshooter

    what is it?

    Looks like a stitch and glue fireball.