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  1. Barn Find Cal 40

    I'm curious about when the made the change in things that have us talking about sensible uses of money and sailboats in the same sentence...or even the same language. Cal 40 rocks! If you have the "I need a Cal 40 disease", they are the only know cure. The sensible use of money has zero to do with it. If you've got the disease and can afford the cure...why stay sick on minute longer? >Dog out.
  2. Boat names

    Fujimo is the Wayne Gretzky of boat names. Long list of potential second place winners on many, many SA threads .
  3. Best boat for light air lake sailing

    Choate 27 is lethal in light air.
  4. new low

    really - your first move is to litigate this in public. Great idea. Good for sailing, respectful to the other party, puts your crew in a positive light, sets the right example for new comers to our sport and sure to impress the kids. Well done!
  5. Best Sail Material for sport boat, sailing PHRF

    I think we are talking PHRF here so no nationals and I may have heard the word affordable used as well while I'd definately ask the national champions what they are buying, I'd use that as the "what not to buy option". In terms of getting these most most for your buck, the approach I've taken is as follows: 1) make sure you have a good / great head sail for your dominatant STARTING conditions. Upwind speed is most important at the start so you best bang for the buck is the speed you need to get clear off the line. Aim for something that gives your "very good" over 2 - 3 years vs the material that fastet but needs replacing after a hard season. 2) Not sure what your sailing in / on but don't be afraid to consider dacron on the mainsail. Durability is a huge factor here - you can spend more but getting longiviity from this sail will free up loads of budget over a 3 - 5 year period. 3) Keep your kites fresh. You may cycle through a couple head sails during a race but your principal kite tends to be the same across a pretty good range and they matter more than most people realize. Again, fine tune this toward your dominant sailing condition. 4) Another factor is your boat, what conditions your racing in and who your looking to beat / what performance gaps your looking to fill. You may want speciality reaching, light air or running sails. Its possible to get a back advantage by having just the right package for specific conditions. Think carefully about your racing plans / conditions / competition and find an edge. 5) Ive listed it last but its really #1 - find a sail maker who has a fast product...competitive with the top lofts...and who you can trust to help you make the tradeoffs. You'll know you have the right dude when he tries to talk uyou out of spending money and asks lots of questions about the bigger pciture, whats the longer term budget, etc and is willing to recommend investments in items other than sails to improve performance. Talk openly and listen carefully.
  6. Wilderness 30 Info Desired

    Picking up Special Ed. today. Time to get her racing once again.
  7. Wilderness 30 Info Desired

    Same one pop up in the classifieds - listed has having a modified keel and a phrf rating of 96 - which is quite different than the typical ~120 rating for the boat. Anyone know this history of this one?
  8. Wilderness 30 Info Desired

    I'd love to get my hands on Special Ed. Just the contact high from that boat would last a decade. Pretty sure this wasn't the boat for sale in Richmond though. I'd like to see if its in better condition than the boat listed in Moss Landing.
  9. Wilderness 30 Info Desired

    One of these popped up on craigs list ovre the last few week - said the boat was in Richmond. Posting is now down - any info?
  10. Wilderness 30 Info Desired

    Thanks. The boat I'm asking on was listed recent and is in the water in Moss Landing.
  11. Wilderness 30 Info Desired

    Hear their might be a wilderness 30 for sale in moss landing...the ad seems to have dropped off of criagslist. Any info?
  12. Older well known IOR Boats

    Clearly you are a young fuck who was not around in the heydey of IOR. Kialoas III to V were IOR designs, and damned good ones. Ondines III to V were IOR as well, although they were not great designs and not nearly as successful as the Kialoas. Before you young shits spout off about the lame IOR designs, I should remind you that many, many international race records were held by these "pigs" for decades, beaten only by $25 million canting keel supermaxis (10 to 20' longer than their IOR counterparts) with full professional crews in ideal conditions. Most IOR Maxis were 78 to 82', had amaeteur goons as crew, and were things of beauty. Beasts to sail, especially downwind, but they were not glorified powerboats like the 30m supermaxis of today. Remember the days of 6 to 10 full on maxis at any given international regatta? Remember the days of a dozen or more 50's lining up against each other during the day and their BN's smoking weed and fucking whores all night long? No? I didn't think so. Piss off. Who really gives a shit if a leadmine goes 15 knots or 25? It's all slow anyways. What matters is how you achieve the speed you do, and the IOR boats did it in bling bling bitchin' style. Everybody, and I mean everybody, had fun in those days. Full stop. ...and Yaz takes an early lead in the "rant of the year"
  13. Wilderness 30 Info Desired

    I'm looking at listing and various writes ups on the Wilderness 30. There seems to be either great confusion of masive variability in the weight - I've seem everything from 4200lb to 5500lb's listed as displacement. Can someone in the know shed a little light on this?