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  1. NORBowGirl


    He's standing on her dress, hoping for an extra millimeter.
  2. NORBowGirl

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    My Volvo gear is not team branded....just general Volvo and clean ocean stuff, that the volunteers used in the race villages. Is that less wankerish? But I actually helped move the boat in Gothenburg so I might be entitled to wear team gear....
  3. NORBowGirl


    I don't think anybody seriously means that emergency services should check if people in need, possibly can be to blame, before they decide to help or not. Putting their lives at risk for fools is what they DO. Not all people have the competence to assess what is risky or not. And weather in particular can be difficult to predict. That doesn't mean we all stop sailing, does it. That being said, in a big situation like this, of course the option is to cancel all emergency services in general, to protect the lives of the people who work there. I understand that choice. But in general - risking their lives is what they DO.
  4. NORBowGirl

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    They are yellow now. At least it was when I went, two years ago I never wear hats anyway, I prefer visors. If they gave out visors, I'd wear them, no matter how it looks. Now, how about gear with logos from the Volvo? Not veeeeeeery cool, are they? I mean, it just says you DIDN'T do the Volvo. I got a visor and a fleece from a friend and I actually wear both.....but hey, I'm so cool anyway. Haha
  5. I guess the article just says she was the only female OBR in this last edition, not the first female OBR ever. But yes, good article Why being the only female OBR is such a big deal, I don't get, though. Shrug. I think their work is the point, not their gender.
  6. NORBowGirl

    Boat Captain/Manager?

    Living in a social democracy, so sharing the cost and labour comes natural for us. We all help with all boat maintenance. Last year the polishing was outsourced, and the workers polished EVERYTHING, including the foredeck. That was not pleasant. This year we did it ourselves.
  7. NORBowGirl

    SCOTW Pick Offends the "Sea Gypsy"

    Hey, I didn't know you played in The Office
  8. NORBowGirl


    It's possible to get help if you have low testosterone levels, you know.
  9. NORBowGirl

    11 Metre One Design

    Cool, I just realised I also have a nice action pic from 11metre racing. Here I am on my way to the bow, elegantly like a cat (irony - it never felt elegant)
  10. NORBowGirl

    11 Metre One Design

    I've done some 11metre races, here in Norway. It's a lot of fun! But I can't drink myself stupid more than two days in a row, so I moved on to more moderate drinking classes
  11. NORBowGirl

    Race Committe Question

    But you would normally have a visual of the other boats in your class and be able to interpret what's going on, wouldn't you? I mean, if you are very late and see no other boats, you're probably DNC?
  12. NORBowGirl

    Sailing “bucket list” thread

    Club Swan 50 races in the Med.
  13. NORBowGirl

    Women of the VOR in the New York Times

    Staysail, you won’t be called a misogynist for just admitting that in general, men are stronger. It’s ok. And it’s not a problem in mixed crews, as they ALL will have different strengths. Steve is stronger than Joe, etc. it’s not a problem. Now if you want to argue that all female teams are better then mixed (which most women prefer) teams, find some other, better arguments.
  14. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    Haha, if it was the Norwegian king he’d be teasing witty about not winning, and they all would be drunk. Our king is the best. And a world champion in sailing