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  1. Since most (all) of the boats capable of line honors were crewed by Pro sailors I wonder if there is a bonus offered to the first to finish crew on top of their pay?
  2. You can turn on the right click function under mouse controls. I hope that you got a magic mouse with the computer. They make everything easier.
  3. Proneshooter

    FP Exorcist - SCOTW

    I followed her journey reading her updates on her blog. Good read and shows how tough she is. I hope her book is a Christmas present!
  4. The biggest problem I have with PC persons using my MAC is they want to close programs by clicking the top right box and on a MAC that closes the window not the program. That is done by using the File heading in the top left of the screen. I sometimes find a bunch of programs running because of this. Hang in there and you will find it is easy. Office on a MAC is better than on a PC. Sometimes what you see is really what you get! Adobe user on MAC/Apple products since 1988.
  5. Proneshooter

    what is it?

    Looks like a stitch and glue fireball.
  6. Proneshooter

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    Have one in the garage. Been stored for about 45 years. Might be a good project for a miserable winter day to try to get it running or not!
  7. Proneshooter

    Front Page - scotw

    The pictures look more like a photo shoot of someone in a sailboat rather than pictures of someone sailing. She is poised on the rail looking in the boat instead of where she is going. The picture of her on the rail with the hiking stick and sheet is just weird. Like she is not engaged in what she is doing.
  8. Proneshooter

    Moth Developement

    Thanks for the info. Already checking on one that was listed for sale.
  9. Proneshooter

    Moth Developement

    What is the going price for used scow designs?
  10. Proneshooter

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Donated a little to Lisa Blair in place of a bet on the race.
  11. Proneshooter

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Great morning to go duck hunting (except for the cold) with clear skies to see the Geminids. It was about 15 an hour until sunrise. No loom from Charleston where I hunt in the Ace Basin.
  12. Proneshooter

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Any pictures and memories of boats and sailors from the Cleveland area in the late seventies early eighties in the SORC?
  13. Proneshooter

    2015 ALIR

    I miss Edith Bicknell when threads drift like this one.
  14. Proneshooter

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    gCaptain has a good article this morning on the subject.
  15. Proneshooter

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    New math. Three into one.
  16. Proneshooter

    Craigslist Finds

    Lippencott hulls were pretty competitive. I crewed on 10355 back in the big fleet days.
  17. Proneshooter

    Containers at sea

    Fifteen more containers lost today in the North Sea as reported in gCaptain.
  18. Proneshooter

    Random PicThread

    Wonderful thread and it's nice to know that since it is Intermission Time we are only half way through the show!