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  1. Wondered why no racing this week. Up here in the Northern Hemisphere we had the same problem with Storm Ciara!
  2. Martin T

    Vintage racing videos

    This is one of the clubs I sail at on the River Blackwater in Essex UK, but before my time!
  3. Well said! I race predominantly in a handicap fleet. There are fast & slow boats plus good & not so good sailors. We all have individual battles within the main race, sometimes against boats that should be a lot faster & others who are really on form & a slower class. I don't really care where I come overall in the race, (although winning on handicap is always nice!) as long as I'm enjoying myself & the people around me are too. It's all about the craic at the end of the day!
  4. Martin T

    Craigslist Finds

  5. I can't believe 20,000 of these rigs were sold!
  6. Martin T

    Laser Sailing Videos

    Loved the vintage Lasers. My first Laser was No.5945 & had varnished rudder & dagger board, good times. Here's one of my efforts at video filming & editing. [youtube] [/youtube]
  7. The GF might think that... but the wife is easily
  8. I must be in a minority, I quite like the World Sailing Show! I watch it regularly on YouTube. Yes it's a bit wooden but in my eyes it's better than nothing. Is it worth the money it costs to make, probably not, but I enjoy it. Sailing on TV in the UK just doesn't exist. I think It is seen as to much of a minority elitist sport to warrant air time. We just seem to get soap operas, quiz shows & tons of crap reality stuff shoved down our throats.
  9. Martin T

    what is it?

    Looks very eco friendly being made of corrugated cardboard.
  10. Totally! I don't understand what the cable tie is for?
  11. Martin T

    Life jacket

    Here in the UK I don't think there is a legal requirement to wear a PFD. I quite often see people sailing & kayaking without one. Most sailing clubs insist you wear one, in fact the club I belong to insists you wear a PFD when on the slipway, helping people to launch & recover boats. Just common sense really!
  12. Martin T

    Life jacket

    It fits quite high up on your chest so making moving around easier.
  13. Martin T

    East Coast Piers Race 2019

    Surprised it still holds air!
  14. Martin T

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    If you think that looks toxic you should see the growth in the scratches in the bottom! Thing is it still sails fast enough to win races in our handicap fleet, somehow!
  15. Martin T

    Storing dinghies outside ... pros and cons...

    In the UK I don't know of any club that stores their boats inside. We just have boat covers & some of the boats with carbon masts (ie. Finns) have mast covers that are hoisted with the halyard. To tie the boats down at our club, we have a steel cable under the row of boats, pegged down. We then tie our boats to this.
  16. Martin T

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    My Laser is called "Toxic" quite apt at the moment!
  17. Do you get a "Happy Meal" with every boat?
  18. Martin T

    Bitching and Whining About Laser Shit

    My first Laser was #5945 & I bought it in 1990 for £100 from a man in a pub & it included a road trailer. It was mid blue hull with a cream deck, wooden rudder blade (warped so sailed different on each tack!), wooden daggerboard, wooden tiller, wooden grab rails & an Elvstrom sail. (I've still got the bag). The bottom was so soft, it flexed like a Topper! But it got me into the wonderful world of Laser sailing. Good memories. When I bought my next Laser I gave it to my brother & got him into Laser sailing. He upgraded & 5945 was passed onto one of the cadets at our club.
  19. Martin T

    Bitching and Whining About Laser Shit

    Tut tut... 6 turning points... an illegal cunningham...
  20. Martin T

    East Coast Piers Race 2019

    Bloody hell was that a Catapult I saw at 20sec?
  21. Martin T

    Gelcoat on old Sunfish

    That's random, I just spat my coffee out! Thanks & good sailing...
  22. Martin T

    Laser racing setup Qs

    There are numerous videos on You Tube that should help you rig your boat. Here's one on "Tacking" that might help you with what to do with the tiller extension. Personally I use a 7mm main sheet as I find the 6mm just to thin, but in very light winds it does run through the blocks easier. You'll soon get the hang of it.