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  1. NORBowGirl

    Race Committe Question

    But you would normally have a visual of the other boats in your class and be able to interpret what's going on, wouldn't you? I mean, if you are very late and see no other boats, you're probably DNC?
  2. NORBowGirl

    Sailing “bucket list” thread

    Club Swan 50 races in the Med.
  3. NORBowGirl

    Women of the VOR in the New York Times

    Staysail, you won’t be called a misogynist for just admitting that in general, men are stronger. It’s ok. And it’s not a problem in mixed crews, as they ALL will have different strengths. Steve is stronger than Joe, etc. it’s not a problem. Now if you want to argue that all female teams are better then mixed (which most women prefer) teams, find some other, better arguments.
  4. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    Haha, if it was the Norwegian king he’d be teasing witty about not winning, and they all would be drunk. Our king is the best. And a world champion in sailing
  5. NORBowGirl

    Clipper wreck report

    They are the Ukrainian hookers in high heels.
  6. NORBowGirl

    Clipper wreck report

    We learned yesterday that you can’t trust a race comittee to have a finishing line where there are no rocks in the area boats need to get their kites down they moved it after this happened, but for us it was too late and the worlds is over and who knows how long it will take to repair the boat. We of course have navigation systems but it’s generally not in use for w/l racing.
  7. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    It was only a two minute walk from the volvo boats to the legends boats, and closer to the entrance than the volvo boats....and as far as I could see, lots of people visited them. So I'm not sure I'd call them a screw-up....
  8. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    I'm easy, I just hope they get out of there without hitting any rocks.
  9. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    The Danish forecast says 20-25 knots of wind from west, on the 21st. Not too bad? But might get worse later of course. It’s windy in general these days, our Tuesday night OD-racing was cancelled by the rc.
  10. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague
  11. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    Probably not but it might be a safety issue. The water is not crystal clear but hopefully a diver can get a good luck. More (diving options) action after the in-port happened, when Scallywag got a sheet in the propeller on their way back, and some boat wanted to assist but ended up crashing into them. Only gel coat damages but it needed a pretty big patch. Quite a special memory for that boat I guess...
  12. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    Swedish rocks.... I’m back home, but a Swedish magazine just reported that Mapfre grounded during the pro-am today. Most likely they hit soft ground and not an actual rock so hopefully no damages. Video at Search magazine
  13. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    And the halyards doesn’t fit! I hoisted a commercial flag and the halyard slipped 4-5 centimeters from the lock. Don’t remember which one. But even dropping 1 centimeter is driving us crazy on the little x-35 and we keep it on the winch. I understand that there’s no time for this during this short stopover, but all in all the ropes are shit and will probably go to rope heaven after The Hague.
  14. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    The cockpit had a lot more space than I thought! It’s wide. As a person who likes to whip and splice and keep all running rig in good shape, I noticed that all sheets and halyards were totally worn and hopefully will last to the Haag.
  15. NORBowGirl

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Haha, not witty another friend who works with the team. No patch. And yes, first time on the vo65.