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  1. Jammer Six

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Some brightwork there that needs work.
  2. Jammer Six

    Dive Destinations

    Wait, you've never seen Gorgonian in the wild. Okay, carry on.
  3. Jammer Six

    Dive Destinations

    Maybe on that side of the world.
  4. Jammer Six

    Dive Destinations

    The way to reduce gas consumption is to do 200 drops.
  5. Jammer Six

    Dive Destinations

    Warm water divers. Jesus.
  6. Jammer Six

    Akari II

    What actually happened to Akari II?
  7. Jammer Six

    Is football dying?

    Everyone said the same thing when Joe Namath was wearing women's fur coats.
  8. Jammer Six

    Eligibility to Race

    If that were true there'd be no problem.
  9. Jammer Six

    Eligibility to Race

    You have to figure out a way to hide the fact that it's about race.
  10. Jammer Six

    Got in a bit of trouble.

    Whatever you do, don't take a class.
  11. Jammer Six

    "National Cleavage Day"

    P.S. At that age, she can be taught to make french toast. Whether or not she can be taught to drive, on the other hand, is a matter of state law.
  12. Jammer Six

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Then you're not up to date.
  13. Jammer Six

    Want to do a new design 30 square meter build

    And it looks like it's working really hard on a relatively flat sea.
  14. Jammer Six

    "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Speaking as a Master, you're confused.
  15. Jammer Six

    "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Speaking for sailors of the Salish Sea, it's that whole "off season" concept we object to.