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  1. CaptainAhab

    Corrosion On Basse of Hall Alu Mast

    The bending happens between the deck and the tip of the mast. I like the G10 base plate. It’s like a Laser mast.
  2. Sucked the gelcoat??? Print thru or telegraphing is when you see the fabric beneath the gelcoat or a high quality spray job. High end dinghy’s like a 49er have print thru on decks because gelcoat is weight so they put the bare minimum. You got what looks to be orange peel caused by a contaminate like silicone. When you see it happening it looks like you throw water into oil. I suspect the mold had a bit of contamination and the gelcoat didn’t stick. Sand off the gelcoat 50mm(2”) beyond the dimples. Use FlowCoat(gelcoat with wax) to replace it.
  3. CaptainAhab

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    Perhaps it’s best to test the wind by pissing into it before coating the boat and oneself with cremated ashes. It kinda ruins what can be a special memorable event in ones life that is rare for most people to experience. I’ll put it in my will that ashes at sea is my final resting place. We got married at sea, so my wife won’t fight it. My kids would enjoy it, like I did with my Dad.
  4. CaptainAhab

    I'm a moron so help me spend my money.

    “Their only potential impact on swimming is on the aerodynamics of the body shape, which is only relevant if one is an Olympic or competitive swimmer.“ I guess he’s thinking butterfly stroke. You want to have low drag tits when you fly thru the air. Apparently it’s more important than the hydrodynamics of having a couple of beach balls strapped to your chest. This is why we should always listen to the experts. Thanks to SA I learned something useful today. Cheers!
  5. CaptainAhab

    Nuclear Sailing

    No. Vestas has the record. Kite & sail are not synonyms.
  6. CaptainAhab

    Sealing footstrap holes

    You haven’t described the details. I’m imagining some webbing(a few layers) The fastener(screw or bolt) goes thru a washer, thru the webbing, a bit of sealant, and into the deck. Assembly the whole thing. Screw in or push in your fastener. Then pull it out a bit. Squirt the goop between the webbing and deck only around the fastener( fo not make a mess. The goop stays in the Countersink. A little bit will get on the last threads. You should use a polysulfide sealant like 3M 101, life caulk or a lower strength polyeurethane made by Sika. Do not use 3M 5200. If you can’t get it out even if you gooped all of the threads, you used the wrong product.
  7. CaptainAhab

    Nuclear Sailing

    Sailing refers to a sail being attached to a hull with a framed rig. It could be a classic sailboat, foiling sailboat, sail board, ice boat, land speeder(?) kites are not sails
  8. CaptainAhab

    Can you buy an old/new sailboat without an MSO?

    You could call up somebody at the DMV and get their opinion. You may be making a big deal about nothing. Or Cali sucks. If that’s the case get a Dremel and cut the number into the transom. Who would know? Who would care?
  9. CaptainAhab

    Upwind Tasar/NS14

    The NS14 has many different hull shape designs. Do you think any of them have improved on the Tasar shape? The open transom and comfy tanks of this NS are a bonus. The biggest difference is the sailplan.Tasar(128ft2) is a lot more go than the NS(100ft2). Or did Frank get it right back in the day with the hull shape.
  10. CaptainAhab

    Sealing footstrap holes

    Drill the holes over sized. Fill with high density thickened epoxy. Either suck up the frustration of thrubolting or Drill and fit #12 self taping screws. Your weight on a couple of #12’s is insignificant if the hull location is decent. Before installation take a countersink bit and make a 2mm deep countersink on the webbing side of the hull. This is where the waterproofing happens. Think about the sealant like an o-ring. You need only a little bit of sealant to make it watertight. Decks leak when people don’t do the countersink thing.
  11. CaptainAhab

    Upwind Tasar/NS14

    Thanks for contributing to SA Julian. I always appreciate a guy who knows the math, yet can explain what it means. Very few people are able.
  12. CaptainAhab

    Upwind Tasar/NS14

    Please come in and educate us. This is my first season in the NS14.
  13. CaptainAhab

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    One shite, dead lobster or fish , a handful of dirt would effect the ocean environment than 1 dead guy’s ashes. Based on this scientific thread roughly 50% of the time you carry some of him back to land on your clothes. To quote my Dad in response to some yahoo complaining about burying his ashes at sea: “Fuck them and the horse they road in on” as well Hawkeye Pearce “Finest kind” and Doc Holiday “I’m your Huckleberry”
  14. CaptainAhab

    Upwind Tasar/NS14

    There is a point at which the board is generating more lift (grip to prevent side slip) than is required. At that point it becomes drag. The lift Increases with the square of the speed of the water flow. Faster the boat moves the less board required. It’s obvious when you look at the size of skiffs or cat’s foils. Years ago I was watching a tuning video for C2 Byte. Excellent video for instructors learning to show sail shape. Ian Bruce(Byte, Laser rig) throws a little gem in the mix. He says that Kirby put an extra inch of length on the Laser daggerboard so it would point well in the light Canadian winds. That is why they point higher than most typical dinghy’s. He says you can pull it up an inch going upwind above design wind speed. You are fighting the rig to point slightly higher at a reduced speed. I have no idea if anyone ever does it.
  15. CaptainAhab

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    We splashed my Dad in LI Sound seven years ago. 40’ sailboat with 8 friends and family. Very special memories. We did a big ceremony in the cemetery with a headstone for show. It never occurred to me to ask permission to throw a few handfuls in the ocean. Do any of those fuckers ask to throw sewage, plastic, or apple cores in the drink? What about pissing off the back of the boat? This is definitely one of those fuck you moments in one’s life.