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  1. Too late.. They needed to be nominated by 12/12...... or am I being single minded, dipping in Any ways sorry to be a kill joy if I am....... Some bleddy race though.
  2. Race experts are more interesting than the commentators (though even they can slip into BS - ref Dongf catching Mapf towards the end of leg two blah blah). I like the idea of them working from the info we see which may coincidently provide for the tracker moving up the priority list. Re the F1 analogy those teams are in a position to analyse the performance of their competitors as they stand alongside the track unlike this race. My view - Broadly don't change anything right now. We have a fantastic spectacle of two top teams going head to head although one is possibly better resourced when it comes to experience across the whole crew. Come the end if it goes to the wire I like to think they would both feel like winners especially if they remain a step ahead of the other five.
  3. Tactic for Charles. Open up the ingress points to keep the OBR busy bailing... Leading to a VOR/ VCA sanctioned boat mod - fitting Elvstrom bailers.......... Sorry
  4. Dongf n Mapf can't have done full stacks on the series of short gybes. Not enough time if 40+ mins is correct.
  5. They must be doing something like that bearing in mind 40+ mins was quoted up thread to execute a gybe. Settled down a bit now for the boats up front.
  6. Good stuff - any chance you can post a link with a full translation to English. As an aside interesting prog on BBC R4 yesterday and the language of the WWW. English about 60% followed by Chinese then Spanish. It also highlighted how much we miss because of our own language limitations. The French being very high profile in sailing is a case in point.
  7. Anomalies ongoing so we just gotta roll with it. It's a tool. A bit like don't blindly believe a boats instruments (not on the Sunbeam Laser) no matter how good your calibration. Always question.
  8. I got one taker. Any more? I thought if the cure took the first time they had a good chance of getting right back into it. Tough now. No AKZO DFL but I'd be happy to eat my hat.
  9. Mast break and track coming adrift (twice IIRC). Less luff curve on the 2017 mainsails so less mast bend required to flatten them.
  10. If Dongf are complaining about the analysis give by the race experts it adds nothing to what the teams are able to do for themselves with the resources they have available. Therefore I conclude Dongf are unhappy about the raw feed, the data that is coming off the boats and it's general availability. Difficult one as that is part of what makes the race far more interesting for us.
  11. Re 13.00 update looks like Dongf n Mapf might be getting a little rest. Some 60 NM without a gybe!