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  1. frant

    Aluminum "zincs"?

    The aluminium anode will contain approx 0.02% Indium in the alloy. This is known as an activation addition which makes the normally insoluable oxide film soluable, therefore exposing fresh aluminium for oxidation and so on. Of course there are many trade secrets hidden behind the actual nominal compositions so all anodes are by no means equal. Was thinking in particular of the Yanmar Saildrive leg with a stainless steel insert because admittedly many shaft anodes do not have a cast in insert and do rely on the bolt connection. Also in my previous post the capacity for aluminium/zinc should read mAhrs/gm not mA/gm
  2. frant

    Aluminum "zincs"?

    Not so daddle. For an anode of equal volume, say a Saildrive leg anode, the electrochemical capacity of the anode will be V (cm3) x 2.75 (g/cm3) x 2500 (mA/gm) the equivalent volume zinc anode will have capacity V (cm3) x 7.1 (g/cm3) x 780 (mA/gm). Ie the aluminium anode has approx 25% more electrons available. In practical terms the aluminium anode is slightly more electronegative -1150mV vs Ag/AgCl ref electrode vs -1100 for zinc which results in a slightly higher current output for the aluminium anode resulting in a similar life for both anodes although it is possible that the aluminium actually has a shorter life with higher current output. Both materials will be cast onto a steel core with a resistance between anode and core being micro ohms so no damp issues. I don’t know where the advice not to use zinc in brackish water arises. I suspect that it may be the Saildrive leg marketing department. We have supplied thousands of tonnes of zinc anodes for saline mud and brackish water applications and in place of magnesium in low resistivity soil applications.
  3. frant

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Ss I am sure that you don’t mean to imply that anyone who takes to sea treats the ocean as an enemy. I am sure that we all treat the ocean with due deference as almost a “higher” being. I personally have always paid homage to the sea gods. A hard task master perhaps but never enemy.
  4. frant

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    And women were only good for carousing with. Also it’s no longer pc to say seaMANship. It is henceforth to be referred to as “non gender specific ability, related specifically to marine activity, (those who are differently abled are not to be discriminated against)”
  5. You been around to my house? Cause it ain’t mine anymore after the family court had its way. If you were around there then I reckon you might have added to your one lousy goat experience.
  6. Had my laptop and identity cards stolen a while ago. Police recovered my “identity” during a drug bust on an ice ring. Looks like my private onboard photos off laptop were hacked as well.
  7. Strict rule on my boat. Deck shoes and clothes or stiletto heels and naked. No exceptions.....well maybe.
  8. My gf is much wetter than a VO65. And fuck you, you can’t see her tits.
  9. frant

    Laser mast step repair

    I am with Major Tom. A repair to an existing laminate is essentially "gluing" a patch on with the patch being moulded in situ. Polyester resin has a relative adhesion of 1 to existing polyester (but significantly less than the chemical bonding of original laminate) , vinylester an adhesion of 4 and epoxy an adhesion of 10. Given that the repair surface inside the laser will be poorly prepared and waterlogged the use of epoxy will have a significantly greater strength possibly approaching or exceeding the original laminate strength. My rationale anyway. With maststep repair I reckon that a substantial fillet of thickened epoxy is substantially stronger and much quicker and easier than layup using resin and chopped strand,
  10. frant

    Laser mast step repair

    Spoonie I recently fixed a laser of same vintage that had been previously repaired by simply filling the mast hole with polyester resin. Cracks had developed around the edge of this “plug” and the mast had worn substantially through the bottom front of tube. My initial repair with intention of avoiding an inspection port was to crack out with a long chisel the brittle plug and redo a similar repair using a few discs of cloth in base and a layup of cloth over the front wear section. All with epoxy resin and a vacume on the hull to suck resin into the gaps. That repair was unsuccessful so I had to cut an inspections n hatch. I found that there had been a big air hole in the goop in the maststep and the goop had become soggy and could be pulled out with a pick. Completely removed the goop in that fashion and reasealed around the base with a thickened slurry of epoxy for a completely tight repair. For an old beater just stick in a hatch and do similar. For a good boat if the hole is cut carefully it can be glued back in the hole and the deck tread gelcoat repaired for an invisible job. my current boat no 208343 was bought for $250 as an insurance write off and justified invisible repair work to the deck.
  11. frant

    A case against colored lines?

    But don't you just hate it when someone drops the kite in the drink instead of blowing the mainsheet.
  12. frant

    what is it?

    I think that February might be the new April given that today is the 1st.
  13. frant

    Food drop to Deal Island

    Try asking same question on Seabreeze Sailing forum. Could also try if you can identify any boats at Refuge by AIS on MarineTraffic or similar but then how to contact them remains a question if not in radio range.
  14. frant


    I have been using the Micro Compass on my laser since Jan. I find the tactical function to be most useable. I like the adjustable resolution in tactical mode and adjustable tacking angle gives an easily memorised picture of what is going on wrt wind direction. Have you considered including these features?(as well as a start timer function) Admittedly I have not used the compass heading only function other than to check start line. All of my comments are referenced against previous use of a magnetic tactical compass.
  15. frant

    Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Poor old Laser Performance. Now they are blaming the loss of Hollywood Boulevard on them.