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  1. "Abby Ehler and Andrew Cape to join Team Brunel" This is a great decision and may really help Brunel given the late entry. Poaching? Sure for there is talent, but there was no love found between Phil and Abby. Carry that for 27,000K and it might have made for a very tense boat.
  2. Would be curious to know what Burling is making in comparison to some female sailors who've done ocean racing and even a VOR. The idea that this sport is paying based on gender is asinine since you should be paying for experience first. It's been shown in the last Event that woman, as one whole crew put together a winning leg and they podiumed in-port. To even think to pay them less based on gender...stupid. Burling should be getting newbie pay since by his own statement he's got no ocean experience and Sophie should be getting a nice salary for hers.
  3. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. Those two went toe to tow in the first few races so I can see this match up and the duel continuing into the race. Brunel and TToP would help each other in ramping up speed. On a different note, I love Brunel's latest crew selection.
  4. For video...really hit the wow factor. For good sailing example, not even close. Hey, I was young, was prone to fly a hull on the cat, push the old pocket cruiser, but the day I threw two gennies (150,170) on a double forestay with a full main and tried to run downwind in 25-30....I stopped that shit. From one moment to the next I went from flying at the top of a wave to rolling 90 degrees and putting 2 feet of water in the boat. That wasn't exciting, it was stupid. Between the lack of main trim, the not dropping of a gennaker with a ratsnest of line, then watching as some released the sail so it had to get hauled in from the back....there needs to be some basic seamanship revisited or learned. I learned that keeping the boat flatter was faster (and more exciting, less scary) upwind. I learned that if you don't know how to trim a big sail in heavy breeze, it should not be up, and I learned that if you take stupid risks, the percentage of stupid things happening increases along with the potential for injury or death. Perhaps the next video might see this bunch of young bucks in a similar breeze, but sailing smarter and as exciting.
  5. I look forward to his interview when he steps off Capetown to Melbourne or NZ to Brazil. He won't quite have the RTW medal for his "other engagements", but i will be curious if his star power and talent will help Brunel, or hinder. It's been seen before that all the OD < 20 sailing at the top may not translate to big boat blue water sailing. Then I am no sycophant of a star, but challenge them to still meet the expectations.
  6. Been busy (new job) and I did see that. The teams are coming together.
  7. I can't argue, that is one cool boat. I'm not getting the foil thing as it relates to ocean sailing. I'd be curious on a study that shows how much foiling, totally in the air, is done when/if they did a long leg though the SO or when transitioning a TZ. I get speed, just can't get that excited when used in a RTW race (but that's me). Still a very cool boat. Almost looks more like space ship more than a sail boat.
  8. You perhaps never heard of the glass ceiling? Competence has nothing to do with who can climb the ladder when control of that ladder is held by one sex. As has been shown, when there is a female captain/skipper, females are included as part of a natural skill selection. If the VOR needs to impose a crew rule to get more women included, it would seem Mark sees the long term benefit of this, because down the road, there may be more females skippers, more female shore managers and he may not have broken the glass ceiling, but at least poked some good holes in it. Having a female OBR on Scallywag would be great fun. Not for attempting friction, but to capture the real emotions and frustrations as that boat would continue to struggle in last place. I feel a male would, without thinking, gloss over such moments.
  9. So perhaps a good decision. The Burling comment is interesting. I'm wondering what he brings to the able that gets him a slot, but allowed to not be part of the full crew. Perhaps next AC stuff? Glad the teams are taking time announcing, but man, the wait is always tough.
  10. Cryptic, but you think that whoever was too late to the game? That no team could pull it together, qualify(ish) and hit the start line in Oct? Couple here would differ At this point I'm "if it's there yeah, if not oh well' for the 7 starting will be exciting enough.
  11. Out of the piece Southerncross posted I find it telling that they do consider throttling back performance as a factor in safety. There is all this talk about dog this and pig that, and it would seem some of that was purposefully built in to ensure long term viability. 7 boats left, 7 boats finished so it seemed to work out. No one wins with a broken boat or broken crew.
  12. Did you get news?
  13. I find it fascinating that they are trying for a plug and play hull to cover what would seem to be two very different types of races. That is a bold idea. Would the interior also be different, accommodating one vs many? Since they have mock ups, would their now already be line, CAD drawings? That would certainly be telling and something to see.
  14. First, that is a pretty cool story about the first race. I applaud those sailors that will tackle this challenging event. It will be one to watch when it takes place and I hope I'm able to follow it. Now, given the comments found splattered all over this thread, a monohull one design full keeled boat with no foils, how boring will that be (not my view). Where's the competition, the challenge, the speed. Hell, most the kids these days won't bother as their attention span barely holds onto a foiling Cat doing 50. I wonder, will they have routing software or are they truly going old school on the whole fleet. I didn't read anything there. If not, then it truly would be something to watch/track an OD RTW race in a classic boat, basic wx, navigation, and wind vane. Pack mentality or best guess predictive and see what happens.