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  1. Diamond Jim

    leaky cracked water tanks

    I have used West System G/Flex, a rubberized epoxy, for bonding and it does work. www.westsystem.com/wp-content/uploads/650-8-Instruction-v2.pdf RTFM the P/Tex approach works, too. I'd try both before I replaced the tank unless it was really easy to pull the tank.
  2. Diamond Jim

    leaky cracked water tanks

    I recollect an epoxy maker recommending that epoxy used on a potable water tank be mixed slightly hardener-rich so that there would not be un-mated epoxy (BPA) molecules to poison you. Use at your own risk.
  3. Diamond Jim

    leaky cracked water tanks

    How about welding? Practical Sailor reports that it sorta works. www.practical-sailor.com/blog/Repairing-Plastic-Water-or-Holding-Tanks-12520-1.html
  4. Diamond Jim

    Bronze alloys in seawater

    You might try posting this on the Woodenboat Forum. http://forum.woodenboat.com/.
  5. Diamond Jim

    Epoxies in the winter...

    In addition to warming the victim during cure, it's good to have your resin & hardener and victim warm ahead of time. It makes dispensing, mixing, saturating, etc. easier. Also remember that epoxy resin that sees cold temps can crystalize which poses other big problems, like it can't be dispensed or mixed accurately. Always store your epoxy in warm conditions, i.e., indoors.
  6. Diamond Jim

    Recommend a ratchet crimper

    OK, I’ll try to be more specific. I’m undertaking the rewiring of a simple powerboat. The wiring I’m doing will all be 10-14ga.
  7. Diamond Jim

    Recommend a ratchet crimper

    ... for boat wiring.
  8. Diamond Jim

    Volvo Diesel parts less than marine prices?

    So the Volvo MD2010 in the Alerion 28 is a what?
  9. Diamond Jim

    Fixing a Pad Eye to the deck with no access below

    If the gap between the deck and the liner is no more than 1/4”, how about shooting some thickened epoxy into the gap and bolting through the whole works?
  10. Diamond Jim

    How to stop block from scrathing deck

    Thin urethane sheet is available in light colors. A disc bonded to the deck might work.
  11. Diamond Jim

    Bulkhead clips for short ladder

    What are these things called?
  12. Diamond Jim

    Bulkhead clips for short ladder

    I'm going to make a two-step wood companionway ladder. The bottom of the stringers will rest on the cabin sole and the top will lean against a vertical motor box panel. I need some kind of hardware to secure the ladder top to the vertical panel. Suggestions?
  13. Diamond Jim

    Un-tweaking a hatch

    Ask the people at Bomar?
  14. Diamond Jim

    Pretty floor options?

    The problem is plywood that's not rot-resistant and is less stiff than solid wood. 1/2" slats of a rot-resistant fine-grained wood like western red cedar, alaskan yellow cedar, garapa, etc. would work and would hold up.
  15. Diamond Jim

    Pretty floor options?

    The plywood is available and used in other TPI built boats. It's silly expensive so you might seek out a boatyard with half a sheet. 1/2" (12mm) is too thin for the span and in a wet location, but going to 3/4" adds other complications.. When I do mine, I think i'll put a light glass reinforcement to the back side.