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  1. Diamond Jim

    Strange Attachment for Mainsheet

    A buntline hitch (ABOK 1711) is more compact and more secure.
  2. Diamond Jim

    Strange Attachment for Mainsheet

    If you look closely, the upper block in the pic appears to be a double, so functionally the whole lash-up is a triple with a becket, a six part tackle. A fiddle wont do it
  3. Diamond Jim

    Strange Attachment for Mainsheet

    They cobbled the parts they had to do the job. A triple block with becket would have been tidy. Probably does the job.
  4. Diamond Jim

    What is this......

    It’s called a tenoning jig and its used on a table saw for fussy cuts on the end of a stick.
  5. Diamond Jim

    Mainsail Track Slides Binding

    Is a slide inserted in the track upside down?
  6. Diamond Jim

    Cost Of Finishes

    One other data point on the longevity of Perfection: One of our boats. A 35’ glass cruising boat, circa 1962, was painted with Interthane, the earlier version of Perfection, about 25 years ago. THe paint has lost its gloss, but it’s still white, isn’t chalking and remains firmly attached. It was applied directly over some Interthane which was applied ten years earlier and just sanded. No primer. Maybe for the boat’s sixtieth year, we’ll sand it out and roll on some more.
  7. Diamond Jim

    Cost Of Finishes

    Orange Cetol is a thing of the past. It now comes in three other tasty colors.
  8. Diamond Jim

    How Do They Expect You To Pour From This?

    Don’t be too hard on him. He used the right side of the hammer.
  9. Diamond Jim

    Where do I find replacement pulleys for jib halyard

    There’s a decent chance that the boat’s OEM bought off the shelf sheaves and that the sheave maker is still in business. They wouldn’t want to get creative if the didn’t have to.
  10. Diamond Jim

    Topside paint... Rustoleum?

    I’ve used the Rustoleum topside paint. Seemed like an ordinary alkyd enamel.
  11. Diamond Jim

    awlgrip repair kit

    There’s a rattle can 2-part clear poly.. Has anyone tried it for touching up light scuffs in Awlgrip?
  12. Diamond Jim

    Noob, advise welcome

    Even without asking for GF pix, we scared him off.
  13. Diamond Jim

    Where do I find replacement pulleys for jib halyard

    Schaefer Marine https://hardware.schaefermarine.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=149&zenid=as3du13fuvb9l1lsmj3m2v3uc6 They’re called sheaves.
  14. Diamond Jim

    prop shaft - repair or replace

    The OP indicates that the shaft is ~10’ long. TEN FEET? I recollect that long shafts require either greater diameter or center bearings at some point. I’d certainly think that a skinny 10’ shaft would whip luridly. What did I miss?
  15. Diamond Jim

    Noob, advise welcome

    Say more about that crack. Regarding paint: Are you talking about painting the bottom, the deck and interior, of the the hull (oddly called ‘topsides’)? Is it now painted? If so, can you tell what kind of paint? Is the boat kept outdoors? Does it get scraped up in use by dragging on a beach, banging on a dock, etc? How much time and money do you want to spend on painting? Painting skills?