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  1. DrWatson

    Classy women sailing

    This story gets better and better. First, it was 5 people being flowing over to sail it back. Then I read somewhere else some other dickhead saying 20 people had to fly somewhere to sail it back, now I hear the whole boat's being flown back. Pretty soon, endangered rainbow-farting unicorns will have been slaughtered by the herd to make enough magic dust to beam the thing back through the quantum rainbow universe.
  2. DrWatson

    Show your boat not sailing

    Another shot of Firefly not sailing - this time in Lorient. Mid sept. Place was full of IMOCAs.
  3. DrWatson

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    He should also be on a list that prevents him from buying a pen. Anymore writing like that is sure to break the world...
  4. DrWatson

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    This thread needs more pics.
  5. DrWatson

    Show your boat not sailing

    finally, a pic of my boat not sailing....
  6. DrWatson

    What Tools and/or Materials Am I Missing?

    Clamps. All of them.
  7. DrWatson

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Ours splashed on Friday Just under 2 y from order to splash... we got lucky.
  8. DrWatson

    Sun Fast 3300

    Some said the same about the Pogo36 - but the more you see it the better it gets. I think it's more of a "challenges the norms" kinda thing. See something unexpected - and recoil... But the Pogo is definitely not designed to rate well as I understand it. Designed to sail and cruise and flip the bird at ratings?
  9. DrWatson

    Round New Zealand 2-Handed

    Upwind is not really the Pogo40s forte, and the SF3600 is considerably newer, no? Looking at the tracker just now, it must be damn light up around North Cape and you can see that the Pogo is getting killed! One thing I noticed was that if you look back and replay the tracker for the first leg of the race, Krakatoa II the Pogo40 was pretty much even with Titanium and Motorboat II at the front of the pack up until Cape Brett, whereupon I'm guessing it went light and the sticky starts to show. Both MBII and Titanium look to be pretty well kitted out, with MBII carrying 5 new sails, incl. new #1< after having just come out of a major refit. Don't know much about Krakatoa but maybe she's not carrying such a fresh wardrobe? Katana (SF3600) is likely also pretty well kitted, and seemed to do pretty damn well in the past. That prediction for weather looks like the whole country is facing armageddon...
  10. Long haul? Can't say, haven't been there yet. Coastal? Depended on the mood of the skipper (once, he quit smoking 1 day before so that was particularly unpleasant), or depends on the level of crew exhaustion. Round the cans? We used to have a couple of beers etc. then half way through the season we realised we were doing ok in the series and figured if we applied ourselves we might get there. After that, we were a dry boat until we crossed the finish line each race. Won the series. Cruising: Kids on board? Dry. Mates on board? Depends.
  11. Wasn't Speedboat/Rambler 100/Loyal deck stepped? I think also that Pogo 50s are deck stepped. Might be wrong though.
  12. DrWatson

    Brexit, WTF

    Brexit. One of the three dumbest things a country has ever tried to do in the last 250 years. the other 2 are: 1. Starting a ground invasion of Russia in Winter. 2. Attempting a ground invasion of Russia in Winter.
  13. DrWatson

    Royal Huisman Flip

    Seems fine, boat still got launched, lol.
  14. DrWatson

    How many lines are on your boat?

    27 from memory come back to the cockpit... 4; main, spin, Jib, stays'l - halyards 7; 1 main, 2 jibsheets, 2 stays'l sheets, 2 code 0 sheets 4; 3reefs, 1reef downhaul 3; cunn, vang, outhaul 4; floating sheet leads 1; stays'l cunn 1; spi tack 2; pole in/out 1; jib furler 2?; (continuous) code zero furler 2?; traveler also continuous. Shit that makes 31...