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  1. fufkin

    Recycling? Worthless.

    The packaging industry, all food companies, as well as all retailers should be taken to task. Anything not recyclable should be outlawed.(plastic bags in some jurisdictions) We as consumers also have to look at how we choose to transport and store food. Preserving food was one of the key developments in fostering the growth of cities...but we might've taken it too far. More recently, the milkman came and picked up your empties(hopefully that was all he picked up), a Frenchman carried an unpackaged fresh daily baguette under his elbow, and bulk food in the main part of the village was gotten and cooked the same day. Sadly, much of the third world wants to copy the first worlds perverse fixation with one use packaging. --One meal--one package---throw it away. I wish more developed countries would reverse course, get rid of the big box mentality of hoarding as much packaged and frozen food as their biggest freezers will allow and eat fresh daily. Things like the Hundred Mile Menu are encouraging (all food sourced within a hundred miles)...while Kuereg one shot disposable coffees are not. I know...it's complicated, but having to recycle less is the way to go. Unfortunately, the packaging industry (much like big oil), wants to obscure this fact by continuing to force feed convenience to the consumer.
  2. fufkin

    Irrational fears in a business context

    Just looked on Expedia flight booker for a Crash sex discount...apparently no deals at present.
  3. fufkin

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    In terms of BRANDING, this accelerates the circling of the drain. The only way Tesla survives is to be bought, but why would anyone want it. The batteries? Maybe. But look at the basics. In terms of auto sales, in general, the vehicle sale is not the big net profit, it's the service, and he chose at his own peril to forego that part of the profit equation. And yes, people, especially ethical daughters, sons, wives and husbands pay attention.
  4. fufkin

    Irrational fears in a business context

    In another lifetime I filled a few passports in a handful of years and travelled to 50 plus countries some multiple times. The show had to go on even though for a brief period of time I developed a slight fear of flying. It happens when stress piles up and it's basically irrational. That said, it is very unfortunate that in this day and age you have to think this type of situation through before firing this snowflake. I totally agree with Mikewof that it's a damn shame there are probably a thousand more qualified people waiting in the wings who, for some dumbfuck reason, don't qualify. No sympathy. Tell your boy to go work in a bookstore.
  5. fufkin

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    I found the Bene 47 quad cabin to be quite fit for an '8 days a week' charter for 7 people. If I were to generalize the 'Euro style' of Bene/Jeanneau/Hanse, (among other things) one thing I'd note is that the late models seem to have quite a high freeboard compared to more 'traditional' boats of yesteryear. Probably a 1 1/2foot or so difference at around 40-47 ft length. This was quite noticeable when someone pulled up to the slip next to me a couple years ago in a Hanse 40 something. Big step up and down off the dock, and the thing had windage on the bow close to an open 60(ok maybe a slight exaggeration). Was not impressed that it came out of the box with a furling system that could not be wrapped properly with the hard clew-board. But hey, life would be boring if those were the only boats to talk about and there's more going on in Europe than the 'plain ol same ol'. so how about this perfect compromise cappuccino cruiser with a bit of Euro flair? https://www.worthavenueyachts.com/yachts-for-sale/mandrake/
  6. fufkin

    Cool story~~~~

    Interesting that the Thai PM is with the families right now. They have decided not to re unite the families nor tell them which children are safe and which still have to escape. The families are showing solidarity in what must be an agonizing situation.
  7. fufkin

    Severe Hull Damage

    I agree ☝️ ...but the flip side is that the OP might pick up some skills along the way. This has not yet been mentioned in the value proposition.
  8. fufkin

    Bilge Pump Flow Rate

    This would also lead to upsizing the thru-hull to be effective.
  9. ^^What Kent says, angle plus tension. There are also swivels that employ a 'mast break'. It's basically a small 'bar' that extends from the swivel and will hit the mast when rotating in either direction preventing a 360 degree turn in the event that the swivel gets sticky and/or tension/angle between halyard and mast is somehow lost.
  10. fufkin

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    Just a silly trade war joke. Maui, Have a great time in Maritime Canada...some of the nicest people and some epic scenery.
  11. fufkin

    Questions for US Citizens sailing to Canada

    If you are anchoring in any national park areas, word has it, American vessels will be slapped with a %10,000 tariff on anchoring fees.
  12. You use the word 'would', so the fear or no fear is conditional. Mine is too. On an everyday basis up north or in the woods, I don't worry about them in the slightest...just that if I 'were' to run into a wolf or wolf pack...somethings wrong with that picture...so enter your term 'possible combination of behaviours'. If given the choice of running into a wolf(pack) or a black bear in the wild...Id take the black bear every time. This, from the comfort of my I-pad.
  13. Not necessarily. Though wolves are traditionally extremely shy, so shy that most will never encounter one in the wild, there are more and more cases cropping up demonstrating that they are becoming less so, and more comfortable around humans, especially around rural camps and mines that can be a source of food. Some scientists think this behaviour is being passed down through pack and to subsequent generations. There is also the factor that many species have interbred with coyotes, of which rural Canadians are having more and more of a problem with, mainly with livestock. Coyotes are definitely not afraid of humans, so much so that they inhabit the ravines and wooded areas inside my hometown of Toronto. My fear is no doubt irrational based on the odds, but I cottage right next to the biggest population in Ontario, and man, do I hear them howling from time to time. https://www.simcoe.com/opinion-story/7081303-wolves-are-losing-their-natural-fear-of-humans/ https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/he-was-testing-humans-as-potential-prey-why-canadas-richest-uranium-mining-region-is-haunted-by-wolves Your comment upthread that the biggest danger is running into an animal is 'bang' on. Happened just two days ago in Northern Ontario...again. Usually it's a moose. Running into a moose is like running into a brick wall. I've seen what a car looks like in the aftermath and it ain't pretty.
  14. fufkin

    Epic Boat Loss

    My thoughts go out to Joy and Jim and thanks for this account. Even though you lost all your worldly possessions your still here to enjoy the memories of what sounds like a great voyage. In addition to the above, one expression really stood out for me and I don't know if I'm making more of it than I should. "The horse could smell the barn" If anyone here has not read it, here is a link to an indispensable resource for storm and capsize preparedness. When you've finished reading it, get a hard cover copy and put it in the ships library. Have a plan for waterproofing and lashing the same library. https://www.setsail.com/sts.pdf
  15. fufkin

    Coolboats to admire

    Always liked the Freedom boats, also the Wyliecat boats. http://www.wyliecat.com/about/about_cool_catboat.html?contentid=1057 Maybe the 'new' part of the equation is being able to build the unstayed rigs even lighter than ever before?