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  1. fufkin

    Rainmaker Spayed

    If you’re not already familiar with Dashew’s FPB series, especially the original 78, you can probably find all the mileage numbers in the archives of setsail.com He took what he learned from his sail designs-long, narrower easily driven hulls-and successfully used this strategy with his powerboat designs. As for the GB55 conversion, if someone wants it as a powercat I’m sure it’ll work for them. If it were me, my power multi-hull would have a bit more growl...
  2. fufkin

    Online Prescription Eyeglass Retailer?

    What happened to the fun factor of paying way too much money for a pair of prescription shades and settling into a pint and watching the world go by and suddenly realizing that everything just looks way fucking better, especially the ladies...so you can silently, behind that buzzed out smile, tell yourself they were totally worth robbing you of almost a boat buck? Whats next...a money back guarantee on laser surgery? Life’s too short to skimp on eyesight.
  3. fufkin

    Greatest Acoustic Openings

    Nice. Up here north of the border he’s in there w Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Gordon Lightfoot as far as national folk singing treasures go. As for acoustic guitar he’s under the radar in terms of how good he is because his songwriting gets most of the attention.
  4. fufkin

    The Swedish Experiment

    This guy struggles with the same pesky concept of numerator/denominator and avoids the real issue: deaths per population. Also, comparing year over year death rates might be more useful than trying to pin down ‘mortality rate of Covid’ with incomplete data. https://voxeu.org/article/covid-19-italy-analysis-death-registry-data
  5. fufkin

    Greatest Acoustic Openings

    ...and of course...
  6. Its a BYOC (bring your own charts) thing. ‘It is what it is’
  7. Advice from mediator: sell it Advice from judge: sell it Advice from lawyer who is a good friend: sell it Advice from hired lawyer: let me take a look at things
  8. fufkin

    Video editing & "quick cuts"

    One might argue that passive aggressive driving can be more dangerous than aggressive driving. Clogging the left lane intentionally is an idiotic move that leads to multiple dangerous situations as an after effect. In Germany, where the barrier to entry(6 months to get your license)is more stringent , both clogging the left lane and passing on the right are ticket offences. Try driving on the Autobahn (or what’s left of it) at 100 clicks in the left lane with a big merc barrelling down on you at more than double your speed. Good luck.
  9. fufkin

    Tesla Model 3 - Good, Bad ugly... Anything else?

    You guys have talked about the good, the bad...but what about the ugly. Automotive history is kinder to some designs than others. I suspect that a couple of decades from now, that travesty of a design that constitutes their suv model will fall somewhere between a Gremlin and an AMC Pacer.
  10. fufkin

    Forward Cockpit

    Only problem is after you tack you can’t look back to find your line and where the sea turtle surfaces. Also, you can’t smell or see the weather behind you in general.
  11. This length performance mono it’s w/o peer. Prob is that no riptide 55s for sale.
  12. fufkin

    The BLUES

    seeing as there's no live music, here's the act that was about to blow it up be for all this shit went down..full show...enjoy...
  13. fufkin

    Do your crew just quit trying?

    After the windward mark, switch from indica (in da couch) to sativa. If your boat speed is roughly where its supposed to be, your bow person will be just ahead of the cloud, so no need to shout at him/her. The rest of the crew might stay motivated. It depends.
  14. fufkin

    Funniest Movie Scenes

    Any day I get to rip this line off is a good day.