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  1. rgeek

    Racegeek with H2000?

    PMed could be that you're not pressing the square button to save the changes and just exit the menu by pressing Fred? The next firmware update is more of a tweek. It includes: Line bias Heal angle digits displayed on all performance options Cog/heading comparison in tide/depth Onscreen labels for the buttons
  2. rgeek

    Racegeek with H2000?

    It depends on how old the H2000 is. For the older versions the d10 can be connected to the NMEA output on the Performance Processor. For the newer versions there is an NMEA output on the multi function unit. The final option is to splice the analogue signal from the speed transducer to the d10 and use the d10s internal compass and GPS drive the d10s functionality. The only thing you wont get with this set up is a wind info. We have a number of boats have set up this way and retained 1 or 2 old displays to wind. This dual all boat/brain trust split of info is why we put wifi into the d10 and have the tablet APP.
  3. rgeek

    Calypso Ultrasonic Anemometer

    Depends a lot on the shape of the lower dish and the ability to prevent water filming/pooling apparently. Our Aussie guy has picked-up distribution for LCJ. After testing he reported that it works in the rain. Generally, they were impressed with the accuracy.
  4. rgeek

    Paddle Wheel Speedo on J/80

    UK J/70 national champion had a DST800 connected to his racegeek d10. The maximum none distracting refresh rate for digital speed is around 3Hz. Using an analogue paddle allows more scope for filtering and a smoother signal and response. The Signet Blue Cap is the best but there is nothing wrong with an ST800 which should (!) fit in the same hole. All depends on thoughts re 2 holes and depth.
  5. rgeek

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    Each generation thinks the same of the next. Broad brush... Volunteering is what you do when your competitive days are behind you, still the last vestiges of a volunteer ethos in Gen X now they're getting to that age. Millennials are a write-off but Gen Z seems to have it's shit more together. Each has its own way of doing things.
  6. rgeek

    Upgrade/Repair Tacktick system or buy new B&G?

    To throw in another alternative: For a 32fter the racegeek d10 has the large double digits display, GPS, compass, boatspeed in one unit with wifi as well. It has 2 modes so you can use it as tactical race system or just as a straight up repeater with all the functionality still available via the phone app. If you have a T107 pack installed already then the d10 can be connected straight to a T122 interface. All in all a nice upgrade and a big improvement the T111 cruiser displays, that might scratch that itch for half the money of a new install. The speed sensor in all 3 packs (Tacktick, B&G and Garmin) is a DST800 from Airmar, so not much to be gained by upgrading. We have customers using B&G and Garmin mastheads. We haven't had any issues reported with either. For new the racegeek option might be: racegeek d10: $1,425 DST800: $329 B&G WS310 wind sensor: $599 Yacht Devices YDNG-03: $149 Misc n2k parts: $120 Total: $2,622 Upgrade to the wireless masthead: $2,722 The roughly comparable from B&G would be: Triton2 pack (with a display, DST800 and the older 608 masthead): $1,399 2 extra displays, or 1 extra display and a Velocitek prostart: $1,098 ZG100 compass/GPS: $199 Wifi hub: $150 Total: $2,846 For a pure cruising boat with instruments on a bridge then the Triton looks solid. For a boat that wants to put the display on the mast, or is doing any kind of racing, the racegeek has the extra bits of functionality the standard sail packs are missing.
  7. rgeek

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    Looking forward to the J/70 Worlds there next year! Love the place and they know how to put on a regatta.
  8. rgeek

    Instrument Package for racing trimaran

    Raymarine tacktick comparable package to the racegeek d10 (really should be spec'ing their maxi display for a true comparison but this is just with the 2-line cruiser displays) T108 wind/speed/depth/NMEA, wifi, extra display, prostart for DTL, handheld GPS for nav Raymarine T104 pack $2,750 Raymarine T111 extra display $690 Raymarine Racemaster $850 Velocitec Prostart $599 Wifi hub $150 Cheap handheld GPS: $250 Battery and charger: $150 Total: $5,439 With out the prostart: $4,840 With out the prostart and wifi: $4,208 (T108 rather than T104 pack) With out the prostart, wifi and handheld GPS: $3,958 racegeek with wireless wind from B&G racegeek d10 x2: $1,425 x2 sail 22 install pack including DST800: $574 B&G WS320 Wireless wind sensor: $699 Yacht Devices YDNG-03: $149 Misc n2k parts: $120 Total: $4,392 racegeek with ultrasonic wind from LCJ racegeek d10 x2: $1,425 x2 sail 22 install pack including DST800: $574 LCJ CV7 ultrasonic masthead: $699 Total: $4,123
  9. rgeek

    Endeavour Trophy

    All Ireland Helmsmans Championship. 71 years old this year and counting... https://afloat.ie/sail/events/ecp-all-ireland-sailing-championships
  10. rgeek

    Instrument Package for racing trimaran

    The first sponsorship we did was a team doing the Tour D' France. They thought they would need 2 for the Diam but have only ever used one.
  11. rgeek

    trickle down

    Firmware would be pretty straightforward. This kind of niche application an open platform would work well as there would likely be a heavy reliance on GPL libraries for fusion and filtering.
  12. rgeek

    trickle down

    No, can't see Jerry letting anything electronic near the F101 for instance. And given their Pro Vela experience that speaks volumes. The UFO is marketed as a beach toy. The WASPZ, keeping the running cost within the reach of mortals. Wouldn't mess around with ultrasonic in the first instance. Just take the physical wand to a waterproof pot. There's nothing off the shelf that would be usable as a battery. Some of the larger power tool batteries may be, but they're not waterproof. 2kg is heavy though. Lithium brings that down a lot. Given the total lack of scale think more like $2-3,000 a unit or more. The electronic parts are a pretty small part of the equation. Given a bit of bent carbon pipe, otherwise known as a boom, runs at $1,500, and I've heard of (unverified) silly numbers being paid for a single pair of spreaders, perhaps that's not too far-fetched.
  13. rgeek

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Is any fleet growing in the UK at the moment?