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  1. DrWatson

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Slightly more changes than Grandad's axe...
  2. OK that makes a lot of sense. Still it looks like the entire fleet have died out there...
  3. Wow, it's turned to glass out there. Fabio Muzzolini in 2nd still has at least 26 miles to go, and current VMG is 0.7 kt.... Seems Tanguy was the only one who got in just ahead of the calm, the rich getting richer, massively frustrating and exhausting for everyone else still on the course.
  4. DrWatson

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Would also explain why they initially did pretty ok, and then in the last day or so got behind. Exhaustion sets in.
  5. DrWatson

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Yea, that would make it tough... I wasn't aware they were only two up.
  6. DrWatson

    Is elimination worth it? NZ

    your #3 is wrong.
  7. DrWatson

    Is elimination worth it? NZ

    Wow. That appears to be quite some right wing money driven bullshit you're pedalling there...
  8. DrWatson

    Where would you retire?

    France. Brittany. Not sure what the French Med is like. Auckland's nice but expensive and you're not going to get +20 once design boats on a startline.
  9. DrWatson

    Crew wanted

    Is this a general "wtf is that" thread?
  10. DrWatson

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    yeah, I dunno, maybe? For our 36, my wish list includes a really light air sail. Something huge and light to use upwind in 0-4 kts (and the A2, of course). I think Shaggy also got a light air asym, no? But I think you're on the money there in one aspect. The 12.50, 36 are not sold as raceboats. Pogo have specific boats they do sell as raceboats: a very cool class6.50 and soon a 4th gen C40. The 12.50, 36, 50 etc (and soon the 44) are pitched as performance cruising. And that's what they do very well. Some 12.50s have been used to great effect in racing also, but if you really wanna race, get a race boat. I think the 12.50 really hit the right point in the market. All those (predominantly guys) who want to go hard out would buy a class 40, but their wives and families would hate it because they're not really so comfortable for cruising, so you sacrifice a little performance and build a functional interior with functional headroom and make a still very fast boat that pretty much satisfies both parts of the equation.
  11. DrWatson

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    The Pogo that was sailed in the middle sea race spends a lot of time in charter. I don't know if the owner has a second suit of sails, but I suspect that if not, then the sails might have been perhaps already a little tired, additionally, it was one of the shortest boats in the fleet. There was a Pogo36 in the 2018 ARC as well, a group of guys from Argentina chartered her for the race. They didn't come dead last (but it's the ARC). Light airs performance: see pic - albeit at a pretty good angle. We can (almost) hit the polars, even when massively weighed down with all the cruising shit + enough wine and French food (in glass) to stock a well sized mansion. Below 3 knts TWS we're struggling a little, but our wardrobe is bog standard. We don't have an A2 (yet). In the really light, moving some crew forward helps us because we've got 100kg of ground tackle in the lazarette. I feel that we could go considerably faster in general by just off loading the cruising gear. Racing, you'd have to ask Pete, the owner of Ferox in SF. They seem to do OK. Pogos often killed in handicap racing; the lifting keel is deep, and in an open class race non-handicap across the line there will always be some bastard with a canter who's gonna beat you. My motto is simply, "have fun sailing fast" and this summer we smoked everyone we saw on the water - except a local in a Zen 32 who berths next to us, and sails pretty much everyday. He got a good shift and we sailed into a whirlpool exiting Brest (current there is madness). It'll be a few years before we do any racing, but I don't expect we'll be placing at the back of the fleet.
  12. DrWatson

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I'm hoping that in a few years, they use this thing to set a new coastal classic record...
  13. DrWatson

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    I tried to turn those pics in #203 but all I managed to do was duplicate them, now I can't edit. Can someone with the power fix 'em?
  14. DrWatson

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?