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  1. fufkin

    The Swedish Experiment

    Is there a jackass vaccine? I’m thinking this could be more and more important down the stretch
  2. fufkin

    Rethinking the drug war

    Buckley characterized some of his views as libertarian. His changed opinion on legalization dates back to the early 70s.
  3. fufkin

    Anchors Away?

    So I decided to look into it...for a couple of reasons...all on a hypothetical basis because in the real world, unless my ground tackle could guarantee retrieval of the case of beer, there’s now way I would risk 24 beers just to place or finish a race...or even avoid rocks for that matter. Too risky. Id rather exhaust all possibilities and look around the boat for some less valuable dead weight that might double as an anchor first. For point of future reference, these guys have 24 12oz cans at around 20lbs and 24 bottles goes up to a probably more secure 36lbs...hypothetically speaking of course...but still good info to have in the back pocket. https://www.survivaltechshop.com/case-of-beer-weight/ ...sorry where were we?...
  4. fufkin

    When offered the Vaccine, will you take it?

    Here is Pfizer’s CEO saying even if they have the results now they will wait a week to complete administrative duties before releasing results to the public. Interesting timing...good corporate stewardship might suggest they have nothing to gain by becoming an October surprise and why not wait a week? I know, I know it’s got nothing to do w politics... https://apple.news/AVx4kj7qhQMKWHp8OpfjqzQ
  5. fufkin

    Am I Missing Something? Hospitalization Rates

    Regional statistics are more important and to be sure, there is cause for serious concern. When patients start to be shipped out of state, it should be obvious that certain regions are approaching their limits. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/10/23/us/covid-hospitalizations.amp.html%3f0p19G=0232 Blatant, maybe you should cut your COVID World Denial tour short and go volunteer to help out at one of the harder hit hospitals. It would be good for you to balance your cherry picking of stats w some actual time on the ground.
  6. fufkin

    what are you listening to right now ... part cinq

    Wow...this tune brings back some memories. We used to play this song in my band in high school. Fast forward to the summer before university and a couple of buddies and myself made are way down to Reggae Sun Splash. Not realizing that Negril was an hour from Montego Bay, we'd booked a place in Negril but the show was in Mo Bay. So because the shows (5 in a row) went from 10 at night until sun up, we figured that sleeping under a tree on the beach during the day would work out. After the festival we made it back to Negril, where we met up with our 'point guys', the guys we first met that took us to the foreign exchange, which was a junked up car in the middle of a dusty yard where a guy would change your cash at 7 to 1 vs the bank rate. So we asked our Jamaican buddies to hook us up with some guys to jam with. They brought us up to the village of Red Ground where we met 'the band'. 'The band' had actually been Yellowman's back up band at one point. These guys were hard core. Each of them had a massive blunt that they'd take a puff or two off of in between sentences and invariably let go out, only to start up the process over and over again. We met in the afternoon, and they agreed to jam in the evening. So we went up to their jam space and met the rest of the band. My buddy launched into the rhythm guitar of 'Exodus', which the band launched into, then 'Jammin', which they nailed as well. After that, the drummer says, 'Come on mon, lets play some rock'n'roll or something...'. So I looked at my buddy and for some random reason launched into the opening main riff of 'Get Ready'. The drummer knew every word, the band hit every change, first take. My buddy and I looked at each other in amazement...'how the fuck did these guys know every change?' Anyway we jammed way into the night, our 'point guys' long gone, and we made our way past various dimly lit rum shacks down the path back to the beach. It wasn't until years later that I figured out how they must've known this tune. Here’s Gregory Isaacs' version.
  7. fufkin

    Traveler Setup

    This link shows the underside of a captive bearing traveller car. Take the car off turn it upside down and toggle the chain of bearings with your finger. Does it run smooth? Are there any missing bearings(be careful not to lose any).The train of bearings should be full up to a left over space of around the size of just one bearing. Any more space than that and/or damage to even one bearing and the retaining clip will/can jam on the track with any side loads or ‘up’ loads. Make sure the retaining clip is not even slightly bent or scuffed. Have extra bearings on hand for this as they are easy to drop and lose. https://www.harken.com/article.aspx?id=43096 Also, did the traveller work well when installed or is this recent? That would help with the process of elimination.
  8. fufkin

    The BLUES

    the first one I actually posted something else, somethings up w my browser...oh well...
  9. fufkin

    The BLUES

    bit of distortion on this take
  10. fufkin

    New sailor question

    Beside my girlfriend’s cottage there’s a family of teenage wake boarders. One of them expressed an interest in the laser sitting on the beach. I took him out when it was blowing off the chain. We were overweight but this kid had an ear to ear grin on his face and ‘couldn’t believe how fast this thing went’. To someone who is just starting, speed and the sensation of speed are two different things. No where to camp on a laser though.
  11. Here’s a summary. The depths to which these guys have manipulated the drug and medical business is truly mind boggling. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/10/30/the-family-that-built-an-empire-of-pain/amp