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  1. kea.nn

    Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race

    And web sucks on old surface pro3 now too. Was bearable 1yr ago, now takes 10min to 'load up' & refreshes not much better. So anyone else sorta given up on trying to be competitive.. i screwed up and ended up below the line way back @ Kerguelen Is, tried to recover, then just got a bit bored following the ice line & only been checking in once a day since - using the max 2 programs at time to set way in future changes. Too much work (7 days/wk)/real life stuff to pay much attention at the moment! Haven't even been able to go real sailing since Feb! Bloody AU/Victoria lockdown, then work. So now decided to try more northerly course (always wanted to visit Cambell Is) , suspect i'll be falling off the pace now. Side note - thks to TunnelRat for commentary & leader board , and YourMum for insights into the strategy.
  2. kea.nn

    Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race

    "kea.nn SA" is in for the race - haven't done a vr for what seems like a year, or more!