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  1. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    While I can rationalize the blackout of information on Vestas, does this have to extend to the fucking race. I swear, three articles on plastic, not shit about Thursday's practice race (which I figure SS photos are from) and for those of us who really don't like twitter, live video means shit. If the VOR want's to distract the the best option would have been live fucking feeds of Thursdays action. Hell, NASCAR spends three hours showing qualifying which is boring as paint drying. I have been watching/following this race from before leg one and there is one thing that has kept me focused and that has been raw content on a leg and in-port articles/racing. It does not cost them to post content of boats racing in-port and the ROI for showing close action pays back. Post a UTC time for a start, stream live on Facebook and place damn ads on the page. I am starting to agree with folks here that the leadership of the VOR has gone to hell since the one fucking way to get people away from talking about a tragedy is to re-focus on the whole fucking purpose of the event...racing. (And Jack, leave me alone. I'll be gone by leg 6)
  2. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    (sigh) When Vestas slammed into a reefed we got fairly close to real time news of the event. Why? One decent guess was that no one died in the first few moments and it was something contained within the VOR box of boats, competitors and officials. Now roll the clock forward to today and here we have something very very different. A racing sailboat had an incident with a local fishing boat and someone died. This is not within the box and it carries with it many more legal issues that aren't just related to colregs or RRS. That VOR is holding the cards close is understandable for a number of reasons; they have video, they are tied to the boats, they made the decision to race into a congested environment as Hong Kong without considering what may happen when high performance sail boats enter such a place. Right or wrong, they need to be cautious about information release for now it could be used directly against a skipper or crew. Do any of us know what happened moments before the collision? Anyone? Unless you were on the boat then saying "they didn't do this" or "they should have done that" does no service to the crew and but for a flick of the wheel we might have heard about a close call...not a hit. How would that have played. I doubt VOR will release the stern video, ever, and to Sailing Anarchy for posting on a front page the video of a critical or dead human being hoisted out of the water...really bad decision. However, if Hong Kong's version of NTSB is like the US, at some time the facts will come out and I do hope the VOR and all of us learn from that report. Bad things happen. We learn from them or repeat them. I'll bid my time to see if VOR figures that out.
  3. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Don't worry jack, I'm not staying. I'm hear only to express my support for those impacted by this event.
  4. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    What a tragedy. My heart goes out to the family of the deceased and also to the Vestas Team. This will forever be a memory that would like to forget. In regards to the investigation, it wouldn't surprise me that VOR has video of the collision. If not the direct hit, then everything after and add to that an OBR that would have been taking video/photos to document. The hows will eventually come out and I would not want to speculate any further on repercussions till all facts are revealed. The damage looks pretty bad, but potentially fixable. if they were able to get Vestas patched to spec I would hope they would be on the line. Tragedy happens, but it is a long way from now til then and short of Charlie pulling the plug himself, I feel it would be good for the crew to, in a way, get back on the horse. I hope they do. Years ago a fan watching a NASCAR race died when a car slammed into a fence spinning and throwing parts enough to kill. Granted, this fisherman was not a spectator, but as NASCAR changed some things to reduce the risk to non-participants, VOR could consider in the future not racing into busy, make the extremely busy harbors. Perhaps a finish line off the coast, guide boats that can keep up and warn other boats off. A sailboat going 20+ at night in a place swarming with anything that can float sets up the scene that just played out. I don't feel VOR or Volvo should pull out, but instead, make adjustments and relay that to the public so it shows they do care about safety, but that not everything can be known before hand. Eventually, boats will be repaired, hearts healed, lessons learned, and legal actions take place. I'll still be there come start day and still wanting to cheer teams on. Till then, I'll wait to see how much news comes out and pray for those affected.
  5. stormy petrel

    Well good for you.
  6. stormy petrel

    The OP has some valid points since the idea of sailing is to not introduce more oil into the environment (via an engine) and when you look at all these old plastic boats I see two problems to solve. One is getting rid of the waste. There could be much better processes in recycling old boats instead of letting them sink or 1000 year rot their way down in a boatyard taking up space. Stripped of all other parts, why have the hulls shredded down and perhaps reused in making roads (they do it with tires) or building materials. I would be okay if government even subsidized initial studies and processes with the intent of allowing commercial use without a high COE. Another is in construction and I found this article to be quite interesting. In summary, we can make Carbon fiber out of plants, not oil and if the price can be mitigated to that of a plastic boat, there is much greater advantage in making CF boats, lightness strength at the least and if it can be done from an environmentally better place this should be promoted. Humans have been poisoning this planet for some time now in the name of greed. Now that we see other avenues in how to make things that have less negative impact on the planet, it is disingenuous to dismiss new ideas simply because "Well, oil rules, suck it up snowflake". Instead industry coupled with government can open new industries, news ways to feed the greed that helps rather than hurts our world. I applaud the OP for starting a conversation for it certainly got me thinking.
  7. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Valid point in regards to Witt. Not so much using it against, but as a reminder to not go back to that type of thinking again. I can certainly say all is fine as well. The race goes on.
  8. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    I'll just lay this one here for a moment I'm still trying to figure out how he got 8 crew with only one woman aboard. Akzo I get, but did he pull out of the dock saying "Did I forget something?" as the second social experiment runs down the dock screaming wait for me? Sure, it was a compliment.
  9. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Well, based on the fuzzy tracker that may or may not accurate they toook the same line as Vestas and if it t'were so, then Mapfre is really in the bad. I'll go with the fuzzy lines view and figure if they can turn around an imaginary point in the ocean, they can miss one as well close to home....unless they are that tired.
  10. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    I kinda thought you'd miss my humor...it is early. In this day and age, and given Europe's desire to show more sailing on TV, I would think someone is broadcasting, either Youtube live...something. I know there has to be boats out there already (dear god, please get out of the way of the VO65 folks). Alas, as life takes me away from the action I may aonly get to watch the repeats.
  11. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Oh, if only there was a way to actually have a camera on the water, showing us what is and not what we ponder it might be...Who could do such a thing for us poor land bound captains of fate.....hmmmmm
  12. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Short of a visual, the comment about channeling might mean there will be some decent pressure as they get into the river, assuming there is any breeze at all? I can see the wind shadow effect but if that little "gap" funnels wind then at least there is a chance to keep the boat moving. Looks like Vestas found some wind for they are moving good at the moment. (fingers crossed)
  13. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    This looks like the negative image of the start of this race in terms of weather. There may be many more tacks in the bag for Vestas before their day is done.
  14. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Good to know....I guess Charlie took it wide then for there was almost a .32 separation on the tracks at that point. Can't be too careful around those red boxes.
  15. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Rut Ro George I remember last race, I think it was out of Newport we had controversy over did they, did they not in a similar cut the corner moment. Hoping this is just the inaccuracies of the display, although....it's showing live so points should be much closer.