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  1. MalahideGreener

    Weather Routing Apps on iOS

    Anyone got any recommendations for good weather routing apps on iOS? Don't mind paying for a decent one. Cheers
  2. MalahideGreener

    Crossing the Bay of Biscay

    Hi all, Just purchased a boat in Spain and starting to plan the delivery of the boat back to Ireland. I did a similar trip (from NW Spain) two years ago on a 40-footer and got caught in a nasty storm west of Lands End. I was thinking at the time that I wouldn’t want to be in anything smaller, so are there any rules of thumb or guidelines as to when is a good time to make such a journey? I know a lot would depend on the local short-term forecast but what’s the advice? Is planning to cross Biscay in mid-April too early or is it always a hairy experience, no matter what time of year? Cheers
  3. MalahideGreener

    Elan 333 vs Elan 37

    Looking for some advice. Having sold my boat, I’m now in the market for a replacement. I’ve long admired the Elan 333, but I’ve seen a couple of Elan 37’s advertised at a decent price. Anyone got any comments on how they perform relative to their smaller sister? I’m mostly interesting in round-the-cans with the occasional long-distance race. Cheers.
  4. MalahideGreener

    Someone has been naughty!

    ORC Worlds and boats that sat strangely in the water, J-70 Worlds last year in Porto Cervo and keel-swapping, king posts...the list is getting alarmingly long.
  5. MalahideGreener

    Someone has been naughty!

    Oh dear. This is very bad news indeed if proven. You have to wonder if top-level sailing is akin to the Tour de France I.e cheating is widespread.
  6. MalahideGreener

    Live Racing Thread

    Yeah - I know now !!
  7. MalahideGreener

    Live Racing Thread

    It's still amazing me how a small gain or loss can translate into half a leg loss.
  8. MalahideGreener

    Live Racing Thread

    No - I signed up yesterday and had no issues.
  9. MalahideGreener

    Live Racing Thread

    50m gap becomes 400m - that's shocking.
  10. MalahideGreener

    Live Racing Thread

    Down to 6kts in that tack...
  11. MalahideGreener

    Live Racing Thread

    There's been a consistent theme here - ETNZ are fast, but are still making mistakes. They'll iron those out over the next few weeks.
  12. MalahideGreener

    Live Racing Thread

    Joey Newton sums it up - "you should never be early". He says its down to a lack of match-racing skills.
  13. MalahideGreener

    Live Racing Thread

    Woah - penalty to ETNZ !!
  14. MalahideGreener

    Live Racing Thread

    Som great close-up's of Outeridge using a grip on the wheel to adjust daggerboard trim...
  15. MalahideGreener

    Live Racing Thread

    Ohh - this could be close...