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    j120 bobstay solution

    The problem we have had with a bobstay on a retractable pole on a J120 is that we cannot get sufficient tension on the bobstay to make the thing work. The pole extending blocks and tackle are not up the task of tensioning the bobstay on extension, and once the pole is deflected by tension from either the tack or the bobstay, the pole jams into the housing and locks up before the bobstay loads up. Rather than re-engineering the pole extension mechanism, we have opted to set the Code Zero on a shortened pole (not unlike Blur). The shortened J120 pole is sturdy enough to support the luff tension required without a bobstay (in our experience). With respect to tensioning the luff, we have found that there is too much friction in tensioning with the halyard. We looked into using a halyard lock, but we have found that we can do well enough by using our existing halyard and tensioning the luff with a 2:1 tackline. In order to make this work with a furler, the optimal luff tension needs to be achieved when the furling drum is inches away from the "U"bolt on the end of the pole at full tension. If there is too much space between the drum and the pole, the tackline twists and you have a problem (you cannot furl and you need to do a standard drop). Very happy to see Josh moving toward a J120. Great family cruising boat, and not a bad double-handing racer.