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  1. Caribbeachbum

    Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    Thanks, some of these firmware updates might be helpful in their own right. The piece of software I"m chasing isn't to be found on the Garmin site, though, so if anyone who downloaded the contents of the dropbox above still has it, please consider sharing.
  2. Caribbeachbum

    Garmin AIS 600 software, anyone?

    I am very soon to become an owner of a used AIS600. Sadly, the dropbox link above no longer works. Might one of you fine lads be willing to email this zip file, or post it to another dropbox? many thanks
  3. Caribbeachbum

    I Need Windows

    Very nice! I do like Swans. We have had our eye on a Taswell lately, which seems to have all the anti-claustrophibia tricks in play.
  4. Caribbeachbum

    I Need Windows

    I don't know that I even had (or have) a preference. I can see where opening ports would be nice and fixed ports would be less likely to be a maintenance problem. Unless my wife and I are really pushing it, we don't bury the rails, and the ports I imagine won't be low enough to be submerged in an ordinary heeled state. And yes indeed, I can see where it can be over done...
  5. Caribbeachbum

    I Need Windows

    As you probably guessed, I pulled the $3K right outta my ass. I was thinking "What's the most it could cost?" Annapolis (and Ft. Lauderdale) do make you double or triple your estimates just by being there.
  6. Caribbeachbum

    I Need Windows

    Pretty sure I"m not a pussy. Certain I"m not a captain, though I was once a sergeant. And I'm too old, drunk, and poorly dressed to be a fucking hipster. Go shit in your own fedora.
  7. Caribbeachbum

    I Need Windows

    My wife and I were shopping for Last Boat III in Annapolis last weekend. I really like it there. Once again Dock Street served up a top-shelf crab cake. We saw a very nice Jeanneau 54DS at the city wharf on Saturday while walking to a bar, and we looked about for the owner. The boat name was Auspicious, and I think there's a forum member with a similar boat and boat name, so we were going to say "hi." We missed them, though. We looked at six boats, and along the way I had a true "A-Ha!" moment. I really love sailboats. I'm to the point where I can name a lot of them on sight, and even tell you who designed them. But I keep not liking them after I go aboard. But on this trip we spent some time aboard a CT-56, and this was the first boat I was really, really happy to be aboard (down below, not on deck — I like them all on deck). We next looked at a Bristol 51, and then an Island Packet 45. I liked the Island Packet as well, but not the Bristol, and then it struck me: the boats I like on the inside are the ones I can see out of!! There are a lot of boats that have see-outside visibility when down below, but the marketplace of ones that do not is much, much larger. So I have a question or few: (1) Has anybody added windows (topside portlights, for the sailing pedants among us) to a sailboat that didn't have them? (2) And especially, does anyone have any idea what it would cost to add some windows? I told my wife -- a guess -- that we could do it for no more than $3K/window, needing a fiberglass tech and a cabinetry guru for a half day or so each, per window. But I'd love to hear from someone who knows. Finally, my apologies for the copy/paste on more than one well-traveled forum. I know there is member overlap, but it's far from universal. --
  8. Mostly ... a JP-4 fueled, afterburning turbojet does OK, too.
  9. Caribbeachbum

    Misogyny in sailing?

    The SA lib'tards are probably too busy fucking perverse feminists to take notice. But if they do, they're far more likely to point and laugh.
  10. Caribbeachbum

    Norseman 447 vs pearson 422

    I've a pub. People who pop in all entitled and expecting a free pint or two leave unhappy. I've a few friends who are doctors and a lot who are lawyers. They don't respond well either when people want their services for free. I have observed here many times the generosity with which Bob Perry offers his professional services gratis. Few here would suggest he has any obligation to do so. Rather than posting tits -- we all have google image search -- consider instead one of the best bargains available in professional services: <>. Even the shittiest lawyer charges more, and will provide less quality with less passion. Disclaimer: I don't know the man except from his postings here and bans elsewhere. Seems a decent lad.
  11. Caribbeachbum

    Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    I admire that she has a tramp stamp.
  12. Shameless bump, as I'm dead curious about this. Should I start a new topic instead?
  13. Caribbeachbum

    Something different for CA

    Awesome! "Mitsubishi A6M in original condition, complete with all markings..." (or maybe a tarted up T6) This is why I love this place. Took only minutes to be schooled on the correct yacht, complete with the absolute best possible image. Was it here where someone posted photos collaging modern-day Pearl Harbor with Dec. 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor? One poster commented on the old Fords and Chevy's in the 1941 photo, and immediately a perfect response: "I think there are a few Mitsubishi's as well." My apologies, that's not really a quote, just a paraphrase. It was kinda like that; and still makes me chuckle.
  14. Where does the money go? This thread got me worked up in sailing fantasy. I was thinking it might be a really fun challenge. I mean, if I was younger. And as stupid as I was when I was younger. And not as poor as I was when I was younger. On a lark, I had a look at the Notice of Race. Now I am totally ignorant of these matters (hence the posting), so things probably have just fine karma going on. I just can't figure out how. Lots of you lot do races, right? To enter the race, you have to pay a A$14,000 entry fee. And if you think you can offset that with a sponsor, well, there's also an A$11,000 sponsor supplement fee! There are no cash prizes for the winner. Well, not out of the entry fees, anyway. There will be a cash prize if a prize sponsor appears. Thirty participants means the organizer collects a minimum of A$420,000. There might also be race sponsors, and of course, yacht sponsors paying that A$11,000 sponsor supplement fee. Where does all this money go? I mean, is this a for-profit thing? Is this how yacht racing normally works? For comparison, I looked up the entry fee for the Sydney-Hobart Race. It's only a fraction of that. The 2017 Notice of Race listed the entry fee at a whopping A$750 (plus A$75 per per crew member). Of course, those boats tend to be wee bit pricier than the ones approved for the Golden Globe...