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  1. Diamond Jim

    Cabin & Deck refurbish: old awlgrip over crazed gelcoat.

    I understand that Awlgrip topcoat is brushable but not buffable and that Awlcraft 2000 is buffable but for spray only. Is there an LPU paint that’s both brushable and buffable?
  2. Diamond Jim

    composite floor boards?

    PLywood is easy to make, but has limited life, as you’ve learned. I’d consider planks of a decay resistant solid wood like Teak and other tropical hardwoods will serve well. THey’re heavy. The cedars are decay resistant, lighter and less speedy. Alaskan yellow cedar, unfinished, would be my choice.
  3. Diamond Jim

    Thickened epoxy in a tube recommendations?

    Jamestown Distributors has a similar product, THIXO The goop in the mixer tube is wasted, but maybe the tube can re recycled by putting it in a pot of acetone. Anybody tried this?
  4. Diamond Jim


    We all start out ignorant. The important thing is to know it when we’re ignorant on a subject and to seek out information sources that will enlighten us. Forums like this and the http://forum.woodenboat.com/ are generally useful.
  5. Diamond Jim

    Keel Issues (Peterson 34)

    Drug smuggling?
  6. Diamond Jim

    Atomic 4

    The Pearson Alberg 35 has an offset companionway and was originally equipped with an Atomic four. I won’t soon forget the thrill of being downeast in Maine, having a nice fire in the cabin heater and smelling gasoline from a stuck float bowl. It was soon replaced with a diesel. In its defense, the A4 was quiet, smooth and compact.
  7. Diamond Jim

    Battery Selector Switch

    “I am so fast that last night I turned off the light switch and was in bed before the room was dark.’ Muhammad Ali
  8. Diamond Jim

    Protecting cabinetry with ???

    Of all the goops we use, Dolfinite and Interlux 214 bedding compound are the most reversible.
  9. Diamond Jim

    Strengthening Cabin Top

    When laminating several pieces in a curve, the fraction of the bend that springs back depends on the number of laminations. If 2 laminations, 1/4 of the bend, if 3 lams, 1/9, if 4, 1/16. If n laminations, 1/n^2 of the bend goes away..
  10. Diamond Jim

    large diameter Aluminum tube

    Lay up some glass in/on a plastic barrel.
  11. Make a bezel of 1/4” Starboard or white plexi.
  12. Diamond Jim

    Sheet coaming/cockpit boxes: need smart people ideas

    Gob a sealant on the outside of the holes before mounting the box.
  13. Diamond Jim

    Gougeon and WEST 50th anniversary

    + 1
  14. I wipe squeegees after use. The edge can be refreshed with a sharp plane. Chip brushes get thrown into a lidded pot of acetone & are re-used. 1 qt. Poly cups from restaurant supply are cheap ($.18) and often come clean. Wood stir sticks from paint shop can be wiped clean or cleaned with belt sander. 4 mil poly film is cheap vac bag. Can be sometimes re-used. There’s no saving peelply or breather. Tongue depressors are dirt cheap. Can be sharpened as scrapers with belt sander. 4 mil ziplock bags ($.08 in quantity) are good for applying fillets. Just be glad that you’re not infusing,.
  15. Diamond Jim

    Sheathing a carvel hull

    The Vaitses method was generally seen as a way to get another few years out of a tired old boat. It held the boat together while the old wood hull finished composting. Not a long term proposition.