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  1. KRC

    Deaf Man Sues Pornhub

    This is no laughing matter. How else is the poor sod supposed to know if the guy is there to fix the cable or the leaky pipe??
  2. KRC

    senior HS quotes

    ...Or anyone on the yearbook committee who would let it go to print.
  3. KRC

    Home Depot? Just lost my Bizz

    Problem is, he forgot to present his "I-spend-a-boatload-of-cash-here-at-Home-Depot" Platinum membership card. Then he would have gotten the respect he deserved. But, you know, this stupid Millennial just should have known.
  4. KRC

    Collapsing buildings

    Construction trades are becoming a lost art across the country. For decades now, kids have been brainwashed into thinking college is the only way to become successful, and that only mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers go into construction. Construction companies are left scraping the bottom of the barrel for anyone with a pulse to do the dirty work that no one wants to do or knows how to do. I'll save my thoughts on the current state of colleges in the US for PA, but I think that's a large contributing factor as well.
  5. KRC

    City art

    Seattle's got a bunch, too. Some have been around for decades, but many are fairly recent, painted within the last 5-10 years. 8, 9, and 20 on the list are near where I used to live.
  6. KRC

    Save the planet, eat a baby!

    the Soylent Green New Deal
  7. KRC

    Best speech or monologue in a movie

    Always liked this one...
  8. KRC

    Vancouver Island Recommendations

    Try this site for places to hike: When in May will they be there? Memorial Day weekend is the Swiftsure Race which starts and finishes in Victoria. They could take a short hike down to Clover Point and watch the starts. It's fun to be around the inner harbor pre-race as well. It's a bit like Port Huron before the Mack with all the hustle and bustle of boats getting ready, just smaller. As for food, I've eaten at a number of different restaurants serving myriad cuisines in Victoria. I can't recall any bad experiences at any of them. Our crew usually goes to the Sticky Wicket Pub for our pre-race dinner. Excellent pub grub. Cora just across the street is a nice place for breakfast. Additionally, I've done touch-and-go's at a number of other ports around the island when I did the Van Isle 360 race in 2017. Ucluelet was my favorite stop. Nice small town, very hospitable and friendly.
  9. KRC

    Darwin strikes again

    "Baby, what are the chances of you and me getting married?" "Don't hold your breath."
  10. KRC

    annoying use of the language

    Kids go to school. Grown-ups go to work. Smart people go to college. Bad people go to prison, or to jail. Religious people go to church. Lawyers go to court. So, why shouldn't sick people go to hospital?
  11. KRC

    Stupid Airports

    +1. I spent a 12-hour delay there once just a couple of years ago. The fact that I had to pay for Wi-Fi puts EWR at the top of my list of stupid airports. Must be the only airport in the developed world that does that. On the bright side, the airline (Alaska) had managed to re-book most of the pax onto other flights. By the time we took off, there were only about half a dozen pax remaining in cattle class, (which had originally been nearly full) and the FA's were giving away all the food and booze for free.
  12. KRC

    Round The County 2017

    Hi Anarchists, This may be a long shot, but worth a try anyways: At the tent party on Saturday in Roche Harbor, someone made off with my jacket (I hope by accident). It is a black Musto jacket with my name on the inside. On the left breast, there is a dove logo with "Pax3 J109" embroidered underneath. The last I saw it, it was on a chair in the dining area of the tent, close to the BBQ area. If anyone here does happen to be in possession of it, please PM me to make arrangements to return it. I'd also appreciate it if anyone reading this could pass it on to fellow crew as well to get as many eyes on it as possible. Sincerest thanks, KRC
  13. KRC

    Electrical engineering internship

    I was an engineering intern about 10 years ago. I was paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $14/hr. That was decent pay, considering I was living in Indiana, where a reasonably nice apartment only cost about $300 - $400 a month. Adjust for inflation and geography. Glassdoor is a good starting point, but bear in mind that everything you read on that site is anecdotal...and it's the internet. If she is comparing competing offers, I'd recommend she go to her school's career office and see if they can put her in touch with any alumni who currently work for the companies she is considering. She should then try to set up informational interviews with those folks and ask questions about the company: What is the culture like? Does the company offer personal development programs, like leadership training, etc.? Is there generally a good work/life balance? What is the management like? Do they focus more on employees or the bottom line? What are the company's values? Do the managers embody those values? Does the management inspire/encourage people to perform well, or do they just crack the whip? Is your work challenging/rewarding? Have they worked with interns before? If so, what kind of work did they do? What is a typical day-in-the-life of an intern? Ask for specific examples. Asking questions like these will help her decide which company is the best fit for her.
  14. KRC

    Crappy Foods Everone Claims to Love

    Natto (pronounced "NOT toe"). Supposedly it has health benefits. But whatever it's supposed to cure or prevent can't be as bad as natto. This is a food that offends all five senses.