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  1. Cunningham Eye

    J70, cheating and pros

    Seems like this class has gone the way of the J24's back in the 80's & 90's. The Etchells had th same issues with keels positioned oddly in the 90's. As the sun rose and set on the Jays on the handstand at the 1988 Worlds at Royal Sydney YS you could see through some of the hullls above the waterline better than others while certain boats were craned in with people on board to hide the waterline attitude some of the boats had. Everyone knew but it's the application of rules that matter s and it's good to see this happening anywhere in sailing.
  2. It all needs to add up to 42.
  3. Cunningham Eye

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    I love your concept. I have seriously thought of a Moth or Wazp but as a Master, the thought of balancing about or sitting in the water capsized between races is not appealing. Your boat is a good choice and well thought out concept. I do wonder however that as foiling is the the new paradigm of possible perfection in the sport and a demonstration of what hydronamics can do, why then do both of the new serious foiling options have wishbones that completely stuff up the air flow and shape of the sails in your case for almost 30% of the functional area and dispense with any search for perfection above the deck? Basically, I suggest that the wishbones look stupid and clumsy and leave both boats open to someone in the future with a decent sail configuration option . Your straight wishbone configuration and the mess it makes of the sail is enough to turn me off a purchase - Please at least put some bent wishbones on the commercial version to let the sail look and work better. It will most certainly make it faster than it currently is. As an industrial designer I think you should also reassess the physical design of the craft and make the hulls look more A class style and the overall configuration more lightweight and stylish. Or else someone else will do so and with a real rig on it, they will have a very good market entry position.