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  1. Mostly ... a JP-4 fueled, afterburning turbojet does OK, too.
  2. Misogyny in sailing?

    The SA lib'tards are probably too busy fucking perverse feminists to take notice. But if they do, they're far more likely to point and laugh.
  3. Norseman 447 vs pearson 422

    I've a pub. People who pop in all entitled and expecting a free pint or two leave unhappy. I've a few friends who are doctors and a lot who are lawyers. They don't respond well either when people want their services for free. I have observed here many times the generosity with which Bob Perry offers his professional services gratis. Few here would suggest he has any obligation to do so. Rather than posting tits -- we all have google image search -- consider instead one of the best bargains available in professional services: <http://www.perryboat.com/consultation/consultation.html>. Even the shittiest lawyer charges more, and will provide less quality with less passion. Disclaimer: I don't know the man except from his postings here and bans elsewhere. Seems a decent lad.
  4. Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    I admire that she has a tramp stamp.
  5. Shameless bump, as I'm dead curious about this. Should I start a new topic instead?
  6. Something different for CA

    Awesome! "Mitsubishi A6M in original condition, complete with all markings..." (or maybe a tarted up T6) This is why I love this place. Took only minutes to be schooled on the correct yacht, complete with the absolute best possible image. Was it here where someone posted photos collaging modern-day Pearl Harbor with Dec. 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor? One poster commented on the old Fords and Chevy's in the 1941 photo, and immediately a perfect response: "I think there are a few Mitsubishi's as well." My apologies, that's not really a quote, just a paraphrase. It was kinda like that; and still makes me chuckle.
  7. Where does the money go? This thread got me worked up in sailing fantasy. I was thinking it might be a really fun challenge. I mean, if I was younger. And as stupid as I was when I was younger. And not as poor as I was when I was younger. On a lark, I had a look at the Notice of Race. Now I am totally ignorant of these matters (hence the posting), so things probably have just fine karma going on. I just can't figure out how. Lots of you lot do races, right? To enter the race, you have to pay a A$14,000 entry fee. And if you think you can offset that with a sponsor, well, there's also an A$11,000 sponsor supplement fee! There are no cash prizes for the winner. Well, not out of the entry fees, anyway. There will be a cash prize if a prize sponsor appears. Thirty participants means the organizer collects a minimum of A$420,000. There might also be race sponsors, and of course, yacht sponsors paying that A$11,000 sponsor supplement fee. Where does all this money go? I mean, is this a for-profit thing? Is this how yacht racing normally works? For comparison, I looked up the entry fee for the Sydney-Hobart Race. It's only a fraction of that. The 2017 Notice of Race listed the entry fee at a whopping A$750 (plus A$75 per per crew member). Of course, those boats tend to be wee bit pricier than the ones approved for the Golden Globe...
  8. Something different for CA

    Hey! Isn't that the boat that the zeroes strafed and sank in The Final Countdown? It's pretty hot, anyway. Would look good on film.
  9. Deep vs. shallow keel

    My workplace was adjacent (like 50 yards) to the windward end of the main runway at Holloman AFB for a couple of years. Stuff rattled on the walls and all talking ceased as being pointless every time an aircraft would take off, which was all the time. You get to where you can recognize the jet by the sound it makes at rotation. The F-4 is utterly unmistakeable. The F-15s -- genuinely badass aircraft in their own right -- sounded positively dainty by comparison to the thunder of an F-4. Those who flew this aircraft in the Wild Weasel configuration, well, fucking crazy (crazy-awesome) is what you had to be.
  10. Misogyny in sailing?

    Some people get ball busting, some get butt-hurt by ball busting. The latter probably shouldn't hang out here. Misogyny though, stupidly overused word. Much of the time it's not misogyny. How to tell? Check out how the dude reacts when, after he said some crass shit to the chick on the bow, she busts his balls in response. The misogynist gets all butt-hurt because the chick is acting like a man (and probably has a big ass); the asshole has a hearty laff and you can see his respect for the chick on the bow increase so obviously it might as well be a colored bar over his head.
  11. Misogyny in sailing?

    Howard Stern, Andrew Dice Clay, 2 Live Crew ... they were briefly funny in a mouth-hanging-open way. The outrage, the rule breaking. I laughed, even though I knew they were being needlessly mean to whole groups of people who did nothing to deserve it except perhaps to be different. I feel a little guilty. Not really. The edginess being gone, they all just sound foolish now. Or maybe I got old.
  12. Misogyny in sailing?

    Nah. Journalists write (or show) what newsworthy people say and do. Often they know it's bullshit. But if social "scientists" make up a new "ism," well it's new, and so it's news. That's not a comment on the validity of the new "ism," only a report that some scientists made one up. Don't confuse Hannity or Krugman (as examples) for journalists. They are talented, but they are in the entertainment business. When they talk about "ism's" they're just doing the same thing any other doofus with an opinion can do, just in a more entertaining way.
  13. Deep vs. shallow keel

    F18 is the elegant supermodel, A10 is the big-bootied sex machine that, while not as hot, is dirtier and more fun. We used to get the Navy guys in their Hornets visiting Holloman back in the day to play with the F15s. I always felt like the E2 data link was like cheating.
  14. Deep vs. shallow keel