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  1. Laser mast step repair

    Spoonie I recently fixed a laser of same vintage that had been previously repaired by simply filling the mast hole with polyester resin. Cracks had developed around the edge of this “plug” and the mast had worn substantially through the bottom front of tube. My initial repair with intention of avoiding an inspection port was to crack out with a long chisel the brittle plug and redo a similar repair using a few discs of cloth in base and a layup of cloth over the front wear section. All with epoxy resin and a vacume on the hull to suck resin into the gaps. That repair was unsuccessful so I had to cut an inspections n hatch. I found that there had been a big air hole in the goop in the maststep and the goop had become soggy and could be pulled out with a pick. Completely removed the goop in that fashion and reasealed around the base with a thickened slurry of epoxy for a completely tight repair. For an old beater just stick in a hatch and do similar. For a good boat if the hole is cut carefully it can be glued back in the hole and the deck tread gelcoat repaired for an invisible job. my current boat no 208343 was bought for $250 as an insurance write off and justified invisible repair work to the deck.
  2. A case against colored lines?

    But don't you just hate it when someone drops the kite in the drink instead of blowing the mainsheet.
  3. what is it?

    I think that February might be the new April given that today is the 1st.
  4. Food drop to Deal Island

    Try asking same question on Seabreeze Sailing forum. Could also try if you can identify any boats at Refuge by AIS on MarineTraffic or similar but then how to contact them remains a question if not in radio range.
  5. prism

    I have been using the Micro Compass on my laser since Jan. I find the tactical function to be most useable. I like the adjustable resolution in tactical mode and adjustable tacking angle gives an easily memorised picture of what is going on wrt wind direction. Have you considered including these features?(as well as a start timer function) Admittedly I have not used the compass heading only function other than to check start line. All of my comments are referenced against previous use of a magnetic tactical compass.
  6. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Poor old Laser Performance. Now they are blaming the loss of Hollywood Boulevard on them.
  7. justice

    What an opinionated load of drivel!!!! Line 7 This is surely your opinion not fact. In actual fact according to you it is a tautology as a Penalty is by definition a Punishment. Line 6 Minimum Penalty was (most probably) a 720 or 5 min penalty. Had the jury imposed the 5 minute minimum Penalty/Punishment (or anything less than the 27minute winning margin as a penalty ) then the argument would rage on. Otherwise I totally agree with your OPINION that the penalty was just.
  8. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    So I think we can agree that the C v WO protest was a classic Port and Starboard. Port tacks too late to “keep clear” of starboard, invoking an infringement of tacking rule. The other classic case is port does nothing and a T bone results.
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    That would be shaking out a reef
  10. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    No 100 ft boat is a 30 metre boat. 1 knot is 0.5 m/s. 10 knots is 1 boat length per 6 seconds. You are factor 10 out.
  11. you make the call

    Don’t know why this went to the room. Port has clearly made an error of judgement and not given sufficient room . Port should have retired or done turns and offered to pay for the new spinacre. Starboard continue racing. Contact was incidental and minor in the scheme of things that damage did not prevent stb from continuing with race. Alternatively have a female crew from each boat have a chinwag to resolve the issue.
  12. Laser Wood Blades

    Trouble is there is always someone who will sharpen the end of the stick and go for the eye poke.......not in spirit of rule at all.
  13. Laser Wood Blades

    ...all interesting in a blahblah sort of way, and more focus on the Rule26 event I was referring to, but seems like you missed a couple of relevant details..... Lainey, did dis-allow my boat from the vancouver event, but WHY?... she made it clear that she was acting under instructions from YOU that my rule 26 boat not be allowed to sail. The only specific reason she gave was that the rebuild used different materials than were involved in the original build, she specifically mentioned epoxy and paint. So there you were, a class officer of some sort, taking a view of my boat, making some sort of decree, 'went to bat' as you say,,, but you didn't take the opportunity to take a close, objective look at the boat in question! The next event, you're 2500 miles away, and have someone else do your strange bidding,,,, applying a totally wrong interpretation of rule 26! I have no regret to say I had done an extensive rebuild and refinish on the boat. I was proud of it. I would have been happy to let you see the boat,open the ports, check weight and stiffness etc. I felt that the boat complied with rule 26 in every way,,.shape, characteristics and function...... until your ridiculous absentee interpretation of rule 26 was passed to another class officer to enforce. In retrospect, I wish I had stood up to such a stupid ruling and asked for a proper investigation by properly qualified class officers rather than complying with the request, but I guess I was already moving on to other funner 'games' as you call them. Soooo, whether it be your ridiculous behavior as a class officer, or the fackwad slam-dunk tack in the first leg of the first race of a major regatta, you shouldn't at this point expect me to look at you as anything other than the cowardice, braggart, loudmouth that you are. I'm certainly not bothered to bring up your ridiculous interpretation of rule 26 in a thread like this., it actually seems rather appropriate. Rule 26 Repairs and preventative maintenance to the sail, hull, deck, centreboard, rudder, mast, boom or any fittings and fixings may be carried out without violation of these Rules provided such repairs are made in such a way that the essential shape, characteristics or function of the original are not affected. Sounds like you guys need to let the past go. In AUS we had rumours of blokes popping hulls apart and adjusting mast rake and stiffness of hulls etc. The Laser "Spirit" if not class rules is quite specific on this matter. It is strictly not permitted and the perpetuators are run out of the class. Without going in to detail I would back the class executive on their ruling but let it go as ancient history.
  14. Laser Wood Blades

    Interesting, I am just in the process of repairing mast step on a 181k series boat that must have been used on a sandy beach by the previous owner. After three attempts to stop leaks without cutting a hatch I relented and yesterday cut a hatch hole and gouged out the defective bog from the mast step. Now what rake is presently in favour??? This boat is 3800.