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  1. OK, I sort of get it, now

    I have a similar unit mounted to the bulkhead in the shower/head. It is vented via a removable dorade cap that you can mount a temporary aluminum chimney to.
  2. Tether clips

    The "is there a single case of seat belts saving lives' was a paraphrased response to LB's line up thread if you wanna look. Not my line. I have zero interest with arguing with seatbelts.
  3. Tether clips

    If it is of any interest, the law(in my region) says you can disable passenger seat airbags in Canada but not in the U.S. It's pretty standard in luxury cars that there is a disable feature for passenger side in Canada. Child seat related legislation.
  4. Tether clips

    I still say a seatbelt is no different than a tether. Each prevents the occupant/driver from exceeding the speed of their boat/vehicle in the event of a sudden or immediate slowdown or unexpected change of direction or motion. The tether is far less thought out, more crude, and more user dependant than a properly engineered automotive seatbelt. But...they both try to perform the same function.
  5. Tether clips

    Is there a single documented case of a seat belt saving lives? I'm gonna go over on the over/under on that one... And as far as comparing a tether with a seatbelt...they are functionally equivalent no matter what moving vehicle someone happens to be riding on.
  6. Tether clips

    You'll be glad to know that the greatest daredevil in the history of the world, Felix Baumgartner, went through a similar moral reckoning during his very last stunt, and he doesn't even have any 'powerless' children to worry about. When he was perched high up in the atmosphere, tethered to a helium balloon, he came to the sudden and surprising conclusion that this would be his last jump. There was no way he was going to put his girlfriend and parents through the pressure and anxiety over the risks he was taking ever again. The difference though, is that this man was parachuting from a fucking balloon in outer space at Mach 1, not driving without a seatbelt, enjoying his motorcycle and jumping his power cat through waves. Get a grip. Everyone's gotta live a little. Just as an aside....I just thought of something that would absolutely horrify your local PTA but is legal in NZ where Alcatraz is from. A buddy was down there working on an Open 60 and was lucky enough to have the sponsor fly his kids down for a bit cause he was there for quite a while. Perfect chance for him to send his powerless 10 year old skydiving (cause it's legal down there). The 10 year old is now 16 and a top ranked ski racer. Sometimes risks have rewards, no?
  7. Tether clips

    Sounds like his children might grow up with a better appreciation of risk from a father who engages in it knowingly and somewhat enthusiastically and doesn't try to deny it's existence, or perpetrate the myth of %100 safety. Maybe the more powerless children are the snowdrops being raised by helicopters. Remember, you can still do everything right, tether up and get trapped under a capsized boat and drown. Do you have the playbook for explaining this to the children of the deceased?
  8. Tether clips

    You're right. No man is an island. But nothing is without risk, and risk should not be conflated with selfish behaviour. Suppose a parent makes the risky choice to escape a communist country by climbing and hiking through the mountains in the dead of winter with the child on his back? The child will cling to the parent who is knowingly risking both lives. Is the parent guilty of risking everything for what he thinks in his mind, has become the only option for his family's future? These are 'choices' he makes on behalf of his children, not in spite of them. I'd say you'd have a point if he was sneaking out in the middle of the night and going BASE jumping behind his family's back, which is not really the case here.
  9. Tether clips

    Mid, I think he mentions that his family accepts his level of risk tolerance. It would be a different case if they didn't.. As many have, I've lost a couple of friends along the way. One of them was a ski racer. His friends and family accepted the risks before he passed, and after.
  10. Tether clips

    Why's everyone getting on Alcatraz' case? I can't quite pinpoint the exact point in time when the expectation of safety began to seriously trump personal freedoms...but I used to label 'the safety conscious 90s' as a possible turning point. In the automotive world at least, suddenly everywhere you looked, a car had every safety feature you could imagine. ABS was the latest promise of injury mitigation, and if there weren't a thousand more features that would save you and your loved ones from being crushed in a a once moving and suddenly imobile hunk of metal...well the car was simply inferior. Companies like Volvo traded on this promise of increased safety probably more than any other. The fact is, past a certain speed, all the airbags in the world won't save you in a head on collision...but the car company does not want you to know this. They'd rather you think that the car they are selling you is foolproof and injury proof...but it's far from it. Are cars safer than they used to be? Absolutely. Do people overdrive their capabilities in bad weather or heavy traffic? Routinely. Which scenario is more offensive to the social contract one enters into when they get behind the wheel? The driver who drives aggressively in snow in a vehicle laden with every safety feature available and wears their seatbelt, or a driver who drives their vehicle in a more reasonable manner but neglects to wear their seatbelt? Does the otherwise cautious driver who neglects to wear their seatbelt place any greater burden, potential or otherwise, on the safety of other drivers, or the potential cost of long term injury or death to him or herself or any other driver than the maniac driver who wears his seatbelt? I had a little brush with automotive assisted termination as a 17 year old. I was sitting still at a stop sign, not moving and waiting for a chance to turn right, when out of the blue, one of two cars that were racing eachother down a hill on the street I was waiting to turn onto lost control, skipped the median and side swiped my car at considerable speed. If you've ever heard the Roger Waters tune with lyrics 'like the moment when the breaks lock, and you slide towards the big truck, and you stretch the frozen moments with your fear'...that was it. I had no time to do anything but move as far away from the side door as possible and practically got half way onto the other seat by the time my car was in the air and spinning like a top almost 180 degrees. When the dust settled I was face first on the floor of the passenger side. The place where I would've been sitting had I been wearing my seatbelt was now a big hunk of metal and broken glass. Would've been a goner if I'd been wearing my seatbelt. As it turned out, I was extremely lucky to walk away somewhat shaken, but basically without a scratch. So do I wear my seatbelt today? Hell ya. And I love my lane change assist, sleepy driver wheel vibration, adaptive cruise control...the whole package. It's great. Does it change the fact that I can still die behind the wheel? No it doesn't. Perhaps marginally, perhaps a little more than that, but the fact is I'm still engaging in an activity with a measurable degree of risk. Let's say I drive a car with none of these features, a collectable moving antique with no roof or roll bar out for a sporty Sunday drive. Am I less responsible to the social safety contract even though I am acting well within the law? Maybe not wearing a seatbelt does not quite rise to the level of exercising a personal freedom when it is in fact the law. Not wearing a helmet, in certain states is legal, and a matter of personal choice. Why does any of this matter? Well because, at least in my opinion, selling safety has pervaded so many aspects of life, whether it be medicine or politics, to the point that, at least in this thread, someone engaging in marginally risky behaviour can actually be mistaken for having an illness that should or could be diagnosed. At what point did living on the edge a bit become something to diagnose? At what point did the younger generation, merely glance away from their I-pads and out the window and ask why the crazed maniac coming down the road on his motorcycle wasn't wearing a helmet, only to be told by their hands-free drive assisted parent, 'don't worry, we're in the 'live free or die state, that's how they do things here'? And just like that, the exercising of a personal freedom is explained away as a fanciful whim, unimportant and non-essential. Peddling safety, whether it's getting tougher on crime that's been down for twenty years, building a wall only for smugglers to get better at building tunnels, explaining away search and seizure as chasing down a crime in progress, normalizing a surveillance society under the guise of making it easier to get the bad guy...it all comes at a cost...and taking rights and freedoms for granted all under the supreme guise of public safety is a big one. An even bigger one is going so far down the slippery safety slope that we forget what rights and freedoms we were trying to protect in the first place. Finger wagging and putting a Scarlett letter on a fellow adult who doesn't wear a seatbelt and drives his motorcycle faster than he should? Yeah I don't think that would've been a convo a couple of generations ago. We've come a long way baby!!!(cigarette ad slogan) At this point, if I could magically cash in a few safety chips for some more freedom chips, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  11. Sailors Powerboat

    As long as no one is putting any cost parameters on the ideal 'sailors powerboat'. I nominate the venerable FPB 64. https://www.setsail.com/fpb-64/ As for ideal 'accompanying powerboat', gotta agree with the above post...Protector rib...here's a good vid...
  12. stormy petrel

    Maybe all the totalled boats from Irma can form land based carbon sequestration post hurricane shelter and rebuild...enough structure cut in half for a start, and while they're at it re-build Puerto Rico with no grid and only localized, wind and solar based DC power per household. Each rebuilt house off the grid.
  13. Boat partnership operating agreement

    Hmmmm. So if clear expectations and responsibilities aren't quite met, the said parties can fall back on an agreement that they can argue over who has or has not adhered to? Sounds great...
  14. This guy doesn't seem to worried about losing boat speed while using aft mounted hydro generators.
  15. Storms and boat improvements

    What's the name of that movie, Wag the Tail?...Wag the Dog?// Can't remember....If you've got your traveller sheeted high side, centre, or low side, there will be three different forces on the helm...I think even regardless of main twist...so I'm gonna disagree for now. And for now...back to the football game.