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  1. M26

    Buying Mini650

    Racing it for fun in open class. Do some regatas with mini divisions etc.. For sure not getting stupid handicap certificates. I hate that shit.
  2. M26

    Buying Mini650

    North Adriatic
  3. M26

    Buying Mini650

    Hey! So I decided to sell my 26ft club racer and swap for a used mini. Price range is up to 20k €. I konow I cant get much for that money, but still.... So, all of you frenchman here, do you have something to suggest? I would love to get a Pogo2, but in my price range it's going to be a bit hard I guess. Any toughts on #778 Lombard zero? Any comment will be much appriciated!
  4. M26

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    https://www.sailingrecord.com upload your gpx tracks here and let's make a stop to BS talk
  5. Yes, he and Zennaro are running the show.
  6. btw CQS is also here... looks like these old giants come here to earn their pension
  7. They plan to retrofit her... And do all the 4 classics in one year. Not sure if it will be money spent good tho.
  8. You really are a lonely boy.....
  9. M26

    Bad skippers, slow boats...

    I ask myself the same question. So or my crew don't notice that I'm a bad skipper and that the boat is slow or they just keep quiet because we are friends and have a ton of fun on and off the water
  10. M26

    Fduck Foiling!

    Be harmless. Bother none! Leave all better for being!
  11. M26

    I may need an LA based Good Samaritan.

    That was probably the party gurl talking....
  12. M26

    Crossing Biscay in September

    How many miles west of Finisterre is usually enough to avoid the acceleration zone? We plan to stop in Cascais if everithing goes well.
  13. Hello! So I'm in for my first Biscay crossing. Depart is September 10th from Les Sables d'Olone and then all the way to Croatia. Any tips for the crossing? Cheers!
  14. M26

    Best Offshore Boat Ever?

    Pier Pressure and Mimsy