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  1. steelmadesteamer

    VPP calculator online

    Nice job, Golf! Got h'ever a question of route optimization factors. On the video FIRST route calculated is PALMA WEST. After You "forced" to calculate PALMA EAST it appeared that Route 2) is more time efficient. The question is why Route Planner made WEST passage as first priority? Shouldn't EAST passage to appear as a first iteration?
  2. steelmadesteamer

    New foulies?

    Would like to recommend PELLE PETERSON.
  3. steelmadesteamer

    Deal or no deal

    "Classic" Roger's 43ft can be also built there in Brazil @ starting US$ 290k or close to that.
  4. steelmadesteamer


    One of G4 (automated) seen in NZ in Jan., 2019.
  5. steelmadesteamer

    Is this what we have come to?

    With that schedule You still have at least 2 minutes to save in favor of more time pure sailing !
  6. steelmadesteamer

    Is this what we have come to?

    IMHO those "ancient"" times sailor were building/buying seaworthiess+speed , while nowadays people are buying living area/volume in sqf/cum per inch of the boat length. Approach has changed thanks to a well developed ""common sense": why to pay more for a less living and entertainment area.
  7. steelmadesteamer

    Is this what we have come to?

    Atlantic? Otherwise more pics, please!
  8. steelmadesteamer

    A cat trailer

    Aren't they German (now)?
  9. steelmadesteamer

    M 80 Kit is Undercoated

    Great job! Guess You will have some followers in the (geographical) area You could not expect (!) At least your link is there and was met/seen with delight!
  10. steelmadesteamer

    Best out of the box French Cat

    Why just French? New one can be built in Spain, Italy, (even Tunisia). Pre-owned built in Italy, Spain, China, Poland, SA, Vietnam, Chile, UK can also be found there in the Med.
  11. steelmadesteamer

    Dragonfly 40

    All who wants real 20 kn tri are welcome to PM for a LINK to the Owner/Builder of his 2015 built swing wings 10-meters epoxy/carbon 1,460 kg tri with solar panels, electric outboard, toilet, etc ... ... 1.95 m in salon for those of us who needs this height. ... @ a price 2.5 times less compared to shown above R50 numbers.
  12. steelmadesteamer

    Aluminium Cats, any opinions?

    Right, she was intended to sail also those seas well to the north from France.
  13. steelmadesteamer

    Aluminium Cats, any opinions?

    This 49-ft hard chine cat of 15+ ts displacement has 12 mm bottom / 10mm sides. Eur 800k as per 2014 building costs estimation.
  14. steelmadesteamer

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Can see 2013 built Lerouge-45 (6.75 tons empty) there in SEA at asking Eur 380k. Can contact the Owners and ask if their price has changed.
  15. steelmadesteamer

    Over the horizon

    If Soma is ready for Lerouge 45' design (south of 7 ts displacement, carbon mast/boom, seen 20+ kn) 2013 built, AWL-GRIP painted, 3 cabins layout, recently in SEA, we can try his offers to the Owner, who was asking Eur 380k year ago (and who knows if may accept lower level nowadays?) Dear Paul, i will check with the Owner and PM if positive.