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  1. Herr Wizard

    PFD advice

    I have two Deckvests. The first one I bought was for racing/cruising on the Chesapeake and has the Pro Sensor. Never had an unexpected activation despite being in some very wet races. When I started to race offshore (bow) I bought the second Deckvest with the Hammar because I wanted the extra peace of mind that it wouldn't go off if/when I get creamed by a wave from behind as I'm on all fours at the bow dealing with a sail change in big seas...
  2. Herr Wizard

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    That's correct, the Ocean Signal MOB1 is AIS and DSC only. I carry the MOB1 in my Deckvest along with a hand-held VHF with GPS & DSC and the PLB1. For the MOB1 to work properly, the antenna would need to be out of the water long enough to get a signal out. Given the sea state, it's possilbe its range was significantly reduced. If it is properly integrated onto the bladder, it will automatically start once the bladder inflates. The Deckvest also has an integrated pylon strobe but it's rather small. The Deckvest bladder is a very bright yellow-green.
  3. Herr Wizard

    iRegatta - anyone use it, recommendations?

    Thanks for the info, Allen, sounds promising. I'll download StartLine and give it a go. Best of luck on your new project.
  4. Herr Wizard

    iRegatta - anyone use it, recommendations?

    The guy I race with is really into iRegatta but it tends to be more of a distraction to him, he spends a lot of time with his head in the iPad instead of steering the proper course. I have yet to see any performance benefit in our race results. StartLine sounds intriguing...I'm using the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact as my nav plotter/tactician processor (cobbled together a nice articulated RAM mount for it), is it worth learning to use it if the only offboard data I can provide is a bluetooth GPS signal?