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  1. mass beatings, rape and murder

    Not possible to arrest her. Diplomatic immunity. Any attempt would create a huge rukus in this part of the world with ASEAN. She is meeting with Turnbull & Shorten (leader of the Opposition) OUTSIDE of the ASEAN group tomorrow. In any case she is only the face of Myanmar. She isn't the elected leader of the country. Only there on show with absolutely NO power. The army still runs the place behind the scenes.
  2. irresponsible gun owners?

    Second hand smoke does not kill 17 kids in 6 minutes. A drunk driving accident might kill 3 or 4 in one incident but people rarely go and drive drunk with the intent to kill as many kids as they can in one go. Nobody "accidently" kills 17 kids in 6 minutes! Or "accidently" kills 50 people in one go in Vegas.
  3. irresponsible gun owners?

    Haven't seen any reports of anybody committing a mass murder with cigarettes or alcohol. They are generally self inflicted "injuries" and rarely cause immediate death. Might do if you managed to drink 2 bottles of JD in an hour. And if a kid gets hold of a bottle of dad's rum at home all he is likely to do is make himself horribly sick & not be able to touch rum again.
  4. Sail ID help

    I know that! Worth asking a sailmaker still. Might be a museum piece.
  5. Sail ID help

    Likely a measured date if it's a class sail. Terylene sails appeared about 1953. By the wrinkles it is synthetic, not cotton. Take it to an older sailmake and ask him. Chances of finding a buyer? .00000001
  6. Adrift Movie

    They usually put the best bits in the trailer - so the rest of the movie must be bloody awful.
  7. Foreign Chemical Attack on British Soil and The U.S. Stays Silent

    I meant I'm not sure there were other countries involved, but nothing would surprise me in the world of espionage.. We probably will never know.
  8. Foreign Chemical Attack on British Soil and The U.S. Stays Silent

    Careful. You're rattling the hyena's cage with that. That will bring the Chihuahua Meli out yapping around as well. She likes to run behind the pack. Not sure of the "false flag" attack. Sceptical about the Telegraph report as well. How could they ensure delivery to the target by planting it in her luggage? If that was the means to get the stuff into the UK, surely a government would use the diplomatic bag - more reliable & secret. Didn't the yanks have him after the prisoner exchange? He was part of a US/Russia spy swap. Maybe they know stuff they're not talking about. Might explain the slow reaction. There are 300 probably pissed off ex spooks that Skripal exposed. Any one of them might be responsible. In the meantime, it is a great distraction from the Brexit mess. WE had a Prime Minister a while back (arsehole Keating) who had a good trick that the media fell for EVERY time. Whenever he was under pressure for some Labour screw-up he would announce to the country "Time to change the flag - get rid of the Union Jack". (he was bog-Irish and hated the Poms) That guaranteed to distract the whole country from his screw-ups.
  9. irresponsible gun owners?

    If it should happen again in your presence, and it is probably likely, as much as it would be difficult to do, do as the medics did. Don't touch him until he gives up his gun. If you tried to take the gun, and he resisted, it might go off and shoot him, or anyone else in the room. Where would you stand then under the law?
  10. Guns on Boats

  11. Guns on Boats

    Unless they drop off the rear tug at each lock. Once the ship is in they won't need it.
  12. Adrift Movie

    OK I get it now..... I overlooked the ex.
  13. Adrift Movie

    Only if you want to go sailing alone. Unless she is a Volvo RTW sailor.
  14. Adrift Movie

    Whomper. Couldn't sit thru that crap all the way. An insult to the guys it supposedly portrayed. Watched this trailer 3 times. In different shots boat has white sails, tan sails, red sails. Shot of her using a sextant with the star viewer in broad daylight, and it was pointing about 5 - 7 degrees below the horizon. At least the arm was somewhere mid arc. Several times shots of the biggest wave EVER. Straight out of that (fiction) movie years ago about the cruise ship Poseidon that capsized. I won't waste money going to see it.
  15. Foreign Chemical Attack on British Soil and The U.S. Stays Silent

    I'm in North QLD. It IS "all hat - no cattle". I've heard it used here. Could well have come from Texas .........