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  1. Bushman

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    great .. Its our club now
  2. rumour is "mullet Boats "
  3. Bushman

    Oracle Team USA

    this brightened up an even brighter day .. thanks ....... hope to see otusa down here soon ....... have you guys heard of "Mullet Boats" ... you better
  4. Bushman

    Live Racing Thread

    thought i recognised the painting
  5. Bushman

    Live Racing Thread

    This looks like my ex wife
  6. Bushman

    Team NZ

    I want one of those
  7. Bushman

    Practice videos

    now i know what it is like for a junkie to go cold turkey
  8. Bushman

    Team NZ

    The secret is out .......... now everyone will have them
  9. Bushman

    what is it?

    It goes ok .... looks good on the water
  10. Bushman

    Team NZ

    Blair was up home handing out prizes for the junior sailing last night ..... then had his photo taken with just about every kid in the club including my grandkids ..... what a legend .. these guys have so much positive energy ....
  11. Bushman

    Team NZ

    Wrong!... one of them, the better one, is from Tauranga you plonker! There is no doubt they are One of best crews in the AC but Ainslie is better at the olypic level and now fast in cats... and Oracle have the best technology. The weak link for the kiwis is Dalton and his proven piss poor team management ability in the AC. 13 years of losses. And... i see your temp is the same as Christchurch's today. go choke on a bone or something ... tosser
  12. Bushman

    Team NZ

    well sorry to change the topic but up here in the winterlessnorth kerikeri .... a parade is being held for our 49er heros and local lads who also will hopefully assist in bringing the cup back .... 1 pm this friday main street kerikeri.... ........ yes we do have more than one street
  13. Bushman

    Team NZ

    cool thanks ... normally i have to drink to much rum before i feel like a dick head ... feels strange to be sober and still feel like a dick head ... or well you just never stop learning eh
  14. Bushman

    Team NZ

    but its live on sky .... is this a first or am i just learning this ??