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  1. CaptainAhab

    Broken off cobalt steel drill

    In the future. Flatten the top with an end mill. Use a left hand drill bit to spin it out. Easy outs suck. It was a mistake to try to drill a hard fastener out of a soft substrate. The chance of snapping the bit or having it wander into the alloy is very high. It’s like trying to drill a stud out of an engine block. Almost guaranteed to fuckup at least one of them.
  2. CaptainAhab

    Lightweight Interior Construction Ideas We used those balsa/glass panels. 1/2” thick 4’x8’ sheets. Very nice. Wicked strong & flat.
  3. CaptainAhab

    Herd Immunity or Culling The Herd?

    What is your plan for the US? Sweden’s original goal was herd immunity. Any steps they took like isolating some of their most at risk and encouraging their other citizens to become infected were the methods by which they thought they could safely gain herd immunity. That is a fact. Please give examples of herd immunity. Vaccinating the majority of a population is technically herd immunity, but that is not what we are discussing. Developing antibodies by infecting the population is not the same as vaccinating the population. The end result is similar but one hurts many people. specific virus???
  4. CaptainAhab

    Herd Immunity or Culling The Herd?

    I don’t have a bias. I simply read shite and interpret it without preconceived notions. I would be very pleased to see something that disputes any of my current opinions. You have not shown me something. In my 3 minute news search I couldn’t find anything close to 20% infection rate in Sweden. The only reason their stats have improved is due to their institution of strict controls. Those are currently much tighter than their neighbors. I do not understand why you would use Sweden as an example of success. Herd immunity(they stopped using it as their primary deterrent weeks ago) is an abject failure. This is 3 days old. Nice and short up to date about Sweden. Every article I’ve read is the same. What is your plan to deal with Covid? You’ve simply disputed everyone’s comments . What example of successful herd immunity of other viruses do you have in mind?
  5. CaptainAhab

    Herd Immunity or Culling The Herd?

    It’s probable that there will not be a vaccine for 12-18 months. The end of the year ones are RNA based. There have been zero successful RNA vaccines...ever of any kind. Herd immunity is 70-90%. The rough mortality of Covid is 1%. Permanently damaged might be another few percent. That is a lot of dead people. Herd immunity can work relatively well in a theoretical vacuum. In the real world it doesn’t. Look at the outbreaks in the States of measles in recent years. 99.9% of kids are vaccinated. Only the antivaxers that happen to live near each other don’t have their kids vaccinated. In a country that in theory doesn’t have measels gets it and it goes like wildfire thru the unvaccinated. The idea is to somehow keeping all of the old people from perishing While the rest of the population gets it. Herd immunity is a fallacy. Please give me a good example of it working. Currently, the two countries that tried it have had the highest mortality. Sweden went full stupid, heaps died and as of 3 weeks ago Stockholm had 7% infected. Fuck of a lot more need to die to get to 80%. The UK has proved successfully that they have the most incompetent government in history. If you read the stats they have the highest mortality by percentage in the world.(3 times the US) The American hubris will be their downfall. So many stupid people who simply do not give a fuck. They have hit a level of exponential growth that will not end until there is a vaccine. When that comes no one knows.
  6. CaptainAhab

    Centerboard Trunk Repair

    The close up pics are good. You need to take pictures from further away. Give us some idea of the extent and actual location. Obviously zooming in is possible. Zooming out is not possible.
  7. CaptainAhab

    Centerboard Trunk Repair

    Take some better pics
  8. Nylon is very slippery. It’s got one of the lowest coefficients of friction. Comparable to polyethylene. Same problem as a bearing material. Soft. Delrin(Acetal) is the go. Strong easy to machine. Nylon is a great material when reinforced with glass fibre. Harken & Ronstan use it for the cheeks on their blocks.
  9. You might be able to have them turned by a machinist with a lathe. Delrin(acetyl) plastic might be better with carbon vs metal.
  10. No. Stainless washers are sloppy out of the box. Likewise I wouldn’t bury a piece of metal inside composite unless it was a chunk of aluminium like they do on high-end bikes. The more typical way would be to have a couple of bushings made up. The holes are enlarged as the bushings have larger external flanges. If it’s a 1/4” bolt the bushing would be 1/2” the flange would be 3/4”. It distributes the load. Limits the damage to the composite. Gets rid of washers.
  11. CaptainAhab

    Carbon fibre mast maintenance

    Whoa Me thinks this guy does Cochran reviews for scientific journals. There’s a bit of meta analysis going on there.
  12. The flex gives you a nicer ride. Kinda like an older car with radially tuned suspension. Modern stiff race boats are loud and either cut or smash thru the waves. The only place I’d consider stiffening a boat after she was built would be around the mast/step/shrouds Sometimes the designers are a little too confident in their layups.
  13. CaptainAhab

    Tack in place with G/5?

    West has stated that you can mix G/Flex with 105. They have similar curing times. I’m surprised that the super fast cure G/5 doesn’t somehow mess with the much slower curing 105. I don’t doubt Vegas, I’m surprised. At some point in time after System3 and MAS recommended mixing their fast & slow hardeners together to make a medium cure . West confirmed that it was fine to mix their hardeners together as well. This was in the 105 resin system. They do not mention it in any literature or even the Construction book to my recollection. We have a brand called BoteCote here in AU that has a small bottle of accelerator available. It’s used with their regular 2:1 system.
  14. CaptainAhab

    Anchor chain hole

    Is it possible to locate it somewhere that won’t try to decapitate one’s appendages? I was under the impression that is a standard feature.
  15. CaptainAhab

    Laying 1708 overhead

    Like usual Gouv speaks some truth marinated in BS. The West gelcoat peel strength test is more than enough evidence that gelcoat sticks as well or better to cured epoxy vs cured poly. I choose to use epoxy 95% of the time when repairing poly boats because I hate poly. The stink, the headache, the speed factor required at times(It’s warm here in AU). However, if I’m having to repair the underside of an Olson 25 cabin house, please pass me the poly. Put on the respirator slap up some laminating resin and stick every layer dry to it. You will finish it quickly. Drink a couple of beers and move on to another project where you can use the epoxy and enjoy doing it. We all know structurally it will be the strongest area when it’s done. Regardless if you use poly or epoxy.