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  1. Next Level

    Which TP52 would you buy?

    M3 was at the CYC a few weeks ago. They’re waiting on a new stick. Something about the insurance..blah blah blah..
  2. Next Level

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    See above ⬆️
  3. Next Level

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    35 boats already entered for Hobart according to the website... not bad for the few days of being open.
  4. Next Level

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    That’s a shame. It’s part of the Hobart race history after so many races.
  5. Next Level

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Which 34 footers Duncan?
  6. This 1020 was a regular in some of the east coast cat 2 races in the early 2000’s..
  7. Does anyone know what the story is with the beach ball ‘envy’ on ?
  8. Next Level

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    When is this happening?
  9. Next Level

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Thanks. Didn't last long...
  10. Next Level

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

  11. Next Level

    Wet weather gear

    I'm a big advocate for smocks. I have 3. One dry smock with latex seals on neck and wrists for the gnarley shit! one normal dinghy smock for the warmer days and then the offshore Zhik with velcro closures for any offshore races. ....and yes, any changes to layers on deck requires the harness to come off briefly before changing.
  12. Next Level

    Wet weather gear

    I think you will be wanting a hood for races like Hobart. It’s nice to cover your face when sitting on the rail in the wet stuff. I had a MPX smock but recently swapped it for the Zhik Isotak 2 smock. Similar products but the Zhik hood and face cover is much more robust.
  13. Next Level

    Dubarry Ultimate Boots Beware !

    After two pairs of Dubarry's soles falling to bits, I won't buy anymore of them. I contacted the Aussie rep a while back to ask for some help and all she could offer was a 20% discount on a new pair. thanks! Zhik's are the new pair and holding up well. My 2c.
  14. Next Level

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    I definately said charter up above. Can you still help me?
  15. Next Level

    Pukers United – For those that have

    Which promethazine drug in particular do you recommend? Avomine, Phenergen....?? Also, here in Aus, we have a million types of Sudafed. Is there a specific one you have used with great effect?? TiA