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  1. CaptainAhab

    Protesting other fleets

    We often sail in mixed fleets on overlapping courses. Often there are these big vintage wooden boats. When one is bearing down on you, my friend likes to say "remember the 1 ton rule". My boat weighs 1 ton and yours doesn't. Stay the fuck out of my way.
  2. CaptainAhab

    Backwards Skiffs?

    It has benefits when pidge poling. She goes deeper. Then pops upright. Its so fast you don't even know you capsized a 14 ft skiff.
  3. CaptainAhab

    Keelboat with short or high boom

    Welcome to SA. The sarcasm will now begin. He's new to sailing. Already wants to raise the boom/gooseneck and likewise cut down the foot of the mainsail. I like him already.
  4. CaptainAhab

    sourcing phenolic or g10 bushing?

    I'm not familiar with PEEK. How does it compare with acetal(Delrin)?
  5. CaptainAhab

    Best paint-safe water-based degreaser?

    simple green
  6. CaptainAhab

    Type of screws to mount clutches on AL mast

    We repainted a 20 yr old awlgrip painted mast(32ft ior). All of the fasteners had been tapped by my friend. He used regular lithium grease. They came out as if I had put them in the day before. Its not like the stuff magically disappears from between the threads.
  7. CaptainAhab

    what is it?

    That's the boat of a super wealthy dude that none of his kids wants to inherit. "No you can have the 3 million dollar yacht, I'll take the Jag"
  8. Those guys surfing Nazare either have balls the size of coconuts or brains the size of peanuts. Regardless a true example of human braveness or stupidty...
  9. CaptainAhab

    Tabbing in bulkhead, advice on cloth

    Nothing sticks to polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon without some serious love & caring. Beyond surface finish of using peel ply, the other two advantages are removal of excess resin & very little surface prep for further bonding.
  10. CaptainAhab

    Olympic classes support in the USA

    The US has very little cohesive infrastructure in place from the bottom to the top. AU & UK have it on paper. They have specific pathways and are supported on a state & national level. There are various squads & teams at the junior & youth levels which receive world class coaching. All of that is at reduced or subsidized rates. In the US it simply does not exist. We were paying $250 for a 2 day 420 clinic in 1990 in New England. Compare our Opti guys to the US guys. Its a massive disparity at all levels.
  11. CaptainAhab

    Dyneema for guy ropes

    You can avoid the creep issues of Dyneema if you oversize the line. It should never see the loads required for it to creep. The UV issue is more important. You really need a cover/jacket.
  12. CaptainAhab

    What's Australian for "Polysulfide Sealant"?

    Sika makes a few high movement/flexible/low shear strength polyureathanes. They would be similar to the polysulphide.
  13. CaptainAhab

    Youth evolution in sailing

    You have obviously never sailed a digital S/N team sailing course. You barely have enough time to play with yourself forget about a bunch of lines to adjust this and that. Its all about tactics and short distance boat speed. While you are fondling you mast ram, I'll be sitting on your hip sucking your wind until you beg me to stop. Please say "Daddy"
  14. CaptainAhab

    Turbo Opti

    "Everyone agrees they are a crap boat". I'm confused are you writing about a Bic, an Opti, or a ridiculous Franken Opti. Somehow some of the best international sailors in Oz & NZ support the Bics. Somehow the majority of my coaching friends in Hawaii, and the States think they are fantastic. They are all international level coaches/sailors and all of their kids are sailing Bics. I guess if you only listen to yourself, then everyone agrees they are a crap boat.
  15. CaptainAhab

    Turbo Opti

    It's for the Opti kid that wants an Open Bic. Its for the Opti Parent that due to parental pear pressure and plain stupidity won't move their kid on from Opti to Bics. The other option would be to sell your Opti racing machine. Then take that money and upgrade to a Bic or other faster more challenging boat.