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  1. "National Cleavage Day"

    Girls with tats are more interesting. It's the 'tude.
  2. "National Cleavage Day"

    But she's taking a shot of the moon with a sextant she threw together with two pencils and some long grass.
  3. Skerry Cruisers

    One of the things I like about Skerrys (and Dragons) is no lifelines. Boats should either have sea-going, chest high lifelines that would actually work for a solo sailor, nothing or good, seaman-like gunwhales.
  4. SJ24 electronics/instruments recommendations

    Add iNavX to your smartphone, and you're golden.
  5. Skerry Cruisers

    P.S. There are some great shots in there. Heavily hung old men out on that pointy bow, during a heavy start, no PFD, no lifelines, hanging on with one hand...
  6. Skerry Cruisers

    Huh. I'm not ready. I could make a lot of that work... I could see a sleeping bag to port and a sleeping bag to starboard... I could see a portable burner out on the stern... I could even see eating under the boom tent. But there's no head. There's no space for a head. So I think I let this idea go. But I"m not ready.
  7. Skerry Cruisers

    I'd like to see some shots of a Skerry's accommodations, if that's possible.
  8. Why the tie?

    I ran a company for a quarter of century without one, but some folks need ties to establish their authority.
  9. Skerry Cruisers

    The way I understood it, a true Skerry Cruiser has (at least minimal) accommodations.
  10. Skerry Cruisers

  11. Skerry Cruisers

    Not to me, if she needs to be "saved".
  12. "National Cleavage Day"

    Nope. Show your face or GTFO.
  13. What is this masty little beamer?

    Dude thinks sleeping in the cockpit is being on watch. Next.
  14. Day Rates for Pros?

    We want them to drive our boats, not earn enough to buy one of their own. We've set their rates accordingly.