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  1. Diamond Jim

    Varnish peeling off in patches.

    My $15 POS heat gun from Harbor Freight does the job.
  2. Diamond Jim

    Interior Plywood Repair options

    I would avoid baltic birch. Very low rot resistance.
  3. Diamond Jim

    Varnish peeling off in patches.

    If there's epoxy under the varnish, you'll see that it sands whiter than varnish. In any case, the heat gun will make short work of it, but the paint remover will be less effective.
  4. Diamond Jim

    Varnish peeling off in patches.

    Keep the heat gun moving and pay attention. You'll quickly get the feel of how much heat it takes to soften varnish. Don't sweat the small remnants. THey'll come off with the paint remover or sanding steps. Keep your scraper sharp with a small file. I've settled on Epifanes gloss varnish. Add a bit of Penetrol.
  5. Diamond Jim

    Varnish peeling off in patches.

    You can remove the bulk of the varnish with either a heat gun and a scraper or chemical paint remover such as Strypeze. The heat gun is faster and easier but doesn't get into corners, so I would use both methods. Follow by sanding til color is uniform and then minimum six (6) coats of varnish.
  6. Diamond Jim

    Rusty stainless

    What about the GFT pics?
  7. Diamond Jim

    Another Awlgrip touch-up question

    I really don't know what the finish is. The boat is a 2003 Alerion Express 28 and the finish is deep and glossy. Prior owner made no claim of refinishing the boat.
  8. Diamond Jim

    Where to Buy Marine Plywood?

    Try Downes&Reader in Milford, CT
  9. Diamond Jim

    Another Awlgrip touch-up question

    My topsides are dark blue Awlgrip, clear-coated. The clear coat has gotten chafed in a few spots. Not down to the color, I think. Can I sand/buff the clear coat or are there magical balms to restore it?
  10. Diamond Jim

    Calculating sail area for balanced reefing

    The common way to do this calculation is a little more complex. THis is a good piece by Ted Brewer, a competent designer. http://www.goodoldboat.com/reader_services/articles/Helm_balance.php If your boat is well balanced in a particular configuration, try to mimic its center of effort in selecting other configurations..
  11. Diamond Jim

    Teak deck..how difficult to strip off

    The arguments against a teak deck are many- cost, weight, maintenance, leaks for starters, but they certainly can be attractive. Applying and maintaining a glass and paint (Awlgrip or Kiwigrip) is lots easier. How about doing only the cockpit in teak? That's where the audience is.
  12. Diamond Jim

    My favorite boat repair tools.

    Let's not forget the mundane cordless drill.
  13. Diamond Jim


    What he said. Why? Drainage will be a major PITA. PEX will tolerate freeze, won't corrode and is low friction.
  14. Diamond Jim

    Taffeta Repair - Exposed fibers in composite sail

    Have a serious talk with the sailmaker.
  15. Diamond Jim

    Teak Sources

    I'd only buy from Boulter if I'd seen the goods in person. THey're not good at grading.