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  1. Martin T

    A very one design, the rebuild..

    This made me laugh, these plugs have been standard in the UK for the last 35 How old is your extension lead? Will we see it on the Antiques Interesting build BTW.
  2. Martin T

    High Aspect Bermuda vs Batwing

    I notice from your photo that the sail is very full & rounded along the foot. Would moving the main sheet block on the boat further aft, help flatten the sail & improve upwind performance?
  3. Martin T

    Absolutely, positively Laser

    I know when i've put grips on, i've soaked them in hot water to make them expand to fit over the tube. Maybe this would work in reverse? Hot water from a kettle poured over the grips. Good luck.
  4. Martin T

    Laser deck soft spots?

    If you saw the state of my Laser you'd laugh. I've had it about 25 years & it has had a lot of abuse & lot a lot of love. Bumpy deck & a hull that looks like someone has scribbled all over it with a marker pen. It's so deeply scratched that algae has grown in them! I wish I could show you some pictures. Yet I still win club races against some very good sailors in our handicap fleet, I even won the local Laser Open last year!! To me the most important part is the sail, (the engine). I have got quite good at judging when I need a new one, but I suppose that comes with 30 years of Laser sailing. I'm quite lucky living in the UK, as Laser squad sailors regularly sell sails off after a regatta & they are more than good enough for club racing, so I have had a few of them over the years. The other winning factor is actually getting out there & doing it. Sail adjustments, steering & hiking techniques. I'm still learning things after all these years! I've got a Radial sail for stronger wind racing & can usually beat full rigs on the water as you can pull a better shape in the sail as opposed to having to let the full rig flog a bit, probably something to do with drag. To me if it means I can get out more & enjoy myself, bring it on.
  5. Martin T

    Laser deck soft spots?

    Looking at the first picture & Ad Hornblowers comment, they are "bumps" not hollows, which I think are caused by swollen core material. I've got a few of these on my Laser & to be honest don't worry about. Just get out on the water & enjoy abusing your new toy & more important enjoying yourself. :-)
  6. How about this from the front page of this site.
  7. Martin T

    Hornet spreaders

    Have you taken a look at the Hornet Association website?
  8. Martin T

    Iips for painting a Laser hull.

    My first Laser was so soft on the bottom it felt like a Topper! This didn't stop me racing it & having fun. Really the only time you noticed it was trying to beat into choppy water, it seemed to absorb the waves rather than push through them. On every other point of sail it was fine. Laser sailing, like all sailing is about spending time in the boat & working out what works for you. I found talking to the fast guys a great help & watching what they do on the water, but everybody has their own way. Just get out there & enjoy yourself & the results will come. Happy sailing.
  9. Martin T

    Upwind Tasar/NS14

    Twice as long as half it's length
  10. Looking at that list it just goes to show how spread out they are around the country. I had heard a rumour that there is one at Blackwater SC, but haven't seen it in the flesh yet. My club is Harlow Blackwater SC, so most of our racing is held in the area to the south of Osea Island, so I will keep my eye out for the elusive Marconi SC
  11. I'd love to know where all these Aeros are hiding in the UK. I'm still waiting to see one sailing! Where I sail on the River Blackwater on the East Coast, we have 5 clubs in fairly close proximity & not one of them shows an Aero in their race results. So at our club the choice is simple, Laser, Radial or Solo if you want close racing.
  12. Martin T

    Caption Contest

    Carbon is so last year Darling!
  13. Martin T

    Hi, new member. Shopping for a small boat.

    How about taking the money & see if they'll throw in the cover.
  14. I've heard of some clubs/classes in the UK running a buddy system, where by each top sailor is buddied up with a newbie/back marker to help give rigging & technique tips. This will help them improve their game & have more fun. Have any of you tried this at your clubs?
  15. Martin T

    Beach launching a Wayfarer

    I was just illustrating the jockey wheel arrangement where someone could steer/pull the boat or attach a winch, as that's what the original poster was talking about! Not the actual type of wheels that are suitable for sand use!