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  1. I live here with that floating wreak in my waters so I can complain, is it the business of someone around the world. Maybe not
  2. Right now someone is halfway through looking at thousands of boats with the intent on building his own design
  3. the FH will become a reef
  4. Did he make further then tin can??
  5. There is no place to haul that barge where it was. It was not destroyed because I saw the "raccoon" boat that picks up debris from water and it's pile of water garbage. The current by itself was strong enough to suck it out to sea on a ebb without any motors. I would bet that it would have run aground if going up the delta during last weeks big tide swings, the bay is more shallow then it looks
  6. I went to a canvas shop last Monday and noticed it was not where it was, thought it might have moved. Yes it's been very calm the few weeks, glassy bay with the only recent wind on Sunday with around 12-16 at the gate ( I sailed out in it) we have had " king" tides this last week, big 6-7 foot changes, the ebb would have sucked that barge out fast. I don't know how a outboard could control it out in open ocean???? Coast guard rescue soon I bet
  7. It will be there till it rots with the other rotting boats
  8. It's raining now with wind out of the south. Trouble for anchor outs gusts to maybe 30 on sat
  9. Big tide swings this week, the FH will be sitting in mud like the pig it is
  10. How about cutting it up and using a peice on key ring as a float?? I want mine to have part of the name on it. The SA version of the pet rock - brilliant!
  11. You have never seen it in person
  12. what kind of fish? Beat me to it. Although I do like the Wheeeeeee! el.riiiiight..... 7 to 1 scope with 98 rode? Why not 70 feet?
  13. sfsd /lowmc e,dcq.c . D/ d. .d .d' edl;dlmfnfnifhni3499340930ejpmslsm
  14. Change your location to anchored in a field of somewhat floating shacks