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  1. Diamond Jim

    shop vacuum anarchy

    I have another smaller Ridgid vac that’s used only with my Festool sander. Lashed to it is a relay, described... All in, another hundred or so. Works well.
  2. Diamond Jim

    shop vacuum anarchy

    I liked my Fein until it needed a couple of very expensive repairs. It was replaced with a $100 Ridgid from HD. I’m happy with it.
  3. Diamond Jim

    Ceiling paint

    If this is the decor, maybe mirrors on the overhead would suit.
  4. Diamond Jim

    Ceiling paint

    My inner pedant compels me. In a house, the ceiling is overhead. On a boat, the ceiling is the inside surface of the hull above the waterline and what’s overhead is the overhead.
  5. Diamond Jim

    composite floor boards?

    There’s the perennial trade-off of weight vs. cost (or time). Of course, a pound at the masthead has higher value than a pound in the keel, and floorboards are toward the low end of that range. I’ve sometimes has SWAG estimates of how much a pound is worth to me. On a light, but not racing multihull, I had $50/lb. in the back of my head, and on a 4KSB, it’d be a lot less. What’s a rational value?
  6. Diamond Jim

    Quick and Dirty Dealings with Thru-hulls

    For epoxy that’s been around a while, if it’s been exposed to cold temperatures, it might have crystallized which will cause it not to react. Give your can/jug a soak in a bucket of hot water to dissolve any crystals.
  7. Diamond Jim

    sanding concave areas

    You’ll probably need a number of blocks, for different contours.
  8. Diamond Jim

    sanding concave areas

    One way to make shaped sanding blocks: Put a sheet of coarse paper on the surface you want to sand, GRIT UP. Use it to shape a styrofoam block. Glue the paper to the foam.
  9. Diamond Jim

    Old racer back to water

    The people at the WoodenBoat Forum would also be interested and helpful in your project. There are also some competent people there. http://forum.woodenboat.com/
  10. Diamond Jim

    custom stainless straps, plates etc

    Ocean Marine Fabricating in New Bedford
  11. Diamond Jim

    isolating a rudder post

    There are rod ends that are all plastic. Don’t know if they’re strong enough.
  12. Diamond Jim

    Seeking 6061T6 Aluminum for Snipe board

    Is 6061 a good alloy for seawater use?
  13. Diamond Jim

    Cabin Sole

    ]’m guessing that the dings have crushed the wood fiber a bit. You can restore it by steaming. Wet the wood and apply a household iron for a short while. Sand LIGHTLY. It’s easy to sand through the thin veneer in that stuff. I’d skip the epoxy undercoat on a cabin sole. It only adds labor and cost and makes repairing later dings more difficult.
  14. Diamond Jim

    Cutter For Flush Hull Fittings

    Kreg notching bit and template guides.
  15. Diamond Jim

    Total Boat -Total Tread?

    + 1