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  1. Go4asail

    Rules Question...

    What happens if we touch. Or worse we touch and the boats sustain damage?
  2. Go4asail

    Rules Question...

    So how far to drive him up? Until we are in irons?
  3. Go4asail

    Rules Question...

    Situation - sailing in a mixed PHRF fleet. 10 knot day. Starting sequence underway and in the last minute. My boat a 100+ PHRF competitor. Other boat is half my PHRF#. I am leeward and ahead with no overlap. He is windward through the whole exchange. Both boats heading to the pin end to start. I am in front with fast boat coming from clear astern to pass me. We both run Prostarts so distance to line is known with loads of room to run to the pin, but very little to the actual starting line. I come up, I ask him to come up when he starts to get an overlap. He does and keeps rolling. Now he is about mid ship to me I ask him to come up more he does but now we are running out of time and distance to the start line. He’s going to be over. Now he begin to accelerate and come down onto me. Trying to stay below the line and stall me out as he begins to pass forward. I keep asking him to come up but he will not. What should the leeward boat do in this situation? He’s made it abundantly clear he’s not going up and is in fact coming down to keep from going OCS. If I tap him to reinforce the point he is not stating clear I get tossed because we are suppposed to avoid collision. What should I do? Can anyone clarify this for me?
  4. Go4asail

    J70, cheating and pros

    But there are 4 factories building them now, and they are not owned by J or are they affiliated with one another... is this not the case? https://www.google.ca/amp/www.jboats.com/contact-us/builders/amp CCF Composites in USA J/Composites in France McConaghy in China J/Boats Argentina in Argentina (the newest) So it is not one (single) manufacturing facility. It is more of a case where the first boat was one design, the following boats will be close... So in the future the Class has to implement rules where there will be a measure with a tolerance built in.
  5. Go4asail

    J70, cheating and pros

    As owner you would be responsible for following the class rules. Buyer beware when purchasing. Otherwise a first owner could cheat like hell, keep boat a limited amount of time, then sell, and the second owner claims ignorance. You could create quite a business model...
  6. Go4asail

    J70, cheating and pros

    Glad to see the Class at the National and International level taking this seriously. As said above - cheating is cheating and it is very clear in the Class Rules "These rules are closed class rules where if it does not specifically say that you "may" them you "shall not". Owners go into mods eyes wide open... The "shop" will make'em pay for said mods, they ain't free... It seemed like this class when we entered it was simply a "get as many boats made as fast as possible and we'll worry about the rules later". Sure there was a general framework, but adherence was not mandatory. Why? Because there were no measurement processes at many large events, and even at those large events the tools were not available to adequately measure 50-75 boats. How many events prior to being caught have the boats that failed measurement won? I suspect there'd be a number of second/third/fourth place folks that are pissed right now. The buck stops with the owner and boat captain, but the pros gladly and willingly sign-up to go with the top boats (on legal or illegal boats). They want to win as well. Given the opportunity to sail with a top 10 finisher or a middle 30s finisher for the same $$$$. Guess where they go? It's way better for the resume to sail with the top finishers.
  7. Go4asail

    Team NZ

    The shoes/cleat combination is a pretty basic Shimano set-up. They've been making stuff like that for over 20 years. Mountain bike cleats (double sided) and shoes normally come recessed port for the cleat. The more trick stuff has lots of carbon inside, especially in the sole. I see the challenge to make the sole stiff enough to transmit the power and comfortable to run across the boat during manoever, and make it an able running platform. A cyclocross shoe might be the ticket. Shimono created a "five finger" shoe that looks pretty neat a while ago.