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  1. M26

    1000 Daze at Sea

    And there was a third group, whose interest was entirely malevolent: a group of commenters posting on a website called Sailing Anarchy. The website caters to racers, the kind of hard-core weekend sailors who compete in regattas and fetishize sleek, expensive modern craft. On the site, they’d scoffed at Reid’s mission, posting on a message board that eventually reached nearly 30,000 comments. At the beginning, one commenter wrote, “100 days would be a stretch.” Later, one wrote, “He dead yet?” They ridiculed his voyage as not sailing but floating, a kind of “nautical pole-sitting.” One commenter, who called himself Regatta Dog, became particularly, disturbingly obsessed. He dug up old court papers and posted them online, including a report that Reid once owed over $11,000 in child support to Viva’s mother, as well as Reid’s federal conviction for pot smuggling in 1993, for which Reid spent nine months in jail. Regatta Dog even tried to find out Soanya’s return flight to JFK and meet her at the airport for an ambush interview on video. But he got the wrong info, so he simply walked around the terminal asking other befuddled passengers about the lunacy of a 1,000-day sailing voyage, then posted that clip on YouTube.
  2. M26

    “ Down Below “ Sailing Yacht

    Stop watching reality shows, maybe it helps....
  3. M26

    Mini-Transat La Boulangère 2020

    huey you gotta stop using internet explorer...
  4. Compared to Rimas these two have A LOT more chances.....
  5. the gal has lungs of steel!
  6. M26

    Elan Sailboats

  7. But we didn't miss you.....
  8. M26

    No love for Cape2Rio?

    Yeah I tought it was probably something like that being the favourite for the race. At the moment is the only ocean race to folow AFAIK.
  9. Maserati leading. What kind of a boat is the VPLP 80 Love Water? Can't find any pictures... But it must be a beast to keep up with the turboed MOD. https://yb.tl/c2r2020
  10. we just recently bought a mini. the one on the fb profile is a 26ft buoy racer that we raced here and there doublehanded, but it was a boat that required people on the rail to sail to it's potential. Yeah I guess a mini is a pain in the ass on short buoy courses. But at the end of the day for me are the long downwind runs that counts and make me sleep good at night mini_down.mp4
  11. M26

    Buying Mini650

    Hey! Yeah it is a nice boat indeed. Well taken care of over the years. A serie would be a better option, but this one was close to our location. When we went to see it it was (toxic) love at first sight. So friday we splashed her and did a 24 hr transfer to her new home. All went good. Now we have a lot of new things to learn and get familiar with the boat.
  12. M26

    Buying Mini650

    Fuck me! Tomorow we're going to pick up 508!