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  1. caption contest

    Looks like the bow team went a bit overboard trying to make weight.
  2. ACWS Chicago - June 2016

    It would be very difficult to criticize this event in terms of drawing eyes to the sport of sailing. We went Saturday and Sunday, and basically the south side of Navy Pier (facing the racecourse) was standing room only. We saw sailing friends from all over the country there. Had they sold any more general admission tickets, the crowd would have been obnoxious. As it was, it was very challenging to find a sport where my 5'1 wife could see the action. There were as many people milling around Navy Pier (grandstands, general admin, spectator boats, charter boats) as at mid-sized college football game. So realizing that a crowd estimate at an event like this can't be very scientific, I would not dispute 100K + attendees over the weekend. My only knock on the event is that they had inedequate representation of all the teams in the shops, and that there were long lines to even get in to fork over exorbitant $$ for the merchandise. But walking around the city itself, the event was well advertised with banners everywhere. We walked 12 miles around town on Saturday and saw sailing folks EVERYWHERE (as denoted by AC/team hats, shirts, jackets, etc.). I was impressed by the city and the way Chicagoans turned out to support the event. I have to believe that has San Francisco got behind sailing like Chicago has, we'd be going to San Francisco again rather that watching the Bermuda AC on the tele.
  3. bowman going open toe or barefoot? Barefoot. Has since switched to those goofy rubber shoes that look like footprints. The OEM fairlead wasn't sharp, but the side of the block were sheets of metal. Hit it hard enough, and even a butter knife can cut. He's coming over tonight to watch the SMU (#8 baby, woohoo) basketball game with the wife and I. So maybe I should feed him a few beers and get him to sign a cocktail napkin or something.
  4. For whatever it's worth, speaking as someone who (tries to be) a responsible 40' racer/cruiser owner, and owner of a small (as in VERY small) maritime business. I'm in the process of renewing my policy for 2016, so I have the numbers right in front of me. Liability limit for each accident (bodily injury and property damage) is $500,000. Medical payments per person, each incident is $25,000. Pretty standard policy through Gowrie Group. So I would assume that's a solid, typical policy for a boat our size. I would honestly be pretty surprised if a 40-foot owner would arbitrarily pump up the standard/recommended insurance 3X to cover an incident such as this. As an aside, the only real injury we have ever had on the boat (knock on wood) was caused by the OEM fairlead adjustment block on the deck (was metal, now replaced), which split our barefoot bowman's toe open. He used e-tape for the rest of the regatta, then went at got stitches.
  5. I received tracking info but as of 4PM wednesday but no update on it actually shipping.

    My CC was charged. I was looking forward to having it for this weekend.


    Jim Masiero

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