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    Buccaneer 335

    i have a buccaneer 335 that ive had for about 6 years now, and its time to start doing some cutting and replacing some core sections. Anyone know what core was in it? What core would you guys recommend putting in? Any other tips or tricks about these boats? There doesnt seem to be alot of info on them out there. Thanks
  2. bumperdocks

    Just got a c-lark.

    Just looking to see how many of you guys have one, and if you have any tips or tricks for them. It came with the spinnaker setup as well. Im up in the northwest if anyone else is racing them too, let me know, i might try taking it to a regatta somewhere if i can get the trailer dialed.
  3. Have any of you guys moved shrouds to the top of the mast from like 2/3 up? Im looking to put a mast head assym on my c-lark, and just wondering how hard it would be to do it and get the right stuff for the shrouds and spreaders.
  4. bumperdocks

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    Im torn between Kelly C-larkson or C-lark griswold for my c-lark 14.