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  1. CorrosionX

    how it went down

    The size of that sacrifice (the decision to withdraw) just goes to show how classy the Pyewacket team is. One of the many reasons to love this sport! Hats off from @SecondStarRacing
  2. bowman going open toe or barefoot? Barefoot. Has since switched to those goofy rubber shoes that look like footprints. The OEM fairlead wasn't sharp, but the side of the block were sheets of metal. Hit it hard enough, and even a butter knife can cut. He's coming over tonight to watch the SMU (#8 baby, woohoo) basketball game with the wife and I. So maybe I should feed him a few beers and get him to sign a cocktail napkin or something.
  3. For whatever it's worth, speaking as someone who (tries to be) a responsible 40' racer/cruiser owner, and owner of a small (as in VERY small) maritime business. I'm in the process of renewing my policy for 2016, so I have the numbers right in front of me. Liability limit for each accident (bodily injury and property damage) is $500,000. Medical payments per person, each incident is $25,000. Pretty standard policy through Gowrie Group. So I would assume that's a solid, typical policy for a boat our size. I would honestly be pretty surprised if a 40-foot owner would arbitrarily pump up the standard/recommended insurance 3X to cover an incident such as this. As an aside, the only real injury we have ever had on the boat (knock on wood) was caused by the OEM fairlead adjustment block on the deck (was metal, now replaced), which split our barefoot bowman's toe open. He used e-tape for the rest of the regatta, then went at got stitches.
  4. I received tracking info but as of 4PM wednesday but no update on it actually shipping.

    My CC was charged. I was looking forward to having it for this weekend.


    Jim Masiero

    206 Justice Hill Road

    Sterling MA 01564