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  1. us307

    rs aero

    Thanks so much Peter!! I sail a Megabyte, but so much of the controls overlap. Trying to go a little(a lot?) faster. Thanks, US307
  2. us307

    rs aero

    There is an Aero primer that Peter Barton narrates, but the sound quality is so bad I can't understand what he is saying. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could translate! Thanks!! US307
  3. us307

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    None the less, it would generate easily transmitted data, that isn't fudged by anyone. There will always be some problems with a handicapping system, no matter how you do it. At least, if you had an app that compiled the data and averaged it(them?), it wouldn't require some dear soul to do all the work. It would also be updated at some interval(automatically if you desired). We have about 20 boats that race from time to time. There really is only one OD fleet(J22), and only about 6 of them race each year. Of the rest, most times there is one or two of the same OD in a race. Still, it is a lot of fun, and you don't have to drive 150 miles to and again back from a race. There may be 5 of the 20 boats that are newer than 10 years old. I have one of the newer ones, and maybe the oldest one (42 year old International Tempest). As far as RaceQ's, if you look at the youtube videos, it helps. I run it on an iphone, no problem. Takes a bit of learning to set the race up, but it is all explained in the videos. Take a look at the Texas Centerboard Class. The seem to have a lot of fun and do a series of races. (I really need to take my dinghy and join them!!) US307
  4. us307

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    If simple to do, and complicated under the hood is best, then what is needed is a well designed app! The results could be transmitted to the organization for updating the variables. Almost everyone can use an app nowadays. RaceQs is a really neat app, and probably be adapted to do this with a little tweaking. You can use it to score a race already, and record it if everyone is running the app. Computers can make the complicated simple to do if some genius can design the right app.(that genius ain't me btw) US307
  5. us307

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    I'm sure this will provoke howls from those used to winning, but why not a handicap system based on individual performance? Similar to golf, or bowling, or indoor archery. If you win, your handicap decreases, if you lose, it increases. At some point, it is possible for everyone to win, and the good guys are continually challenged to get better. I know when I started racing it was very discouraging, but I'm stubborn to a fault. Many others just quit and try something else. Anyone know of a place where they sail this way? US307