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  1. My favorite boat repair tools.

    Let's not forget the mundane cordless drill.

    What he said. Why? Drainage will be a major PITA. PEX will tolerate freeze, won't corrode and is low friction.
  3. Taffeta Repair - Exposed fibers in composite sail

    Have a serious talk with the sailmaker.
  4. Teak Sources

    I'd only buy from Boulter if I'd seen the goods in person. THey're not good at grading.
  5. Seized s/s bolts

    G-10 backing plates eliminate the dissimilar metals issue. They can be tapped and bonded in place to eliminate the need for access next time.
  6. drill and tap carbon?

    On heavily loded bits, I've added G-10 doublers and tapped through the stack.
  7. West epoxy - bond aluminum angle to sheet foam?

    There are ready-made styrofoam boxes for attic stairs at Home Depot and other fine stores. Priced very reasonably. If you insist, use foil faced foam and real duct tape.
  8. Best wood for 5o5 transom rebuild

    What about Airex PXc, once known as Penske board? It's a dense urethane foam that's specifically intended as core in applications that need more compression strength/
  9. Covers for backs of instruments

    I've added and relocated the electronics on my main bulkhead and need to make the interior pretty again. I know that building teak & plastic boxes is an option, but i remember molded plastic boxes for that purpose. Who makes them?
  10. paint color matching

    Particularly with one-part oil based paints, I's hope that a good paint shop could match a color. Ask them what color to get as a base.
  11. Rudder reshape ??

    Cavitation is when the water is at such a low pressure that it boils. This happens on props of high powered boats. Ventilation is when a foil that passes through the water's surface sucks the air down the low-pressure side of the foil. A fence will reduce ventilation. It'd be easy enough to fabricate out of 1/4" G-10 and glass to the existing rudder. Reducing the area forward of the pintles' axis will make the boat harder to steer and will reduce the area, which you really don't want.
  12. New Headliner

    What Fishmeal said. It's available in 3/4", 1/2" and 1/4" thickness, but any woodworking shop can plane it. Azek is a popular brand. Hang with velcro.
  13. Mounting hardware on rotomolded hull

    Aluminum in salt water is asking for troube. If the surface is relatively flat, A G-10 backing pad would be OK. Securing it with G/Flex would be good. G-10 can be tapped. If the surface is curved, I'd try lastering some glass and G-flex against the poly.
  14. Tougher dodger snap

  15. US Watercraft receivership ? (Alerion etc)

    The Alerioin stuff was bought by MJM Yachts.