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  1. How to build large format display

    To update fast enough it doesnt flicker badly
  2. How to build large format display

    It would be interesting to try. Would say ventus would need tweeking so it limits the area of the screen updated tho. Doable though. Open cpn might need more than a monochrome screen?
  3. US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    The self serving in terms of team racing doesn't look like it will get far. What are they axing? 3x single handers and 2x double hander. And athlete numbers have to come down by, what, 30 (?). 4-6 on a team racing team. The kite boarders submission is more fun.
  4. How to build large format display

    Really cool to see an iInk display make the market. Makes a lot more sense as a way of running the sailracer.net APP connected to a Raymarine or Garmin set-up. We have samples from their supplier and we're not convinced it can handle the refresh of large digits event at 3Hz. Then there's the power draw. So they've done really well to get the sailracer.net APP working on it. Fair play. Seems to be a ground swell of challengers coming through looking at news ways to do things suited to different users. About time things got shook up a bit.
  5. How to build large format display

    3x4 inch transreflective TFT. Aiming for launch in the winter.
  6. Team NYYC

    So everyone got their pantomime villains lined up to boo hiss? Those champions of the simple man better ride their black charger to victory once again so!

    It's possible through a combination of mast rotation and control lines at each pair of full length battens.
  8. HR 352 Electronics Upgrade

    Spares and parts?

    I'm thinking more of limits on the frequency of tacks

    and lift the entire boat out of the water via the foils with no limit on how frequently that may be done (?)

    Anyone see any constructed in country limitations?

    Reads well so far. Relatively few OD components, although rig and sail design has limits placed on it. No practical limits on the foil or hull shape. Computer control allowed for the foils but not the rig but foil control is powered by hamsters.
  13. Larry's AC50 Circus

    which was pure luck in terms of the BAR/TJ prestart incident
  14. Larry's AC50 Circus

    "unmatched carcases" Except they are matched. But for the controls and foils the boats where basically one design. Fit out with standard controls and foils and you've got a fleet of matched boats. At least this keeps AC36 honest. It may be The Americas Cup, but if it aint in the fastest boats (conditions apply) and doesn't have the best sailors at it it's not going to be the pinnacle of the sport. Brash money and being in Auckland will keep the torch burning for a cycle or 2 but it'll slowly fade.
  15. That is (now) not he case here in Ireland. There is a completely separate scheme none Olympic classes to get access to (Irish certified) coaching via grants. It's good to have clear water between them to be honest. The HP funding has long been ring fenced. The non-Olympic provision is now similarly protected from being raided by the HP team.
  16. Larry's AC50 Circus

  17. flying in pro Race Officers

    Word up for Thibaut Gridel as an IU/Chump
  18. flying in pro Race Officers

    Some good names here. Would add Dave Lovegrove (IRL)
  19. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    interesting times
  20. Nmea to wifi/ethernet - VYACHT??

    Just wish the CE and FCC certification was sorted
  21. Digital Loos Tension Gauge on Indeigogo

    hence 'balancing' rather than 'straightening'
  22. Digital Loos Tension Gauge on Indeigogo

    The phone integration makes sense to me. Will be pretty cool to have the gauge next to the bottle screw and not need to be constantly going up and down refitting the loos all the time. Having the target numbers for reference on screen would make life easier too. Would be nice to have a pair of them to balance up the rig. The ability to cross calibrate 2 devices definitely a bonus there. Might be an idea to be able to set a tension and then have a visual indicator on the device to show when that is reached? An RGB LED would do it. Looks like a good product. Will definitely be following progress and finger crossed they reach their funding target.
  23. Well calibrated being the tripper. Will be interesting to see if we can get meaningful port/starboard splits courses out of the d10 with out a mast head.
  24. The problem with just lining up against the boats nearest to you is that you only get to make an incremental measure/improvement against those around you. And you don't know whether they're actually sailing well! Not good unless you can line up against the class hero and can hold onto them for a sustained period it's hard to make the performance gains/sustain the performance needed to hit the front. Ed was really hot on us putting a comparison of SOG and STW into the d10 so there's a tide-depth page that has SOG/STW comparison together with boatspeed and depth. Or you can bring that info off to the phone APP and leave the boatspeed, heading and heal angle on the mast display. I went back and reread some of the verbatums on the yes or no on the paddle wheel. How the boat is sailed in terms of crew configuration seems to have a lot to do with it. The bigger the boat the more specialised the roles are, the higher the standard to which individual roles are performed, and the greater the demand not just for boatspeed but for 2 digit boat speed. Talent and weight distribution being equal a helm and trimmer out perform one person doing both. The question is to what degree compared to weight on the rail? And 20-30ft is right at that cross road. A class like the Melges 24 where every one is hitting the straps bar the helm lends its self to the talents of dinghy sailors (J24 would be another example). What Slug is referring to is the tendency for a helm that's also trimming or that comes from a single handed background to put all their focus on boat speed and sail the compass for tactics. That'll only get you so far when the other boats are head-up shut up and drive. At some point it's worth swinging a pair of legs in to get the advantage of two people driving the boat. The 2-in-2 out rule in the j/70s, or the legs in Melges 20/SB20/Viper640 puts a different take on things too.