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  1. My trinidad also slimed up fast. I see that the igarol is now back in the SR product as of august. I don't know how you can tell the difference by looking at the can.
  2. Yanmar diesel on Tartan 34, stops running

    Another idea would be a fuel tank vent line blockage/restriction causing the engine to stop after vacuum in the tank builds up. He could try removing a cap on the tank assuming he can't disprove the idea with a gauge in the line somewhere.
  3. Diesel has me stumped....

    I had similar issues after injector rebuild, which I did because of too much black smoke and difficult starting. After injector rebuild, it wouldn't start at all. I tried rplacing the lift pump. No change. Eventually I found I could start it if I left injector number 3 of 4 loose to bubble air. Since it was only that injector I assumed the injection pump had a venturi leak. Had the inj. Pump rebuilt. It started easier but had white smoke. I found air in return line. Replaced the lift pump a second time. Success! Now it rus lIke new. However, the solution doesn't line up with the original problem. The first replacement lift pump didn't produce enough head to reliably move fuel from the tank down in the keel up to the engine. If there is white smoke, run from a jerry can and look at the return with a flash light.
  4. Passport 40, Westsail 39

    Where do you see the table hardware? I see is a couple pulls for bilge access but that's about it. I like the name. Too bad it's got in-mast furling. I made what I thought was a solid offer on one in the SF bay area a few years ago. Didn't get it, seller held out for a couple grand more and I was too slow with a second offer. Here you go! http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1986/Fair-Weather-Mariner-39-3019550/Superior/WI/United-States#.WOY5uYWcFjo This one has a table, but I don't see a captain's hat!
  5. 213 to digital

    I did this exact thing. I bought a hornet on ebay because it came with the 213. I'm using an arduino due (max 3.3 volt) with resistor splitter cutting the voltages in half. Seach "arduino nmea 2000 shield" for how to handle the N2K part. The analog transducer interpretation part you have to write. It works very well and can handle the wind speed, wine angle and boat speed from the paddle wheel (signet blue top hall effect). I did run into trouble when I added the adafruit 10DOF sensor to get heading, heel, pitch. It craps out after a while (possibly interrupt conflicts) so I'm currently moving that to another processor. It is very satisfying to see the digital output on a trident and still use some of the pretty old analog gauges.