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  1. Oceanconcepts

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    ^^^ What he said. I was convinced I would need to replace the cabin sole veneers on my old Aphrodite 101. A good cleaning and sanding revealed a surface that looked pretty good, and served for quite a few years. Of course, if the veneers are actually gone or peeling, that's another story.
  2. Oceanconcepts

    What To Do With This Cabin Sole

    What level of woodworking skills and equipment do you have or have access to? If you can get access to a good tablesaw or bandsaw and some healthy boards you can rip thin planks- maybe between 1/8” and 3/16” or so- that can be epoxied down over your existing floorboards- after they get a good sanding and cleaning, that is. It’s not a particularly hard task and should yield great looking results. If you can give up on the alternating light/ dark teak and holly appearance the job will be a lot easier. There are plenty of woods that that are not anywhere near as expensive as teak and will be fine if left minimally finished for better traction below. A good hardwood lumber supplier, like Crosscut in Seattle or Edensaw in PT can help. I’m currently using resawn Cumaru decking to replace some worn cockpit seats, it’s very similar in appearance to teak, but a little less dimensionally stable. Check out Kris Cringle’s posts #16 and on in this thread Looking for Teak lats - can you help? Where he built a spectacular new cockpit out of ipe. Nothing wrong with paint, but if the boat is otherwise in good shape and you want a wood sole, it should be very doable.
  3. Oceanconcepts

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Maybe not duct tape, that falls apart pretty quickly. A sacrificial fabric sleeve to prevent chafe, or Rescue tape, which has many uses. https://www.amazon.com/Rescue-Tape-Self-fusing-Silicone-Clamshell/dp/B001JT0ET8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1526319235&sr=8-3&keywords=rescue+tape+self-fusing+silicone+tape
  4. Oceanconcepts

    Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    That sounds much more reasonable with the endorsement. Apparently that endorsement is not available in Washington state- or wasn't when I asked. I hear you about the sailing season- my season, and my boat projects, just took a big hit last week when I broke my right scapula while staging an impromptu test of bike helmet efficacy. Fortunately he helmet worked very well, but my right arm isn't working much at all. And the left is not much better. Hope the SC harbor stays tsunami free, and also free of anchovy invasions- I grew up in Carmel, and lived in Santa Cruz from starting college in '70 through the late '80's, minus a few side excursions. That's where I started sailing bigger boats.
  5. Oceanconcepts

    Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    I will second this. I had to come up with very specific scenarios, lay them out clearly, and the phone representative had to have a lengthy consult with a supervisor before I could get an answer. The result was that for an older boat that is damaged but not a total loss, my coverage would have been a maximum of 20% of the cost of repair, less my deductible. No mention was made of any distinction between parts and labor. In any case, "Parts" doesn't have much relevance to a 47 year old one-off sailboat with damage to the hull. Is the hull a "part"? Interior cabinetry? I'd look carefully at the language in this waiver. My State Farm policy is explicit about covering repairs to put damage back to previous condition. The deductible they explicitly apply is to electronics, which to me is totally understandable.
  6. Oceanconcepts

    Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    I think the only reason that anyone with an older boat would continue with a Boat US policy is if they didn't know that the coverage had changed. I'm also in the Seattle area, and got much better and less expensive coverage from State Farm. None of the other quotes I got had anything like the Boat US deductible for older boats.
  7. Oceanconcepts

    Shore power installation question

    Our marina was just emergency rewired with ELCI's on pedestals, power was off for a few weeks in the process. On our dock they measured 740 mA, in fresh water, which I gather is very far above the lethal level... and I had been swimming around our boat last summer. The problem was apparently in the marina wiring. I have two A/C sub panels on my Blue Seas panel, which I don't fully understand yet. The boat has a Pathfinder inverter / charger on one panel, the other seems to have just galley and cabin outlets. What I find now is that I can switch on either of the A/C sub panels alone and I'm fine, but if I switch on both together the ELCI on the dock trips. I haven't really looked at it enough to understand what might be happening. But if anyone has trouble shooting suggestions for where to start I'll enlist my wife, who is the electrical engineer in the family. I do have a galvanic isolator as well.
  8. Oceanconcepts

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Good point- It think almost everywhere I have used it in exterior applications it's been over epoxy or epoxy-glass coated surfaces, as a UV layer. It's probably not very good for surfaces where there is a lot of movement or moisture changes. House trim would be a prime example. That said, I had that rowing boat uncovered on an open float for seven or eight years and the coating still looked good, not bad for a bright finish. But that was a hull that was fully encapsulated in epoxy and glass.
  9. Oceanconcepts

    Mainsail tuning

    I have a similar sail, cut so the angle between luff and foot is greater than 90°- causing boom droop unless the flattening reef in in. The flattening reef takes it up to about 90°. My assumption was that this was intentional, releasing the flattening reef would allow the sail to be fuller for reaching and running, and that for upwind the flattening reef would pretty much always be in. An older delivery main I have is not cut this way, but is also a couple of feet short of full hoist and made from material with the approximate flexibility of boiler plate. The general foot-to-luff angle would seem to be independent of the fit of the sail to a particular boat, and more related to the way the sail was intended to be used. But I invite correction from the more knowledgeable.
  10. Oceanconcepts

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    I can't comment on other water based finishes, but I have used System Three's WR-LPU clear finish in several exterior, exposed applications and it's held up incredibly well. Mostly I have applied it over an epoxy layer, and in one case (a rowing boat interior) over a clear epoxy-glass layer. It's a bit temperature sensitive in that you don't want it to be too hot- it needs time to level. A cool, humid day is best. https://www.systemthree.com/products/wr-lpu-polyurethane-topcoat https://www.amazon.com/System-Three-1801K16-Urethane-Coating/dp/B00BR2KN5M/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1523384272&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=system+three+clear+WR-LPU&psc=1
  11. Oceanconcepts

    Morning Cloud III

    Oh, those wooden interior shots do look familiar. My own S&S recovery project, #2062, Pathfinder was overall Sydney-Hobart winner in 1971, I believe just ahead of one of the Morning Clouds.
  12. Oceanconcepts

    Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    Interesting. My policy, which was BoatUS, did not include such an endorsement. And when I talked to the representative and asked the specific question (they needed to put me on hold and get the answer from a superior) they confirmed that the depreciation would apply, and that I would be covered for a maximum of 20% of the cost of any repairs. I wonder if this is something that varies by state?
  13. Oceanconcepts

    Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    I think it is different. The GEICO policy language now in force through Boat US- and confirmed by their representative when I talked to them directly with this question- makes it clear that for repairs they will cover a maximum of 20% of the cost, less deductible, if the boat is older than 28 years. It's a 10% decrease in coverage for each year past 20. From the language you could have just rebuilt the vessel from stem to stern, it wouldn't matter. It would not matter if your rig was brand new. If the boat is over 20 years old your coverage for damage is less each passing year. For a total loss they would cover up to the agreed value. From your experience and others related upthread, it seems that when BOAT US polices were being underwritten by CNA (up until 2 years ago, I believe) they covered the actual cost of repairs less the deductible on both new and older boats. There may have been allowances for depreciation on things like sails and electronics, but they paid to put things back in something like the state they were in before the loss. That's apparently not what the GEICO policy does. I asked the Boat US representative: If I had a pristine, newly restored but older boat, and it suffered hull damage that would cost $10,000 to repair to the pre-accident state, what would my maximum coverage be? The answer was $2,000, less my deductible. From stories above and others I have heard over the years it seems that under CNA the coverage would have been $10,000 less the deductible. For owners of older boats this is a very significant change.
  14. Oceanconcepts

    Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    I did not. The other quote I received (underwritten by Markel) was for only a little more money, but with an exclusion for anything to do with the rig. This was apparently because of the age of the boat and the wood hull- other boats might be rated differently. I stopped when I determined the State Farm policy would meet my needs- I have number of business and personal policies with them now and like and trust the agent, who is just down the road and has given me good advice in the past.
  15. Oceanconcepts

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Yep, I expect it goes back to telling stories around the fire in the mouth of the cave. It helps to remember it sometimes when you are in the middle of one of those experiences that will make a great story, someday.