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  1. Sometimes, there are repairs that require a different approach. In general we are fixing holes. The easiest way to see how the small patch first thing is incorrect is to imagine a panel say 1/2" thick. Bore straight thru it with a 4" hole saw. Grind it at a 45 degree bevel(1:12 is ideal) just so the mistake is obvious. Cut your pieces. Tape a nonstick backing block. You put the smallest piece in first but it doesn't quite make it up the bevel all around. In some places it goes up. In some places it misses. Everywhere you miss is filled by pure resin (no strength). You keep going layer by layer and you miss overlaps every time. The correct method is to cut the first piece bigger than the hole is deep. The fiber will extend out past the ground part after it is wetted. Next piece is a bit smaller. Fibers are always laying across the previous layer. No voids, no puddles of resin. The first big layer bonds old to new but also eliminates bad spots in the repair. The key is the cured mess should protrude past the original panel and then you grind it back. You don't add filler because you didn't add enough fiber. You add filler for fairing and painting.
  2. The Foiling Bic is not new. The Hawaiian Bic guys were foiling at the end of 2015. In AU the foils are $5K. The Laser costs $10K. The Bic costs $4K. When the foils cost more than the hull,rig,sail and dolly combined it requires a pause.
  3. He could paint the foils orange and be back in the game.
  4. Our weather in AU is getting more fucked up as the years progress. Winds from the wrong direction, completely overcast skies. Jet streams all over the place. Winds aloft have little or no bearing on surface winds. Accurate forecasting is near impossible. I always figure if they can't predict the direction then they definitely can't predict the velocity. How fucked is the weather in your waters?
  5. What are you talking about???
  6. Looks like a big ass Open Bic. They need a bigger bow handle.
  7. I did a t I did a taste test about 20 years ago on penetrating lubricants. We have moulder/shaper heads that super high tolerance screws holding the gibs in which holds the knives in the head. We are talking 2 to 4 jam screws holding in 5/16 M2 steel knives spinning 10k rpm. The threads in the fasteners and gibs are line on line. When you finally get them to break free with a t-handle allen wrench they go bang. We went thru all of the usual suspects of lube, penetrating fluids. Kroil was so obviously the best we only use that for all penetrating problems. It beats the old ATF/acetone hands down.
  8. Its all good until it gets wet and you slip out of the fuckin thing. One of my buddies did that to a 21ft antique racing boat. After the first race I told him to put down 3m nonskid tape or I wouldn't sail again. The next week we had black nonskid tape. It was a nice contrast with the varnished wood.
  9. Marblehead is 43 min according to Google. You should find a few boats there. 6'2" 83kg is ideal to sail Laser full rigs. Looks like they still have an active fleet in Marblehead.
  10. The fact that its poly has little or nothing to do with its absolutely shite performance in an exterior environment. Forget using it on a boat. It fails quickly on an exterior door. Minwax Helmsman has very little UV protection.
  11. The European abrasive papers are technically superior to the vast majority of the US products. The Euro is graded at 90% grit size. Meaning the 100 grit is 90% 100 grit. The typical US and Asian stuff is 50% at best. That's why 60 grit discs from the hardware store have obviously different size grits. The pro grade 3m products are not made in the US for the most part. They are made in Canada or Europe. The brands I prefer are Mirka and Klingspor(German). Their products are as good or better than the pro grade 3m and cost substantially less. Its interesting where all of these abrasives and cutters are made. The best jigsaw blades are Swiss. They are sold by Bosch, Makita and many of the usual suspects.
  12. Its part of a BMW/Oracle ad campaign. Slingsby steers the 45 thru the wall next. 5 time Laser World champion needed a new boat and wanted it to be as strong as his BMW. That BMW was added to the wall afterwards. The front end would have been destroyed.
  13. My 11 year old son was playing around in the garage. Hoisting himself with a bunch of old blocks and a chinese fake Wichard 50mm snap shackle. It bent the first time he picked himself up. The Wichard one are rated for atleast 200kg. He weighed 45kg. Your's may not rust because its supposedly 316. But it may bend like a limp dick because it is not heat treated or hardened. I see, will be careful to chose. In AU the Wichard 50mm are $14. The fake ones are $6. I only use the fake ones for my key chain. The spring sucks so bad I don't even like playing with it. The are another example of Chinese shite. We've now got 302 decking screws. The are magnetic and rust if you look at them too long. The don't cost less than the 304's.
  14. You are assuming that the majority of the fibers of the old and new holes are directly in a straight line. There by severing the continuous fibers.The reality is this should not be the case. Simply because the fibers are not in that orientation. Please describe how your theoretical failure will occur. What will the damage look like? Most of the bolted failures I've seen in similar situations are when you get movement of the fasteners which crush the sides of the holes. The vast majority of those failures could have been prevented by oversizing the hole, filling it with thickened epoxy, and drilling it out. Making an in the place hard bushing.
  15. FarEast 28R