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  1. NORBowGirl

    Burial Boat - X-332 or Elan 333?

    Boats with an x in their name tend to win races.
  2. NORBowGirl

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    21.5 knots with my own hands at the wheel, with delivery sails, in Bass Strait (wasn't allowed to go near the wheel when we hit 30+)
  3. NORBowGirl

    Anybody use dash cams?

    But they would only see it from one party's POW, and thus have an unfair advantage over the other boat without camera. In many sports photos or videos are not allowed, for this reason. One of the boats in our Wednesday race yesterday managed to t-bone another boat, btw. It was after the finish, and happened "because we were busy taking a team photo", they said. Luckily, their gopro was still running, so now I'm waiting for a nice blooper video
  4. NORBowGirl

    Anybody use dash cams?

    A video from your boat isn't objective (and this is the CORE), and the protest committee should never allow it. Any footage from your own boat only shows from your perspective. If the other boat also had a camera, their footage might show something different than from yours. And only using footage from one boat gives that boat an advantage that the other boat doesn't have and shouldn't suffer from. Etc, etc. Maybe you could use footage from your camera in an insurance case, that's all.
  5. Probably to prevent it from being used during sailing. I guess as I wrote this that it's possible to use a removable one underway but that sounds....dangerous.
  6. This reminded me of the horrible treatment a chinese athlete got. From Wikipedia: "Zhang Shan was born in the city of Nanchong in the Southwest China Sichuan province. She was just 16 when she started practising skeet shooting. In the year 1989, she entered the national team.[2] She won the gold medal in the Olympic Skeet Shooting event at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.[1] This event was mixed, open to both men and women. Zhang Shan was the only woman to win a medal in this mixed event from 1972 to 1992. After that she retired since the International Shooting Union had barred women from shooting against men after the Barcelona Games." I know for a fact that many men hate to be beaten (in sports, hehe) by women. Still. Competing against a female team is special. I think this is why I prefer mixed crews, where gender isn't an issue. So - while many men say they want to compete against women, they change their minds when the women actually win.....
  7. I don't think men are keeping women away from sailing. I think most women do whatever they want. Only a few women wants to sail professionally on big boats, hence low numbers. I get a little offended when it's assuuuuuuuuuumed that things keep women away. The invitation to the ORC national championship up here stated that female teams didn't have to pay the entry fee, for example. What the f? They thought female teams were all over the place, but just didn't have the MONEY? Grrrrrr. So stupid. The fact was that at the moment there weren't any active female teams in the class. For the most part, they sail Express and have a blast doing that. Not because they were specially invited. Just because that's what many of them actually like and nobody makes a fuzz about it. They are just like any other team.
  8. NORBowGirl

    how to make the code0 furler stay furled?

    The one boat I sail with that uses a code0, we tie the furling line around the puller, that prevents it from unfurling. However, the code doesn't stay up there for long if it's not used, we take it down as soon as we know we won't need it for a while. No point in having up there like a wind breaker.
  9. NORBowGirl

    Classy women sailing

    Yes, but in an environmentally friendly air balloon.
  10. NORBowGirl

    sheet length for outside jibes?

    The sheets still have to follow the spinnaker around the boat, and down in the hatch when you bring it down (where all kinds of things can happen to it). They don't have to be that much longer for outside gybes than inside, just the lenght of the sprit really (they'll be outside the sprit instead of just leaning on the forestay). And you want to be able to do both kinds anyway, depending on the wind. I don't really understand the question. Just have them really LONG
  11. NORBowGirl


    Again, these are political questions and not something that this forum is about.
  12. NORBowGirl


    It's clearly not about sailing, either. That's why it doesn't belong here. And Greta tries to talk to politicians, so that's CLEARLY where any topic like this belongs. It doesn't belong in "Sailing" just because that incidentally was her method for travelling. It doesn't belong to "Train lovers" when she decides to take a train. It belongs to "Politics".
  13. NORBowGirl

    any pants that actually keep your @ss dry?

    Buy expensive. They are expensive for a reason. I have Musto HPX and they keep me dry offshore. For w/l sailing I prefer just pants cause I need the mobility, and I have a pair from SailRacing which are light and also keep me dry. The clue with the pants is that they are quite high in the back, so I don't show crack when I hike. But the main reason is that this helps to keep me dry.
  14. NORBowGirl

    Dyneema Covered Line Splice

    Using fids is like raping the dyneema. Not cool. I only use a D-splicer now. Might make one myself if I ever need one to be longer, but for just working with sheets and halyards, the ones bought from the store do the job.
  15. NORBowGirl

    Price Drop...FS: Musto MPX Gore-tex Pro Smock

    Hong Kong dollars?