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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    I tried to turn those pics in #203 but all I managed to do was duplicate them, now I can't edit. Can someone with the power fix 'em?
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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

  3. DrWatson

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

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    Most egregious cheats?

    Two different races, Coastal Classic and a Tauranga race. Back end of the fleet, smallest boats. Second smallest boat, us, about 3-4 miles off the beach of Matakana island. Complete drifter. We see the smallest boat (theres a matter of a few inches between us), identified positively through binoculars, main only and making good progress close in, probably just outside the breakers... We finally make the finish, exhausted. And check finishing times. No mention of smallest boat. Prize giving next morning. Smallest boat takes prize as smallest finisher... with a self declared finish time faster than us. Given that the finish boat was still on station and recorded our finish time, it's kinda odd that they didn't see him cross the line... On the Coastal, we're again ahead, and the wind drops out. anchoring 1 mile from the line. Eventually, faced with an agonising wait and exhaustion, the skipper pulls the plug. We motor to the finish recording a withdrawn (DNF). Next morning, we hear that smallest boat motored over the finish some 6h after us having motored from Brett. Gets prize (considerable value) as smallest finisher... If you motor over the finish line, are you really a finisher? Even if you come last?
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    EPIC: Full Plane Bitches

  6. I read that the UK has performed some 38,000 tests, population 60M? Switzerland has performed about the same number of tests, pop. ~8M, Can't find those references anywhere (haven't looked again) so you may need to take that with a grain of salt, but still Will be interesting to see how the numbers play out regarding death rates in each country...
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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    and it's also Finot Conq why change a good thing, eh?
  8. It is true that it's impossible to calculate a mortality rate if you don't know the denominator. But your statement above also makes the assumption that you know the true numerator - which we don't. There are certainly people dying who were not tested for SARS-Cov2 - these people are those with zero access to health care, or those with no families to take them to the Dr when they are sick. The old lady living alone upon whom no one checks, the guy living under the bridge, and pretty soon it will be the thousands of people who have no health insurance in the US...
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    Costs for commissioning a new sailboat?

    My new boat. High performance bottom job; €1989 Transport, launch, mast stepping, rigging, tuning, electronic set up, commissioning all systems, sea trials, 10 days on the marina and whatever other support I needed from the factory guys (including additional ropeeyes at no cost for kiddy netting, and last minute booking a pediatrician); €3740 So for a Pogo36, in the water and ready to go including motor check and basically step on sail away set up; €6870 incl. tax. So that's about 7700 in your funny foreign money It's not a 40 footer, but its a huge 36 footer.
  10. I think there's an important difference between beds/1000 pop. and acute care beds/1000 pop. In Switerland (2014 WHO values) 4.68 beds per 1000 2.91 acute beds per 1000 Source: WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2014 Can't find any newer numbers so quickly. But importantly, the question is, in the absence of a coronavirus outbreak, how much of that capacity is full anyway? Lastly, At least here in Switzerland, most people seem to have complete faith that the emergency hospitals, i.e. those run by the military and hidden away in bunkers under parks and in the mountains will cope. I'm not so sure myself... Anyway, in terms of affecting my sailing, we still have plans, but it's possible the elderly who were to care for our young children while we pissed off over the horizon will not be doing so...
  11. Yeah so the cost of testing here in Switzerland is less than $200 ... see the problem there? The "for-profit" health system in the US is gonna do no one any favours on this.
  12. Indeed, it's hard to be sure what's happening in the un-confirmed population. Are they not being tested through a lack of access or a lack of giving a shit? Where people have access to testing, if they're suffering respiratory failure they will surely be tested. Those without access will simply not be tested and will die of acute respiratory failure of unknown aetiology. Interesting that some countries are showing infection rates orders of magnitude below others w.r.t. population size...esp some that border China... Which is quite concerning because it makes a pandemic situation far more likely. And 3.5% of a few billion is quite a lot more dead people than 9% of a few thousand.
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    Word to the wise?

    Volvo D1-30 specs: http://www.darthaven.co.uk/userfiles/products/files/Technical data D1-30.pdf max intermittent heel angle =35° I'm guessing that's the angle at which the oil pickup in the sump is no longer able to pick-up - assuming a proper oils level in a warm motor. On my boat, you're not likely to be sailing in a terribly efficient mode if you're heeling that much.
  14. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-08/coronavirus-symptoms-explained-and-when-you-should-see-a-doctor/12024042?fbclid=IwAR30y2bWHC4yh1U8WnpeoAlBAL6FyReshXUltFrHDvhzUG828NSXt163nGU Quick fact check through your given reference says you didn't just go with the facts - particularly the bit now in bold "(estimated at 1% or less)" Numbers to date (10 march 2020, 13:38 UTC.) from WHO: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/685d0ace521648f8a5beeeee1b9125cd 113,672 confirmed cases 4012 confirmed deaths 3.53% overall death rate. Death rate in Italy is over 5%. Those over 80 have a high death rate, i read somewhere around 15%. This is primarily because many of those over 80 have other commodities - it's not just those who are immuno compromised. I'll find the reference soon and edit this post.
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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    top secret. I don't think there are any renderings on the web. I think you have to go to the yard and see whatever there might be to see.
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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    I wouldn’t call it stubborn. I’d say simply that they know their shit and they know it good. The sales woman used to race a class 6.50 and now through a funny deal of the cards races a different but very fast boat. She’s likely to beat 95% of you around any given course. The yard know their shit because they don’t just go to work and diva job, by TV they live sailing at a level most of us could only dream about. If you go to Them with a bunch of half baked ideas, they’ll carefully and patiently sort through them and ask you to justify them. and fair enough. Their experience is not to be easily dismissed. And as much as we all like to think we all know best and that our own experiences are tougher or whatever, it’s only once you spend a bit of time in Brittany that you really start to understand why it is that the French completely rule the iMoca and class 40, ultimes etc. Sailing is to Brittany what rugby is to NZ or gun violence is to the US. They live and breath it at a level that we could only hope to imagine. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they likely know what you need better than you do yourself.
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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    As far as I’m aware this is not a standard option and would really inhibit access to both the engine and the technical area under the cockpit. Additionally I don’t think there’s the space in that area to mount an effective heads. Were very happy with our wet locker. additionally I’m not sure that the centerline longitudinal (being the centerline wall) that the forward heads provide can be so easily done away with. If you want that layout I think you need to go to a larger boat ie the 12.50. Yes when we’re cruising bay hopping with friends we use the forward as the owner cabin. It’s only in the evening that guests might use the head while you’re there - blokes pee off the stern at night and the ladies are discrete using the heads. I prefer the setup we have because when we’re not with guests, which is much more often, then it’s more like our private suite. we’ve little kids so privacy ( true privacy) is a long Lost thing. were I to change anything I’d shift the main pressure pump to under the galley. Sure you’d add the weight of a couple meters extra pipe but your get the pump away from the bulkhead against which your pillow sits. NKE: we’ve the standard gps and compass, I think it’s adequate for our needs. But if I’d had a little longer to save I would have pitched for the higher spec stuff. Things still need to go past the purchasing committee and the capital expenditure chairperson....
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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Will look for a pic of the wet locker tonight. We left out the optional forward bulkhead. It makes the forward cabin more use able as it increases open space in that area. the bulkhead reduces it. I think the bulkhead was intended as a concession to those who will charter out their boat. There's a cloth panel that can be used to separate that area off from the bathroom annex. The boat still has a wooden interior, for looks and comfort. A lot of that timber could be replaced if one were so inclined. There could be some reasonable weight savings, but to be economically worth it, you'd need to do it yourself, which means being a bit good with vacuum bagging and mold making, and having th eballs to give it a go
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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    There are plenty of wives out there who might buy one for you, but they're probably someone elses... Standard Bimini (it's a boom tent) and boarding ladder are fine. Nothing wrong with them at all, we just wanted something a little different. Boat is pretty damn good and we (she) is pretty happy - our options incl: Carbon Mast and laminate Sail package Full NKE AP, 9"Zeus3, AIS + WiFi Lifting keel Vinylester hull Watermaker (yeah it's "heavy" but lighter than extra tankage) and we saved 30kg with the battery... LiFePO4 + Solarpanel Comfort mattresses and custom colour 3 cabin model but with a wet locker instead of the cabin furniture in the Aft Stb cabin, and no forward cabin door - just the sailcloth blinds. SprayDodger AnchorWindlass Beaching Legs Made the boat about 200 kg heavier than std. We're predominantly cruising at the mo, so the bit extra is ok - she's still fast, very fast, as a cruiser, but we're working on the weight reduction scheme now. I foresee some foam composite paneling being made in my future.
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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Yeah, it's another stop-gap solution. The aft poles are held in custom carbon brackets - and a Sunbrella boom tent has been commissioned to replace the wrong sized box-store tarp.. It's essentially a variation on the "official boom tent" of which there are various pics floating around the web (can't find any at the moment). Our setup is slightly lighter (brackets especially). Can't really complain
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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Hot water, 2 showers, working odour free toilet, bathroom door, endless fresh water, plenty of cold wine, comfortable bunks, good music and intelligent conversation = Lady friendly. Also, the lady pictured is the owner... Speaks five languages, earns 6 figures, is under 40, and can trim a gennaker better than most guys I know. Boarding ladder is a temporary measure until the carbon/kevlar one is ready. Certainly not a permanent fixture. Gangway. Dunno. on infinity they simply carry a plank that is lashed across the open transom when sailing.
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    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    Among her many talents, FIREFLY is lady friendly ...
  23. I agree that it's not about having to fit a VHF. It's a principles thing. It's about the level of inconsistency, incompetence and arse covering. It's about a culture of safety based on box ticking rather than on actual risk assessment and competence. Just like wearing safety glasses doesn't make you safe. Sounds like you've tried a logical discussion based approach so now what are your options? Don't enter the races, quit the club and then go out every time they're racing, dog them around the course and call Stb on them at every opportunity, and generally impede their race using the colregs? Then go start your own club with blackjack and hookers.
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    Classy women sailing

    This story gets better and better. First, it was 5 people being flowing over to sail it back. Then I read somewhere else some other dickhead saying 20 people had to fly somewhere to sail it back, now I hear the whole boat's being flown back. Pretty soon, endangered rainbow-farting unicorns will have been slaughtered by the herd to make enough magic dust to beam the thing back through the quantum rainbow universe.