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  1. M26

    Front Page - scotw

  2. M26

    SCOTW Pick Offends the "Sea Gypsy"

    MAKE HER THE NEXT SCOTW!!!! With a nice little caption only Ed can come up with.....
  3. The latest hot fresh info from Vietnam (source Volunteer Vietnam FB) ''He is still at The Social Support Centre-there has been no information from the US embassy or Vietnamese re his return to the states.R u able to help him.Yes,he has been stuck there for some months-no phone or internet,lost his papers apparently.Did a guy called Carlo inform you?? Im not sure as I’m not Vietnamese or American.But I would imagine he needs identification papers-maybe you can contact the American embassy & tell them his story,& see if they are aware of his circumstances.He is in good health he said-& well fed,but powerless. He did give his details to a young American who was visiting the centre & he was going to contact someone in New York (I think re his story) '' #bringrimashome
  4. M26

    The world needs more 69, snowflake time

    and everybody at the club just wached the drunken guy shouting at the kiddo?? Then you need some guts and not rule 69....
  5. M26

    what is it?

    You're the wanker....
  6. M26

    never fuckin' mind

    When do you start to worry about ear hair?
  7. M26

    never fuckin' mind

    Pills? Yeah pills, are you afraid? No, but, pills are for women, men drink beer!
  8. Why Gabart, Josse and Bertarelli didn't compete? Meanwhile Coville back in the lead... He sure has a better boat...
  9. TEAM VENDÉE FORMATION also dismasted in 30-40 kts of wind... looks like carnage out there....
  10. M26

    Bitez Moi

    just to wax the sides 900 is OK, if it included also the deck structure, then it was a cheap offer....
  11. M26

    what is it?

    my toughts too at first sight...
  12. M26

    what is it?