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  1. Now a days all the sailors are pro athletes, they can adapt quickly and are paid to do so. If OR suddenly changes to bikes at this point in the cycle, can the team adapt quickly enough? If ETNZ has trained their team for a long period on the bikes then they may just have the advantage because the physiology of a grinder and a cyclist is quite different. The grinders would be built way bigger up top and have the ability to stay aerobic and switch to anaerobic from the waist up and the opposite is true for the bikers (down below). Spinning the handles or the cranks takes time to develop - speed vs. power or speed plus power. You don't create muscle memory overnight... To do this and switch effectively takes months of preparation. Not weeks. This is gonna be very interesting to watch!
  2. The shoes/cleat combination is a pretty basic Shimano set-up. They've been making stuff like that for over 20 years. Mountain bike cleats (double sided) and shoes normally come recessed port for the cleat. The more trick stuff has lots of carbon inside, especially in the sole. I see the challenge to make the sole stiff enough to transmit the power and comfortable to run across the boat during manoever, and make it an able running platform. A cyclocross shoe might be the ticket. Shimono created a "five finger" shoe that looks pretty neat a while ago.
  3. I've seen some boats mixing... but are there standouts in the particular sails?
  4. Does anyone know how we could get Tim Healey and Vince Brun's North Sails videos from YouTube over the "wall" to Qing in China via email or internet means? If there is no easy way, you might contact Tim Healey/North Sails directly and ask to send you the 4 videos. Cheers, G
  5. Chuso, ^+1 As long as you are sailing... It don't matter what it is as long as It makes you happy! Someday that 11th place finisher you noted above will finish 6th and he'll be over the moon! Go4
  6. I agree with you, here in Vigo there are 10 boats only (one of them is the top corinthian there at KWRW, "Marnatura"). Most of them are national or even world champions in different classes (Laser, vaurien, Snipe,VOR sailors, TP52, former AC sailors...) If I wanted to race OD with a chance of being top of the list I'd have to race J80s instead, now the pros are selling them at half the price of a J70 and regular club sailors like me are buying them.... Chuso, That's a cool opportunity. The J80 never took off here, but it was the boat we were going to buy before the J70 opportunity came along. Pissed to loose at big events? Where I live we have a small Corinthian fleet of J70s. Buying the J70 was the price of admission we paid to sail against some of the best out there - Roble, Hutchinson, Smith, Healy, etc. - folks I have only read about in magazines for years. For the most part you can't have that in other sports. Where am l going with this? Well the PROs beat us easily. But and this is key, they also provide an amazing amount of help when you get to shore, did you do this, that, etc. Even their shore guys were give tips in throw fleet. After attending a regatta with a big fleet of PROs, we easily came back 10% better. So it was worth it to get schooled. It didn't piss me off, I saw it as the best damn sailing education going. Plus we improved each day and had a couple results where statistically in the fleet we were beating PRO boats. It was an amazing experience. IMHO this is what can, and will attract more amateurs to the class. There are only so many PROs showing up to each regatta. Aside: As a PRO I can only assume it is not great for business showing up for an owner to finish 35th, or worse cause everyone can't finish first... I believe the fleet will balance out as the years go by. Sure, the pros will win national and named championships, but there will still be opportunity for the 80%+ of the boats not attending to sail at smaller OD events or handicap where the PROs are not so prevalent. My bet is 3000 hulls in 5 years time. Cheers, Go4
  7. ProOC, The asshat LS is long gone. His M/o is to stir shit and take off. Poor fella got his feelings hurt when his "chosen" sport boat got run outa dodge by a less than "able" boat in his esteemed opinion. It took me about 5 seconds in his profile and the power of Google to get an idea of who he is. He's a troll in other sports too. Sent him an olive branch on Sunday in a PM. No response. Surprise surprise he likes to have his tantrums in public. Poor thing... I am surprised he wasn't addressing himself in third person being important and entitled. Go4
  8. LS,Maybe you could help out Qing with the other part of his question you neglected to quote - "what tip can you pass to me to make mine go faster." With your expertise in obviously much faster & better boats you gotta have something to add, and not just a "sell that POS and buy a ___________." Shit man help us all learn! Go4
  9. LS,Jesus that is some deep seeded resentment! Yes, I was sharing reality. Mine and I can only surmise some other owners too. Please tell me this doesn't come from you buying an emerging OD fleet boat and it subsequently getting run outa your club by the J70... If you don't have a dog in the fight, go somewhere you do and do something there to move the needle. Or go to the "J70 Impressions" board, there are many like minded folks to you there... It hasnt been very active since May 2015, but I'm sure your comments and opinions could change that. The commercial success overall and of this JBoat is now global. So your points about the US (fat sailor) market are weak, and getting weaker. JBoats success is making what the market wants and the market either determining success or failure - they've had hulls on each side of that ledger. So far the J70 is successful, and JBoats because of it. You are out of business otherwise. Regardless, enjoy your book, I hope your armchair (or Adirondack) is comfortable. Go4
  10. LS, I am with Qing on this one. Now mind you "kill" is a strong term... However, it is hard to argue with the other 900ish owners around the world who have chosen the boat over the last three years. Not everyone will have a Porsche parked in the driveway, not everyone wants (needs) one. Buy what you want and need given the purpose it is intended. I'm an amateur, who wants to sail with family (wife, my 5 and 7 year old), friends, newbies, OD, 4 crew, shorthanded, alone, etc. I want to be able to sail (and have) when others in fear will not leave the dock. I searched for years for a good all around compromise and for all these things and the J70 became the answer. To date it has never failed me. Now don't get me wrong, the emerging tech of foiling is awesome! From cats to Moths, all very cool. With the proliferation of GoPro and Drones it makes one almost feel like being there. Thanks for being a proponent on the front trying to push high performance forward! Eventually the advances make it back to the slow moving crowd. Perhaps there is more under the surface of your note, are you upset your chosen fleet/design is not growing? One sailor and one boat can make a difference. Take somebody out on your adrenaline machine and show them how easy, fun and SAFE it is. They may just be the next owner in your fleet! Cheers, Go4
  11. 10th,I forget exactly who it was... But I think it was a North American team (may have been Helly Hansen) who attended the worlds in La Rochelle that wrote a post-event piece about the differences they found between the SS rig and the Selden rig. It was quite well written and it detailed the changes they made to maximize their performance given their old settings were not getting them what they wanted with the Selden rig. There may be some stuff in there that can help you out. After getting the boat I found the sailmakers tuning guides a great place to start. We use Quantum and Scott Nixons old guide has been very helpful. Scott even helped us out at a regatta with some extra tips to tell if we were set-up correctly with the rig. Cheers, Go4
  12. ProOC, Have you ever found yourself in a spot with no time to adjust before the sequence and have the choice of one adjustment? We had a race this year where a velocity change came in from the same direction with like 1 minute to make our adjustment, we thought it would pass but it didn't. What is your favorite without blowing it in the setting if the pressure drops. 1) a couple of fast turns on the inner stays? 2) a big change on the gross tune of the Backstay legs? 3) others We left it as it was and the boat was a mess upwind. Couldn't press the job at all. Hands down the worst miss we ever had in rig set-up. Cheers, Go4
  13. Quingdaosog, Have you used this- Doyle's M2 Tuning Guide - www.doylesails.com/onedesign/j70/tuning.html They have details on the car position there as well as full set-up guidelines.
  14. Yes they are different. NA (my) rig is made by Southern Spars. Check out the newest North Tuning Guide... There are notes and tables for both the Selen and the SS mast. I was told one is built as a one piece tube, the other is in two pieces. You can gather from reading some of the info that one is a littler stiffer out of the box than the other. Go4
  15. +1 Ease of transport to regattas for your boat And/or Numerous OD events and opportunities to charter a hull on another continent Does anyone know if hull numbers have cracked the 1000 mark worldwide?