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  1. I don't often commission four cutters at the same time...but when I do...I prefer Bob Perry."
  2. Nice Plenamar! Now it makes sense why way back when you asked for pics of my Frers designed 31 ft. I'm inspired to get a decent pic now! Great boat and I see some of the design/build clues.
  3. This trimballastgate has got me thinking a little bit. This may or may not be a public safety issue. (The fact that I'm thinking, that is...) If you're going to put weight on the ends of the boat to trim it and put it on its lines, in a perfect world, would you add reserve bouyancy instead? Anyway, the boat looks great and even though the battery banks might not technically be ballast (or are they, I recall they were in the settee storage above the waterline), having them reasonably down low and in the middle of the boat is great. Good luck with the sea trials and further refinements. (also had a question about the double-backstay which creates extra inertia (compounded as its aloft, and especially no fore sails to counterbalance), when moving or accelerating forward which might've added to the waterline trim in initial trimballastgate but it's seems to rediculous to prolong and better to move on)
  4. That's me right there in a nutshell. I own a monohull and am a lifelong monohull sailor. I've messed around with beach cats and the fastest was a loaded up Hobie 18 with boards, which for me at least was great. I've chartered both mono and multi in the Carribean and for that application at least, I would charter a multi everytime, hands down. In addition to what's been mentioned above, one other multihull advantage is a one level transition between cockpit floor and salon floor. This is a great feature for the big groups and and especially the elderly. When it comes to owning, maintaining and carrying the costs of my own boat, I'm cool with my mono hull.
  5. Bob, or anyone else qualified to answer, I've got a quick question from the back of the class regarding trim ballast. Is this done with sails on or sails off? I'm not sure if this boat calls for a standing/furled cutter or hanked on, but I'd imagine that two furled head sails would have a slight forward trim effect versus a main sitting on the boom, or is this effect negligible in relation/addition to adding gear/chain/anchor up front? It might be my imagination, but I think I've noticed certain cruisers squat aft a tiny bit once their big 130% furled genoas get taken off before haul out.
  6. Yeah they sure do get around. I guess, like in this entry they've been called a Taylor 26? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tania_Aebi
  7. If it helps, this is how I learned to make the distinction. 1 sailing as a pastime: steering my own boat with one finger on the wheel, other hand for rum, and keeping an eye on the nipple-o-meter flaked out on the cockpit seat to see if I should steer/trim for shade or sun 2 sailing as sport requiring athleticism: when the owner of a two boat match racing/training program I was rigging/shore crew for insisted that I get on the boat and round out the crew(8 per boat) for a couple of days of 8hr start practice sessions. Once we got back to the dock, I could barely crawl back to my own boat to retrieve more rum
  8. I get your point...kind of. A company like the Moorings has a worldwide fleet to draw upon, so with a lot of effort, should be able to get back up and running in at least a limited capacity before many others. I won't pretend to offer a time frame on bouncing back from this disaster but I'll put it out there that anyone who cares for and loves the area and is already booked for the upcoming season do their best to work with whatever charter company they are with, to get down there and spend some dollars. Every foreign penny counts in getting the economy moving again and the trickle down effect from a larger flagship company like Moorings on the broader economy shouldn't be underestimated. If those iconic BVI stops aren't quite up to snuff for you this time around and you feel like sailing around a different set of islands, maybe just grin and bare it just this once if it's possible to proceed with current charter plans this year, the belongers and any other local businesses will more than appreciate it.
  9. I will buy the whiskey.
  10. RKoch, Pulling for you and family and friends and all peeps in south Florida. Stay safe and keep it real.
  11. Ok, that merits an official timeout.
  12. Ok the last part might've been harsh. I'm a big fan of gettin anything out there and ripping it. The Yankee is great for medium high winds in high traffic areas. Go for it and have a blast! You probly won't get blown over and you can see (leeward) under the jib in a harbour etc. What's not to like?
  13. This sail will point as well as you can helm your boat and with added great visibilitity. In heavy weather, you'll be able to pinch and foot and point reasonably well. If aesthetics is your worry, than bleach the sail like others have mentioned. If 15 to 30 knot wind is your issue, this is a pretty good choice. As for the rest of your boat, I will not speak to the potential.
  14. (I'm Cross posting from the other cutters thread as a realized after posting that this thread was where the mast rigging discussion was going on) Bob, Looking real good man! I know I'd definitely stop at the dock and check this beauty out, for a while. Harken also makes a halyard lock that is tripped open/shut at the top of the mast that is being used on some smaller sportboats such as the C&C 30. The thinking is that it eases unnecessary compression of the mast. Very interested in how these boats will perform. Did I read on one of the threads that there will be an aluminum mast among the carbon masts? If so, it'll be interesting for Mr. Lucky to find the differences, both performance and comfort (yaw, pitch etc not only heel and polars). Good luck the rest of the way through the build and launch of all four of these gems!!