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  1. Those guys surfing Nazare either have balls the size of coconuts or brains the size of peanuts. Regardless a true example of human braveness or stupidty...
  2. CaptainAhab

    Tabbing in bulkhead, advice on cloth

    Nothing sticks to polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon without some serious love & caring. Beyond surface finish of using peel ply, the other two advantages are removal of excess resin & very little surface prep for further bonding.
  3. CaptainAhab

    Olympic classes support in the USA

    The US has very little cohesive infrastructure in place from the bottom to the top. AU & UK have it on paper. They have specific pathways and are supported on a state & national level. There are various squads & teams at the junior & youth levels which receive world class coaching. All of that is at reduced or subsidized rates. In the US it simply does not exist. We were paying $250 for a 2 day 420 clinic in 1990 in New England. Compare our Opti guys to the US guys. Its a massive disparity at all levels.
  4. CaptainAhab

    Dyneema for guy ropes

    You can avoid the creep issues of Dyneema if you oversize the line. It should never see the loads required for it to creep. The UV issue is more important. You really need a cover/jacket.
  5. CaptainAhab

    What's Australian for "Polysulfide Sealant"?

    Sika makes a few high movement/flexible/low shear strength polyureathanes. They would be similar to the polysulphide.
  6. CaptainAhab

    Youth evolution in sailing

    You have obviously never sailed a digital S/N team sailing course. You barely have enough time to play with yourself forget about a bunch of lines to adjust this and that. Its all about tactics and short distance boat speed. While you are fondling you mast ram, I'll be sitting on your hip sucking your wind until you beg me to stop. Please say "Daddy"
  7. CaptainAhab

    Turbo Opti

    "Everyone agrees they are a crap boat". I'm confused are you writing about a Bic, an Opti, or a ridiculous Franken Opti. Somehow some of the best international sailors in Oz & NZ support the Bics. Somehow the majority of my coaching friends in Hawaii, and the States think they are fantastic. They are all international level coaches/sailors and all of their kids are sailing Bics. I guess if you only listen to yourself, then everyone agrees they are a crap boat.
  8. CaptainAhab

    Turbo Opti

    It's for the Opti kid that wants an Open Bic. Its for the Opti Parent that due to parental pear pressure and plain stupidity won't move their kid on from Opti to Bics. The other option would be to sell your Opti racing machine. Then take that money and upgrade to a Bic or other faster more challenging boat.
  9. CaptainAhab

    almost a boat yard disaster

    Back in the early 80's there was a boat builder's shop down in one of the boatyards. They were a really good poly/glass shop and had a fire start in the main shed. The local volunteer fire department is 3 minutes up the street. It was getting serious when they arrived on site. My Dad and another guy tossed a 55 gallon drum of acetone in the river. They were afraid it would have burnt down the entire yard and possibly the small village in which it was located if it had blown.
  10. CaptainAhab

    almost a boat yard disaster

    There would have been a warning on the can. Literacy isn't common anymore...
  11. CaptainAhab

    Making a new dagger-board - why rip and glue?

    I wouldn't waste time or money on perfect plank. Vertical grain(quarter sawn) western red cedar is readily available at most decent lumber yards in the US. Even here in AU we use enough of it that its easy to pull a few sticks out of a small pile of boards. Interestingly we use wrc to build doors and windows for houses. Rarely used in the US for such things. People piss themselves when they find an old plank of "Oregon" which is just Doug Fir. They are stunned that the US still frames better houses with it. The old stuff here isn't anything special by any means. Just rare here on the other side of the planet. The crazy thing is most of the old "Oregon" comes out of older houses. Ours was built in 1972 and had huge doug fir beams in the roof.
  12. The West guys typically recommend 80 grit abrasion. This does three things it increases the surface area. It removes any dodgy debris and it increases the overall glueline. Conventional woodworking glues like PVA like thin glue lines. The epoxies do not. The mottled surface when you take off peel ply is a very good surface. Clean and that texture ensures plenty of epoxy. You've got really stiff brittle carbon/epoxy part bonded to the same thing. I would go for a similar hard resin. Like a good epoxy high density filler or a methylacrylate like Plexus.
  13. CaptainAhab

    Spraying the inside

    I know everyone else is thinking it, so I ask it. I've never heard of anyone spraying any top coat over epoxy primer without sanding. The 72 hour window would only help if it was an epoxy paint, which in theory would chemically bond with the primer. 72 hours is a hell of a longtime to expect a green spray finish. Wet System would say nah with their straight epoxy. The reason why we spray is for better finish. Otherwise rolling and tipping gives excellent results. That is in ideal spray conditions like a hull. You are in a tight enclosed space. The overspray will be hard to control. Spraying primer never gives an ideal base coat. What about orange peel, runs, dust, overspray. The whole plan makes no sense. Brush roll and tip the primer. Fill and sand out the defects. brush and roll the interior. Once again its the interior of a boat.
  14. CaptainAhab

    Our racers don't drink enough

    "Racing is a benefit of membership" This is not an appropriate method of costing. The user pays the cost. The non racers are currently subsidizing the racing side of the club. We have a per race fee for members and non members. The annual fee to save the guys money who are going to race regardless is backwards logic. If you tell someone new it will cost $100 annual fee to race when they don't know how to race or are not positive is going to turn them off. If you make a per race then new comers have a small $5 or $10 fee. Inform the racers that they need to start funding the club's race costs. Fuel for the powerboats, trophies and all the other stuff no one sees. 17 races @ $5 = $85 (members) $5 per race or $75 for the series 17 races @ $10 = $170(non members) $10 per race or $150 for the series Food costs go up. Tell them we haven't raised the price of food in 5 years. The club needs the support. In most clubs the owners are members and often the crews are not or a mixture. Speak with the owners and plead your case. Encourage them to encourage their crew to support the racing series by food & drink. If the owners only buys enough beer for the ride in then the crew needs to buy it on shore at your bar.
  15. CaptainAhab

    Making a new dagger-board - why rip and glue?

    You need to look at the end grain of the wood. You are trying to configure the grain in the correct orientation. If you look at the end of a 2 x 6 board in theory it could look like a semicircle. As it gets wet or takes on moisture the grain lines try to straighten themselves. This causes cupping. If you take the plank and rip it into 3 pieces. Flip the middle one push them tight together. Now the grain line looks like an S. This is more stable than the original board. Cedar comes from very big trees. Typically big enough that the grain can be completely vertical or horizontal. Hardwood & Softwood trees are much smaller so the lumber is more asymmetric. If you are using vertical grain cedar do not bother ripping it into strips.