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  1. Caribbeachbum

    Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    Thanks, some of these firmware updates might be helpful in their own right. The piece of software I"m chasing isn't to be found on the Garmin site, though, so if anyone who downloaded the contents of the dropbox above still has it, please consider sharing.
  2. Caribbeachbum

    Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    I am very soon to become an owner of a used AIS600. Sadly, the dropbox link above no longer works. Might one of you fine lads be willing to email this zip file, or post it to another dropbox? many thanks
  3. Caribbeachbum

    Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    I admire that she has a tramp stamp.
  4. Caribbeachbum

    Something different for CA

    Awesome! "Mitsubishi A6M in original condition, complete with all markings..." (or maybe a tarted up T6) This is why I love this place. Took only minutes to be schooled on the correct yacht, complete with the absolute best possible image. Was it here where someone posted photos collaging modern-day Pearl Harbor with Dec. 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor? One poster commented on the old Fords and Chevy's in the 1941 photo, and immediately a perfect response: "I think there are a few Mitsubishi's as well." My apologies, that's not really a quote, just a paraphrase. It was kinda like that; and still makes me chuckle.
  5. Caribbeachbum

    Something different for CA

    Hey! Isn't that the boat that the zeroes strafed and sank in The Final Countdown? It's pretty hot, anyway. Would look good on film.
  6. Caribbeachbum

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Landlocked, but the extra marine paint totally makes it worth it.
  7. Caribbeachbum

    Books You Read Cruising

    It always is. Once in a very long while a movie will be as good as, or nearly as good as the book but it's rare. Never better. A movie simply can't provide the depth in a couple of hours. One that matched the book was "The Friends of Eddie Coyle with Mitchum. The best book and movie ever about small time hoods. Absolutely true. I'm hard pressed to think of a movie that improved on the book. Though to see a movie you liked a lot, then read the book and discover you don't just think it's just better (as you assume it will be), but find it's substantially better than the good movie...that's unusual. Some of Stephen King's novellas have made some great flicks, e.g. Stand By Me (from "The Body") and The Shawshank Redemption. But his novels tend to be too complex and end up under done and muddled by the director. I can recommend 11.22.63. It was eight or so hours long, but it really captured the richness and complexity of Stephen King's novel of the same name. Made me all teary-eyed in the end, even.