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  1. Agree with that, only sod the challenger series and defender trials. I build mine, you build yours. 1 on 1. If not that do anything you can get away with. Teams for the challenger and defender being decided by a contest everyone takes part in, a knock out competition where the cup may change hands a number of times during the tournament before ending up with a winner (from a match that may not include the team of the club that held the cup at the outset) or a league structure where the winner isn't decided until the end and on points per win. They can all be made to fit into the letter of the DoG and they're all fairer than anything we've seen wit CoRs, LVCs and defender trails.
  2. 26 to 6. No one ... well hardly anyone, certainly not me ... on here thinks the AC is about participation. As for the impact the AC has that's exactly what I meant by "unfortunately". Cat or massive monohull on that score? It's like arguing whether Everest or K2 is the hardest mountain in the world to climb (yeh I know, neither). You can make a similar argument about the impact of high performance Olympic programs too. Or one guy in the fleet buying new sails to often. Whose calling for "hyper performance"? Just faster than anything else will do. Not for the sake of encouraging participation, because knowing that you're watching the best the sport has to offer makes it more interesting. I recon the fellas who wrote the DoG would of rolled over in their graves right about 1964 and pure crawled out of them and done a runner in about 1983. If we're going back to consider their apparent motivations then participation is straight out the window. The DoG is basically: You build a boat and challenge me. I'll build a boat and take your challenge. But lets not get too silly and no hogging it to your self. The original motivation was to prove national maritime superiority. Boil that down and the spirit of the AC and DoG is progress. You want to take the edge off, make it more sailor led. They at least are more accessible than some billionaire owner. PS what happened to the argument about exclusivity being good for the sport??
  3. Thank for the clarification. For a minute there I thought he was referring to the people Clean was relaxing with as beyond help and automatically unworthy of benefitting from AC35.
  4. "sitting around smoking weed and eating chicken"?
  5. Those 5 teams have been heavily involved in activation as well as the AC. So they've stood by their word. 3 Ms where clearly not deemed a viable class. The Js where rotting hulks, or on their way to being. It's a facile argument anyway but 2007 is the last AC with IACC. No one thought the AC was going to continue in IACC after that. And they're not my figures, they're your figures introduced to prove that participation in sailing is declining during the multihull era of the AC. This entire discussion has been about your repeated assertion that anything but a fairly traditional monohull would be a disaster for the AC and the sport in general. Only you haven't turned up much evidence. Just a participation survey that shows participation in sailing in the US during the period in question is largely static. All I've said is that I recon the sport deserves a figure head competition worthy of the name. I'm all for the best sailors in the most credible, ie. fastest round an 'inshore' course, boats with the minimum off the water drama. (Unfortunately) the AC is that event and it comes with traditions that should be respected and a DoG that outlines what it means. Everything else is compromise. I'm not pro multihull or anti monohull but I am against hitting reverse and taking the tech back to the late '80s. I've argued all along that the AC may be important in terms of the visibility of the sport to the general public but it has marginal impact on participation compared to grass root action. The kind of concerted effort at activation we've only seen recently from AC teams. Me? Couldn't hack a kitefoiler if I tried and not a fan of the dangly carrot thing aesthetically, more power to them though. I race sportsboats and half/quarter tonners mostly. Can't be arsed with anything over 30-32ft to be honest.
  6. Given the "What ever ETNZ says" responses from (etnz35)LP36 when it came to boats etc. it's probably going to be difficult to distinguish them for a while yet at least.
  7. Long wait eh. "competing event" If AC36 ends up with a LunaPoodle36 vs The OtherTNZ death match what is expected of the others while they sort that out?
  8. Very true, but then they where desperate for teams last time out. Now LunaPoodle36 is back at the table I guess that's looking like 1 in, 1 out
  9. Yep, it all comes down to the degree to which stored power -- included the energy stored in the crew -- can be used and how. Is it really more "yachting" because the stored power is transferred by line rather than oil pressure?
  10. If you use that logic then coming to agreement before the match would of been even better. But sure, pats on the back for cleaning up the spilt milk.
  11. If the M class had been viable, they would of picked the M class. They picked the fastest and largest viable inshore class they could. But you're right, no one cared about rotting hulks. Arguably the IACCs existed at a time the AC should of already gone multihull. If we're to persist with the participation nonsense you could also say that the IACC period of the AC coincided with a massive shrinking of the sport that shows signs of a turn around right about the point that the AC went multi hull.
  12. Nope They are clearly having difficulty fitting TFs needs into a new agreement.
  13. Love the way a survey can be posted to prove something it doesn't at all. Then when it's suggested it actually shows the opposite it's a rubbish survey. Broadly flat for the last 10 years I would tend to agree. But that's one set of very broad data that does not show the sport in the decline in the US. More the survey also appears to show is that substantial growth in participation comes from being new. Most sports there are ticking along with in the +/- shown by sailing. The ones with substantial growth and sports like SUP. Entries in the Miami spring regatta and NOODs are up significantly this year, and not just J70 numbers. Is there a big problem with PHRF mom and pop 6-8 crew cruiser/racer? Absolutely. So what do we do about it?
  14. Step forward the new Spinbot. You are so getting played by De Nora.
  15. It's the Star argument writ large.