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  1. rogerfal

    where is it?

    Yep I got it. HISC Laser Two I feel like a sado now
  2. rogerfal

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Apologies The starboard tack boat is an obstruction. Be good to see some overhead footage to get a better perspective of what actually happened including the build up.
  3. rogerfal

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    @Cristoforo Get a rule book. I'm happy to discuss another day. PM me if you like.
  4. rogerfal

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Hmm When did the overlap with Velsheda become established? Would not Velsheda need to give Svea room so Svea could avoid Topaz? Conjecture aside strikes me none of us are fully aware of the facts (including the build up to the incident) and perhaps the rules...………!?
  5. rogerfal

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Scroll down
  6. rogerfal

    Is this the Figaro III?

    Different type of sailing too - Figaro % wise will spend more time sailing up-wind compared to the IMOCA. An interesting and exciting development for me as a spectator.
  7. rogerfal

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Fair play. Apols - it just amazes me the amount of people who have posted saying the jury got it wrong and the bleating about the penalty. Speaking broadly about what keeping clear is and how much room is enough room is very condition and boat type dependent as I'm sure you appreciate. Cheers
  8. rogerfal

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    WOXI fan boys are still in denial - very boring. Says much about the human condition!
  9. rogerfal

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Freyja look like they've dropped the hook for a rest. I haven't heard that anything is amiss.
  10. rogerfal

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Apols if this has already been posted.
  11. rogerfal

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Yes - a bit arbitary. Clearly to penalise such that position is not lost is no penalty. Beyond that I don't have a clue. Guess that's why I'm not an IJ. I do however think the given penalty is adequate.
  12. rogerfal

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Question about how 60 mins was arrived at.
  13. rogerfal

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Yes he is if he believes a rule has been broken. Top of Page 11 in the Blue Book (my emphasis) SPORTSMANSHIP AND THE RULES Competitors in the sport of sailing are governed by a body of rules that they are expected to follow and enforce. A fundamental principle of sportsmanship is that when competitors break a rule they will promptly take a penalty, which may be to retire. The copy on board WOXI must have been eaten by moths. Yep get that but am not 100% on enforce means must protest though for sure I understand you pointing out the inference. Am wondering how that impacts on a third party who witnesses a non contact infringement. I'll go do some reading.
  14. rogerfal

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    In which case apologies.
  15. rogerfal

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    A well known name who may or may not be an impersonator. Posted and rapidly hid it. If he is genuine and want's to come back he will.