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  1. Fair enough. Corum looks like a nice little boat!
  2. DO it hoppy! one question - why are you looking at forum over the other 36 called maximumm I believe which is 30k cheaper...?
  3. I see your boat Hoppy was out of the water for a survey... end May be in sight and new boat on the horizon!
  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but did Hick design and sail on Avalanche? The converted F40 which was going to do Hobart last year???
  5. This is the TC which did the Hobart around 2003 Hoppy.
  6. Next Level

    Buying a boat without a broker?

    He 100% didn’t read the OP
  7. Not happening... it’s been listed at that price for quite a while now. Going nowhere
  8. Hoppy, there is a person on the Facebook group ‘sailing Australia exchange - buy, swap, sell’ asking if anyone knows of a Jeanneau sun odyssey 40 for sale. Your boat was mentioned.... FYI
  9. I think you’re right 3r. We were tied up next to them before the Hobart and then ended up finishing at a similar time to them. Nice looking little boat.
  10. I love the look of those Kerr 33s! Nice interior but aggressive hulllines. If only I had 250k to spend on a 33 footer!
  11. Funny looking Farr 40. It’s one of those Adams Farr 40s going round ..... dafuq!
  12. Elliot 10.5 - kick for sale.
  13. For 100k, you would buy a 38 over that POS!
  14. Hoppy have you looked at the comparison between polars of the T980 and M32? Obviously the latter would be quicker but it would be interesting to see how different..:
  15. Next Level


    Wedgetail is an awesome boat! Would be a sweet boat to pick up .