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    turning aluminum into Nickle

    Take the aluminum to a scrap dealer. He will turn it into nickles.
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    Shotgun Anarchy

    Snipe. Breasted out, a little teriyaki, and wrapped with bacon on the grill!
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    Shotgun Anarchy

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    LONQR 2

    You know it is a bad date when you have to ask is that cottage cheese or do you have a yeast infection?
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    Caption Contest

    Bow Stud
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    RC/Coach Hearing Protection?

    A good set of noise canceling shooting muffs would work. Go to a store or an indoor shooting, range carry your whistle, and try them out. Long term hearing damage can creep up on you. Might consider a hearing test to see where you are now.
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    But a T-Shirt, Get A Free Sail

    I remember my free "Sail with a Hard On" tee shirt.
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    Random PicThread

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    Random PicThread

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    CORA Flag

    I used to hear the It's Tradition argument when the flag issue was up in the air. I would calmly ask (older people) where were you when the KKK used it as their symbol? Did you complain about it then? I would prefer it not to be decided over the money issue. Do what is right and proper.
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    Vintage Sailing Gizmos

    I built a Heath kit version of one of those depth gauges in the early 70's. it worked!
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    CORK Kingston 1972 Video

    CORK banquet sitting with the South African fireball sailers when the guest Olympic committee speaker announced the boycott of the South African Team. We all wet our fingers and rimmed the wine glasses drowning him out. That many wine glasses makes a bunch of noise. Maybe that's why my ears ring! Camping next to the fence surrounding the asylum. Some days I wondered which side had the normal people. First taste of real Guinness extra stout dark beer and the weird way they sold booze there. Spilled a bottle and the dark stain never went away.
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    CORA Flag

    Not every redneck down here uses the n word and some of us have been correcting people using it for over fifty years. (I know because I lost a front tooth the first time I did over fifty years ago.) It is easy to be Woke when everyone else is also Woke. Remember a Democratic Governor put the flag up over the state capitol and a Republican took it down.
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    Fireball centreboard case support replacement

    Not a pre 70s boat with a number over ten thousand. Looks like pin is forward of the old strut. Easy fix with new supports and good for as much wind as you can handle.
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    CORK Kingston 1972 Video

    Sailed a Fireball at Cork and have this poster in the den hanging right side up. Sorry about the flip.. I think the skipper in the poster is Bill Shore if I remember correctly. Measured sails in a drained hockey rink.
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    Colleges dropping sailing as a varsity sport..

    Most Athletic Directors come out of the Football/Basketball system and have little or no interest in what they call non-revenue sports. Keeping in mind that the so called revenue sports don't make enough money to cover their expenses but only generate cash flow. These same Directors have the mind set that any alumni donation is derived through the Football/Basketball program even if they are told it was from another sport. The NCAA is the only reason (plus Title 9) that the Olympic sports still exist on campuses. College Football and Basketball make up the Farm/Club system for those sports and the professional leagues should be supporting the College programs.
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    The Far Side not DTS

    This site has a daily set of cartoons by Larson.
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    LONQR 2

    Tri-County FIRST ALERT: Head advisory issued for several Lowcountry counties The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for Monday for four Lowcountry counties. (Source: Live 5)
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    V-berth anarchy

    We used a small two step platform sold to help people get up and on their four poster (Rice) beds.
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    The rise of the KAREN

    Can it make French Toast?
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    I always wonder what would have happened if the Fireball was chosen instead of the 470 for the Olympics. I still remember the windy mid-winters when both sailed out of Davis Island prior to the selection.
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    Most egregious cheats?

    Source of the Box Rule!
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    2020 Fishing Thread

    Caught a nice mess of bream yesterday. Tossed this little one back!