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    New outremer model coming

    The pivoting helm on the Balance 526 is brilliant — and looks very simple and light. If Outremer can implement a pivoting helm as well as Phil Berman has it’ll be awesome.
  2. Chrisatlantic

    So, we have to go to Maui

    Do the drive out to Hana but do it on the south side of Haleakala. Easy, fast driving with beautiful wide open vistas and a couple of nice stops along the way. Not sure its any faster but it certainly feels it. You start out by heading upcountry then not turning to go on up to the crater - instead you hook around the western then southern flank of the volcano then traverse down to the southern shoreline. Think it’s route 37. That time of year also you can go bodysurfing at Baldwin Beach which is just west of Paia. Get a session in before cocktails at Mamas.
  3. Chrisatlantic

    prize givings

    Noble Awards in Melbourne, Florida Dave is The Man!
  4. Chrisatlantic

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    Really. The Class should have a discussion about where they want to go - it would be nice if the boats are more durable and built in a more worker and environmentally friendly way, but that’s a discussion that should be had held with all of the stakeholders in the class including the builders, all of them. In the meantime, these boats should be taken back and the buyers’ monies refunded. An institutional buyer can probably be found for these boats who can benefit from their strengths and not affect the other participants in Class racing. Hopefully the builder is willing and able to make this happen.