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  1. fufkin

    Rescue 240nm of Nova Scotia

    If forced out the door and onto North Atlantic waters in winter, I'd probably take this one over the Hanse. Maybe its just me...
  2. fufkin

    Towing Operation Flow Chart

    If someone needs a tow they establish one thing. They need a tow. What's the universal sign? Arms waving? Its pretty informal at that point. This of course precludes all formalized calls for help.
  3. fufkin

    Towing Operation Flow Chart

    If it hasn't been mentioned. Pick the length of line or period of waves that feels right while towing forward. If there's any notion of slowing down, stopping, reaching a slip/dock or anchoring, shorten up the tow line. (As for slipping a tow line...hopefully discuss between tow boat and distressed vessel ahead of time and develop a plan for the distressed vessel to either anchor or feather into slip...or beach or who the f knows)
  4. fufkin

    Towing Operation Flow Chart

    towing dinghy(s) is one thing but if you are an 18 - 28 sh foot rib assisting sailboats in the 20-48sh foot range, or up to and over 60 for super light racers, as opposed to towing...using your rib as a tugboat alongside and on the quarter can be a pretty good bet. Also alongside as tug to push bow into dock for high windage min crew raceboats.
  5. fufkin

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    40 pounds 60 feet above deck is different than 40 pounds at deck level, by whatever integer. I first came across PBO when helping step an Open 60. Its really incredible how light it is but for a cruising application I dunno. I don't know if it passes the cost/benefit/weight/durability analysis. As an aside, there's a thread on Fix it about how loud the synthetic rig is and how to handle the harmonic vibration(not that that couldn't happen w wire).
  6. So far a little young for that but never say never...tell me if you take this Viagra stuff do you take many or all? Lada, lets keep it light. I'm willing to drop it at this point. I didn't like your distinction(which someone else called you out on initially) upthread and that's it. FWIW my background is half Scottish half Ukrainian so by your right review of Poland's geographical history there's a decent chance I've got a little Polish blood running through me. That said, I take no offence to any ethnic stereotypes given or taken.
  7. Experience is probably the biggest variable in this. Its not about being able to do it under benign conditions its about being able to deal with shit when things change or being able to make educated decisions to mitigate risk. (wasn't comparing B.A.S.E.jumping to beach cat sailing, just using it as an example of the spectrum of risk tolerance that people are on)
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_Who_Skied_Down_Everest My next door neighbour growing up made this film. He also made a doc on Janis Joplin. This kid(FF) should not be encouraged in any way if the level of experience that he seems to want to reveal is in fact real. Its a strange thing though, the mindset of a daredevil. And there is a spectrum, I'd say in risk adversity, that everyone is on. I don't in any way want to glorify the mindset, but it exists, and it's real. Felix Baumgartner got out alive(and had a virtual NASA space station in addition to a lifetime of preparation to support him) This guy, also a world class expert in his multi daring exploits, didn't. https://www.redbull.com/int-en/films/mcconkey
  9. just wondering how to keep up
  10. Im so naive. How many hours am I behind?
  11. This thread is a facing joke. If people want to sit around and talk about bs that's fine. but I'm gonna throw a little professionalism(not mine) out there because I don't think people should belabour this shit when everyone ought to know better. Again, this discussion is a complete joke. Maybe rising to laughable??(Lada taste buds etc) Lets get back on point. (Picture of Flea surfing Mavericks by the cash register at a diner in Santa Cruz spelled it...but weather is variable.
  12. If pub fare doesn't quite meet standards to rise to the level of 'cuisine', maybe its time to focus. Lets up the game in terms of British food exports with a little biscuit that found its purpose out at sea, made from a certain type of flour that would keep during long voyages. It goes well with foie gras, cheese and has a certain neutrality to it so as to let accompanying foods immerse with one's palate. I humbly present the venerable Carr's Water Cracker. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carr's
  13. Just for kicks google English Pub Buenos Aires. Next try Rio. After that Caracas. After that Kuala Lumpur. Then maybe Bangkok. Throw in Santiago. Ho Chi Minh City has a nice pub. Let me think...where else? Moscow? Definitely. I think there is one there run by a Canadian. Hong Kong would be too obvious. Manilla? Maybe Singapore for good measure? You could also narrow or widen your search to include/dislcude the 54 members of the Commonwealth that were formerly part of the British Empire. Many, but not all of them might have pubs.
  14. Hell no. And I’m not Danish either but I’ll lay good money that there is an enthusiastic Scandinavian demographic that enjoys British Pub culture while in Australia.
  15. Apparently back in the day when patrons of a public house, or pub, would start to get unruly, the bar wench would holler out, ’Mind your Pints and Quarts gentlemen!’ ...and no, I don’t have a citation ...and I would mention that a pub should serve food to be considered a pub