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  1. Could be either or I guess, but probably no script girl in 'guerrilla' film making. Ha Ha!!
  2. Jack, Not long ago a short one minute trailer like this could easily cost 100k. With the advance of digital photography, and whole suite digital editing of both sound and video, not to mention the more recent introduction of drones, a small film crew can come reasonably close at a fraction of the cost. Something like the Waterlust crew, while certainly not underfunded, put out a high quality product with a small crew that would've never been possible twenty years ago. It was none other than Francis Ford Coppolla who used to muse about a new era where any kid with a camera and a computer and some talent could not be stopped. I think we sometimes forget how relatively new the era of YouTube gorilla filmmaking actually is. It's all to taste, and you certainly don't need a drone to make a tight film, and sure, some are certainly better than others. (Admittedly, the Comanche spot sure is a tad more than 'gorilla filmmaking' (industry slang for shoestring budget) but the budget might surprise).
  3. Got it. Makes sense as my friend (ex St. Francis) and Norbert were both on the Ellison 'support' yacht in Valencia so the GGYC/St.Francis 'kerfuffle' would've taken place prior to the initial Oracle challenge. For some reason I had it my (foggy) mind that this shuffle was in the lead up to the defence as opposed to the lead up of the challenge, and yes, the initial challenging club was indeed GGYC. Still sticking with the no legal basis to sue.
  4. SF, Happy to be corrected by a local. I was passing through SF just as GGYC was mounting the campaign and had dinner with Norbert and another St. Francis member(and Larry ally) who resigned and moved to GGYC over the kerfuffle. My details could well be foggy, and I'd assumed that Larry, from the outset, was booking to have it in SF, regardless of what club would host. (Maybe he used other cities as a bargaining chip). As for my comment on no legal basis to sue, I'll stick with it.
  5. What legal basis does the GGYC have to sue after the tent's folded up and all the fans and whiners have gone home? At this point, the holder of the cup can chose where and when they pitch their next circus tent, what kind of boat, and who the challenger of record is. Moreover, there's a difference between 'standing up to', and 'unwillingness to accomodate'. After St. Francis refused certain demands(namely a seat on the board), Norbert and a couple other players were more than willing to accomodate, unruffle the feathers of the BIG EGO, and get on with it. The city and location had already been chosen from the outset, no? As for the lack of excitement or tactics, that's like saying the Monaco Grand Prix is boring because it's hard to pass. I'll echo the above post that this is bringing the sport into the 21st century and it's more about spectacle than tactics for the general public.
  6. To windward, I'll throw down on this venerable over 30 year old fibreglass centre boarder designed by Cassian and Cuthbertson, the good ol' Pace Ship 20. http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=6871
  7. Boo hoo, I say turning your hobby into a job is turning pro. Good for these guys for upping the ante and making it happen, drones and Outremer included. Whether or not a couple's relationship survives being in business together is a side bar issue. Good luck to them! (I haven't watched any of these except at the beginning of their trip...I do like their buddies Norlin 37 in this video though...)
  8. Quick question. Who came up with the expression 'Roll your Own' as it relates to powering a (n) (insured) vessel?
  9. Only proviso is using the highest quality bits and screws fitted properly to avoid stripping in the first place. But what'r ya gonna do...need a B plan if something's stuck.
  10. Cool, I'm gonna look into Screw Grab. There are multi ways to get a handle on stripped fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts. Always interested in the best of what's out there.
  11. Was gonna mention a heat gun as well but Zonker mentioned it. BJ, what's the screw grab? Always good to have an extra way to release a stripped screw/bolt/nut. BJ, you've gotta 'carry it all' but if you'll note, the OP has a coastal C&C37, and that I mentioned 'this distinction vanishes for the long term voyager'. So for you, no dock box required.
  12. Hammer, Sounds like you guys have got it covered, but ya gotta draw the line between a 'full kit' that stays in the dock box and the 'minimal kit' on board. This distinction vanishes for the long term voyager but probably applies to your C C 37. In addition to the good lists mentioned above, here are a couple more basic and random favourites/essential nic nacks. --Onboard-- impeller tool and spare impeller tool for removing deisel/water deck plugs(X2 'cause oops!) self adhering and non self adhering rigging tape(lots of the non self because it dries, peels and needs frequent replacing)/also electrical tape for other stuff Various spare fuses(check what you'll need) and various cotter pins, wire connectors A few spare shackles of various sizes a couple rolls of temporary sail patch tape(I seem to use it more to patch my winter canvas cover than actual sails...works great). Serrated and non serrated rigging knives and at least one w/a marlinspike and shackle key(recently got a sweet SOG 2) Leatherman Wave multi tool is #1 In addition to your small and large vice grips, regular and needle nose pliers(non locking) Mini ratchet(great for small, blind hard to reach places) Good to have a few small tubes of above water 3M epoxy on board that can be used in a pinch. Using clear epoxy for a quick job is a good bet and less messy if on the fly, and can use white for more fastidious job later on. Dry Lube Semi permanent Loctite If you've got an old canvas bosun's chair from the 80s that came w the boat, pick up a climbing harness. Much safer. A basic good quality one is not expensive. Ideally you might want a rigger to go up top but good to have one on board just in case that's not an option. A multi-Allen key tool in both metric and imperial(blue and red). For a boat of 80s vintage, dodgers and biminis always seem to use one, the other, or a combo. All the other stuff mentioned in above posts. --In the Dock Box-- A mouse sander is great for handrails, curves and hard to get to places Dremel tool Magnet on a string for retrieving your favourite tool that you dropped overboard just as you were almost finally finished with it. Wet/Dry Shop Vac De Humidifier if storing racing sails down below Self expanding hose Non Ammonia Cleaner #1 is Method brand/Ammonia #1 is Spray Nine #1 varnish Epiphanes All the heavy tool sets that Whisper mentions --- Even though I've always had a strict no duct tape policy on board I've always had a roll tucked away in a classified location. Probably comes from sailing dinghies in younger days when, if we were missing cockpit plugs, duct tape seemed to work just fine. Glad to report I'm into my third decade with the same boat and havn't broken my rule and actually used it(yet). For fishing out small leaves and debris that have sunk through scuppers between the barrier bar, I've never found a better tool than two butter knives from the galley used like chopsticks. Many more to mention that, alas, I've forgotten. So many tools...so little time.
  13. KDH, Plugging into shorepower, in and of itself, all things being equal, shouldn't be a primary source of concern for galvanic corrosion. Presuming your zincs are replaced and you've got clean wiring, especially in bilge switches and such, the bigger concern is what the boat next to you is up to. (Proviso, I don't know your slip or shorepower box, nor your neighbours.)
  14. If North East includes the Great Lakes, the boat spends six or seven months a year in fresh water.
  15. Didn't the character Fletch purport to be 'part Mohawk part Norwegian'? Anyway, here's a link, for anyone interested, to the most famous and historically significant Metis in Canadian history, Louis Riel. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Riel