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  1. serialsailor

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    I think that by "fully retractable", Tripon meant that they get entirely out of the water, not that they retract all the way into the boat. I pretty much agree with raptorsailor's idea of what they will look like.
  2. serialsailor

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Analysis from Christian Dumard, "routeur". I'll let some other Frenchie take the time to translate this, i'm going out for dinner!
  3. serialsailor

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    So it seems like they of a "dorsale" that makes them arrive at the same time in the Cape whether they leave rio now or in 2 days. They basically can't go through it until it starts diminishing. Which explains why they are taking their time.
  4. serialsailor

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Article with anonymous sources ATLANTIC BREST. The Sodebo 3 U-turn: the Pros' explanation Largely in the lead after the successive stops in Brazil of Maxi Edmond de Rothschild in Salvador de Bahia and Macif in Rio de Janeiro, Thomas Coville and Jean-Luc Nélias, on Sodebo 3, turned back on Thursday afternoon. Rarely seen in offshore racing! Didier Ravon conducted the investigation. Faced with the storm on their course, Thomas Coville and Jean-Luc Nélias chose to turn back on Thursday evening "as a precaution". In 1976, battered by the terrible depressions that followed, Eric Tabarly on Pen Duick VI turned around, before changing his mind and winning his second English Transat. By looking carefully at the mapping, and also thanks to the incredibly reliable weather forecasts today, Sodebo's route from 3 to 180 degrees from the road to South Africa is being questioned. Considering its speed - more than 25 knots! - It's hard to imagine a technical problem, even if these multihulls have staggering performances, one rudder or one drift less. The routers are in full swing after 6,000 miles covered by average freaks! Severe depression then dorsal We therefore tried to find out more and interviewed eminent specialists, well-informed informants who did not wish to be quoted. We promise, we do not give our sources... but they are reliable we can assure you! [The Ultim Sodebo 3 is of course built to withstand the worst weather, but Thomas Coville has chosen to spare his horse in the South Atlantic] The Ultim Sodebo 3 is of course designed to withstand the worst weather conditions, but Thomas Coville has chosen to spare his horse in the South Atlantic. "In fact the weather situation is interesting" says the first one: "If you look at the 7-day forecasts, you realize that if you leave Rio between now and in 2 days, you arrive at the same time in Cape Town. This is due to a solid ridge of ice that jams just north of the ice line and prevents any passage. » "In addition, a small snarling depression is mistreating the fleet on the night of November 14, and tomorrow, with strong northeasterly winds of 30-40 knots and heavy seas. » "So there are several options: one, you wait at the bistro in Rio for two days before leaving. Secondly, if you have minor damage but it could get worse, you also have a stand in Rio (which Macif did; N.D.L.R.). Three, you come back to wait for the friends to get away from the depression before heading south again. » "After all, we are at sea and ready to jump if things change. So we can see who has chosen what... To sum up, it's about being on November 18 somewhere on the approach to the ridge, in good shape and in good spirits for a new start after the fleet has been grouped..." The second expert does not say anything else but remains more measured: "Coville and Nélias, who have a little bit of experience (a good ten Cape Horn between them), have made a good decision as a sailor. Going into the hard with strong wind, cross seas and heavy swells was more than risky. Going back round, turning back to let the depression pass was clearly the solution. » The third, who totally agrees with this decision, does not mince his words, not without humour: "With these press releases from big companies that make the Pravda of the late Brezhnev look like a libertarian newspaper, we no longer know what to do...". It's said! What we are certain of on Thursday evening is that Atlantic Brest is back on track, and exciting. Translated with
  5. serialsailor

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Gitana has caught up with Roura (La Fabrique), currently 21th in Imoca. Pretty sick.
  6. serialsailor

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    The Transat and the NY vendee transat
  7. serialsailor

    Brest Atlantiques 2019

    Gitana team firing shots at the race direction by retweeting this quick translation "The organizers of the Brest Atlantic race are going to be crazy and will give the start tomorrow Tuesday at 11am to the four Ultims, Sodebo, Gitana, Macif and Actual, while the sea will be very dangerous for at least the first 6 hours. I hope there is no tragedy...."
  8. serialsailor

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Charal talks about having AIS problems (and apologise to Apivia for it because when you're the slower boat like apivia has been for the past hours, you're happy to have Charal on the ais to see their modding) Charal seems higher and faster
  9. serialsailor

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    Apivia doing 28 knts on marine traffic
  10. serialsailor

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    This is a "mauritienne" record time at the equator (7 days 2hours). The Jules verne record time at the equator is 4 days 20 hours. Joyon's record on the "mauritienne" on his old boat in 2009 is much easier to beat for Joyon right now than the JV is for Guichard and Spindrift, which explain who Joyon might have taken a average but good enough window (he has a much faster boat than he did 10 years ago) when Guichard is waiting for the best possible window.
  11. serialsailor

    Minitransat 2019

    He untangled his AIS from his windmeter. Don't worry it was hard to understand in french too, this person writes with a very metaphorical style.
  12. Looks like these go through the whole width of the boats. Short video on the FB page[0]=68.ARBRnoYXBjDI5xNyhJ9x5HHgplbMccdBv_6wpFKh36prBGlcwpavM1hzDtnQX2Wb82FdmWc3cBiWI2u28CHh6IW8IG4cJna9vAKLG0N3Smi7YyPMO7nLYOURy7XoZn3_9iZT9Mj5JKgNXozmiFr-oU621nPYhV3GjHP2DcxkfZoSDlWJtWXUrvVBiyqiClln7S72cSySU0FaFqGsIS8BqgTGfDZv2KSTyYkoUtTiDuArYQ1ULQshREy6ve6TY25Z-EZULhHATv6aBaGia8VZl9MQN_FjL4OgTQ-SCRb-hGhDvwCu81U I also found an article in danish that suggests that they lift 8 tons at 20 knots. (so less than the weight of the boat)
  13. serialsailor

    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    Nice video of MACSF (Isabelle Joschke) during the défi azimut
  14. serialsailor

    Défi Azimut 2019

  15. serialsailor

    New imoca boats

    Perfect conditions and the right sail choices/settings.Beyou and Pratt really have mastered it. They only get a few seconds of flight but it is beautiful. Just had an elevator on the damn thing and you're set.